Your awakening from the illusion, from the unreality in which you have apparently been immersed for eons is imminent!

Your awakening from the illusion, from the unreality in which you have apparently been immersed for eons is imminent!

January 20, 2014 by John Smallman


There is only the ONE!  You all know that, even if many of you have trouble accessing that knowledge, that deep inner knowing. God, our Father, the Source of all that exists and in which all is contained, just IS.  And the Source is infinite, limitless, without boundaries – there is no beyond, there is only within, which has neither beginning nor end, it just IS, ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE.  It is inevitable, unavoidable, constantly supportive of all that exists in loving acceptance, never judging, just embracing and enfolding in the eternal field of LOVE.

There is absolutely nothing you need do or can do to be worthy, let alone more worthy in the sight of God.  He created you perfect and obviously you could not possibly improve on that, therefore stop reasoning, puzzling, wondering, doubting, and generally trying to make yourselves acceptable to God, because He created you like unto Himself, infinitely and eternally acceptable.  All that He creates is like unto Himself because all is within Him.  Just open your hearts to receive the abundance of Love in which you are at all times enveloped and release the doubts, worries, and anxieties that you allow to plague you, and then, once more, know that you are eternally divinely loved and cared for.

It is time to awaken from the dream, the nightmare, the illusion that has brought you so much unnecessary pain and suffering.  You chose to undergo the experience of separation by building an imaginary state that excluded God.  It could only be imaginary, unreal, because without God, truly separated from Him, there is nothing – no consciousness, no awareness, no life, no Love – and that is beyond all the bounds of possibility.  You are all permanently safe and secured in the loving arms of your Father, and that is what unchangeable means.

Love is eternal, unchangeable.  Life is an aspect of Love, as is consciousness, as is awareness, as is wakefulness, the state to which you are returning.  You never left it, but you did close your eyes and pretend to leave, and you are about to open them and discover that you are still just where you were when you closed them, at Home in the arms of your Father.  The bliss of knowing who You are, who You truly are is about to eliminate forever the endless pain and suffering in which the illusion has seemingly enshrouded you for so many eons.  You have collectively chosen to awaken and discard the illusion, and that is what is to happen – your awakening from the illusion, from the unreality in which you have apparently been immersed for eons is imminent!

The brilliance of what awaits you is ineffable.  Your emergence into the bright Light of Reality cannot be delayed any longer.  You need to wake up from the dream into the awe-inspiring wonder of Reality, your true and only Home, otherwise known by humanity as: Heaven, Paradise, the Garden of Eden, Nirvana, Shambhala, and myriad other names.  And, It is within You, always.  To awaken is to uncover your real identity as One with Source, in a state of infinitely flowing peace and harmony, where individual wills are united with the One Will and recognize themselves as essential undifferentiated aspects of that One Will.  And that recognition brings joy, utter and absolute joy, a knowing that surpasses all you have ever known, a wisdom beyond conceivability, and a peace that exalts and discloses an infinite possibility of creative opportunities with which you can engage.  Think of all the arts available to man that add beauty and wonder to your environment; they are as nothing compared to the possibilities awaiting you when you awaken.

Limitation is of the illusion, a state in which difficulty and impracticality appear to impede and hinder nearly all your creative ventures no matter how inspiring and desirable they may appear to be.  Many of you do obtain satisfaction, sometimes amazing satisfaction, from overcoming difficulties, issues, problems, conflicts, and reversals as you strive to achieve the goals that others have set you, or that you have set for yourselves.  But suppose that the energy you used in doing so could instead be put wholeheartedly into your creative and artistic concepts – can you imagine how much more fulfilling that would be?

Striving and struggling have themselves become creative ventures for you, dimming your awareness of, your faint and distant memories of Reality.  You greatly honor those who succeed, especially where many others have tried and failed – and that is kind, compassionate, and generous – but it is also raising pain, suffering, and desolation to the point of being the purpose of the exercise during which they were experienced.  And much more attention tends to be focused on the suffering and indomitability that these determined ones have demonstrated rather than on what they have actually achieved.

To wage war successfully these “virtues” must be encouraged and honored, as they have been for eons.  But war itself is and never can be a success, as your worldly history demonstrates very clearly, time and time again.

The illusion encourages suffering and pretends to reward it.  But in truth those who are honored are quickly forgotten unless they continue to strive towards further achievements; and their rewards are very frequently severe bodily damage that further limits and restricts them as they tread their human life paths.  And, as forgotten heroes, they find themselves with much time to reflect on the roles that they have played, frequently discovering that they had not been fully true to themselves even though they had done their utmost to please those who commanded or directed them, and had done their best to support and protect those “on their team or their side.”  Some rise above this realization and learn to serve humanity, but many are overwhelmed with bitterness and an intense sense that their lives have been an unrelieved series of calamitous failures.  This, of course, is not the case.  Every human life, no matter how unconscionable and evil it may appear to have been has, in the long run, brought about essential changes in your thinking and in your beliefs.

All your human cultures, races, philosophies, religions, and other organizations – political, business, or social – hold divisive beliefs and values which they then uphold, encourage, persuade, and indeed attempt to enforce upon you, demanding that you embrace attitudes and behaviors that “supposedly” are for the ultimate good of all. They are not, purely because they are divisive.  You are all only too well aware of the maxim “divide and conquer,” and yet, when it is used for that specific purpose, no one seems to notice . . . until it is too late.  It is an insidious form of betrayal that has been used time and time again on a basically unsuspecting or unaware majority by an unelected elite whose constant and unchanging intent is to maintain or increase their power over humanity.

No more.  Collectively you have chosen to awaken from the illusion, and that is terrifying those who would control you, hence the ever-increasing attempts to introduce more new laws to further restrict the rights of the individual (“divide and conquer”) in the interests of maintaining the security of the nation from terrorist attacks which, unless forcefully prevented, are about to destroy it.  And fear has been so enthusiastically encouraged by all forms of advertising that many do feel threatened, unsafe, and would support almost any measure that is proclaimed to protect them from these intensely perceived but unreal threats.

You are all sovereign beings created in Love for an eternity of ecstatic joy, and those who would continue to support and maintain the illusion are doing their utmost to prevent you from becoming aware of your changeless divine heritage and destiny. Go within, ask for help and for Love from those who are watching over you constantly in the spiritual realms, and then open yourselves to receive it.  Release all your doubts and anxieties, they are totally without basis or foundation, because you are all divine beings whose awakening is assured.  To believe otherwise is to embrace and support the illusion and all the fears and anxieties that it promotes.

Let go, surrender to the Truth of God’s endless and unremitting Love for you as you go within daily to your safe haven, your inner sanctum, where the “Peace that passeth all understanding” awaits you as you prepare to awaken into the bright Light of Reality.

Your loving brother, Jesus.



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Cib, 19 Chen, 10 Caban – January 21, 2014


Selamat Jalwa! (Be in everlasting Joy!) We return with wonderful news! Our many earthly associates are currently arresting those who have long stood as obstacles in the pathway of your global prosperity. These events are merely the beginning of other events that will bring you a most needed new governance. This new governance will be announced shortly. First there needs to be the release of funds, a global currency reset and the formal declaration of new regulations for the worldwide banking industry. These things, when coupled with the delivery of your prosperity funds, will signal the beginnings of a new system for safely handling your monies. The grand overseer, of course, is to be new governance. We have set up a special series of events that will soon lead to the demise of the present financial system that is run by a few big banks. These large banks in turn are actually the instruments of power for a few very powerful families. Our liaisons are in contact with various individuals that have access to financial resources and legal means that are now toppling this dark cabal.

What this implies for you is that a global struggle of very powerful men and women is altering the nature of how your numerous societies have been run for literally thousands of years. We possess in these alliances the means to transfer power. The last stand of this dark cabal is occurring in closed boardrooms and secret meetings that are going on across this globe. The last vestige of this struggle is a holding action by the dark cabal. Their embargo seeks to somehow prevent the manifesting of a true global currency reset tied in closely with a return to a new gold standard. This new financial system ends the stranglehold that was set up when the U.N. sponsored Dumbarton Oaks treaty was promulgated near the end of the Second World War. A new financial system that takes into account the new financial and monetary needs of your world is desperately required. This is what a grand coalition of the Light is now manifesting.

This new system sets the stage for new governance which will make a plethora of announcements that include a full disclosure of our existence and the galactic society of Agartha. We intend to use those announcements to establish the coming first contact and open up communications with Agartha and your Ascended Masters. This is a time for Spirit; a time for new ways. The old long-kept secrets, twisted to their liking by the dark, need to see the full Light of day! Your Ascended Masters have gladly taken on the task of publicly revealing these secrets. Lessons will be given that permit you to understand what is to be said. Right now, endless computer pages are being prepared for your mass perusal. These websites will be tied to servers that we will oversee, and much information will be passed to you. Take this in and absorb it. Along with this is an enormous prosperity program that will end poverty, homelessness and starvation.

You need to have a way to educate yourself about what all of this truly means. We are going to bring you mentors to allow you to start dialogues that can transform your perceptions about this reality and where it is going. Most of you have not spent your time learning details about your true origins and what your rise in consciousness is all about. We intend to give you a much-needed sounding board. Each of our mentors has the initial task of giving you a great deal of information and then helping you to process it. We have technology that can permit you to see and experience your past, and this will ready you for a return to full consciousness. We will give you the opportunity to visit our fleet and discover for yourselves what is expected of you. Your realm is in transition and you possess abilities that you need to develop swiftly. Both our associates and your Ascended Masters wish to aid you in receiving this great wonder that is finally to happen.

Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with joyfully blessed news! Events are now taking shape to force those who have long ruled you to “give up the ghost.” Their power has been the arrogant rule and ill-gotten wealth they enjoyed for millennia. During that time we all suffered from their brutal and dark rule. This period is over. They continue to feed at the trough that has been set up to capture them, as their greed knows no bounds. Our divine associates have put most of them in a very uncompromising position. The rest are in conspiratorial partnership. The whole unholy lot have crossed boundaries and made themselves liable for arrest, seizure of their wealth and public disclosure of their most heinous crimes against humanity. In this position, these dark ones are pliable and we can easily sweep them inelegantly into the dustbins of history! The upcoming trials are merely the consequences of a number of quite ugly details.

The primary reasons for the long delays have been what we have just described. These obstacles are fading swiftly. The global currency reset, the new precious metal backing and new banking regulations can now manifest. These will be only the precursors for new governance and the delivery of a vast prosperity program. These items will permit us to begin teaching you about numerous sacred subjects long twisted or sequestered from you. The truth can then be fully revealed. We intend to show you a set of sacred truths that will alter your present beliefs about your past, your origin and your sacred philosophies. Those opinions that you presently hold need revision. These changes are only the first steps on your road to a true galactic consciousness. These truths in hand will allow your galactic comrades to add on to these revelations.

You have long felt uneasy about death, aging, poverty and suffering. There is a reason for your inner doubting. Galactic humans do not live as you do. They ascend after a truly joyous physical life that can last from centuries to millennia. We now have ascended, and in doing so, discovered why this is. We intend to use these lessons to answer questions that have long puzzled you. Each society has embodied traditions that paint a dark picture for humanity. The spiritual life is not to be separated from you by death. It is rather to be integrated in you by full consciousness. Your long inter-generational journey through the perilous realities of limited consciousness is to be transformed. This present revolution is a spiritual one and will bring you back to who you once were. It is to reunite you with other physical Angels and proceed with the unfolding of the Divine Plan!

Today, we carried on with the main purpose of this newsletter. We give you a glimpse into what is happening to you. Further, we have the task of preparing you for first contact and the rise in you of full consciousness. On all fronts, progress has been made and the manifesting of our mission is now happening! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

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