Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

New heaven & earth

It is a time for looking at the greater picture–WE, as co-creators with Mother/Father God, are transforming our planet into a galactic society, so Earth may reunite with our galactic family/community in peace, abundance for all, and the opportunity for each individual to live in accordance with the Divine Plan for his/her life.

As Earth emerges from thousands of years of life within a matrix of lies and illusions, it is important to observe the changes with discernment, attuning to the unfolding Divine Plan for our planet.  Earth is ascending to higher dimensions of consciousness, requiring changes within major factors of our planetary society that we have heretofore honored as a vital part of who we Earth humans are–thinking in terms of our military protecting us and the Church guiding us on the pathway to heaven.

For this reason, we may be dismayed at some of the changes because they rip apart our worldview.  It is important to remember that Earth humans have been controlled by fear and lied to in every area of our lives.  Institutions have existed that we considered necessary, but which will now fade away.  This does not mean the individuals within these institutions are all bad … in fact the majority are honorable and to be appreciated for their service to/for humanity.

The natural 3rd dimensional reaction is likely to be:  “But what about the jobs? … What about the terrorists? … what about our protection from those who might attack us? … To whom will we look for religious guidance?”  Many will feel that the proverbial rug beneath their feet has been pulled out from under them.  These are scary feelings, especially for those who have no idea of the evolutionary leap Earth humans are making.  Change can feel threatening to the tiny bits of security to which many cling.

The popular saying:  “LET GO & LET GOD” reminds us of the most positive, productive way to approach the present with all its changes and the future with its major transformations.

Today, 1/18/14, I am listing two major examples of the forthcoming changes.   Remember that the 5th dimension to which Earth is ascending is a dimension in which all is Love, Peace, and Abundance.  It is up to us to learn to think in those terms, rather than react in our old 3rd dimensional ways that are accustomed to thinking in terms of good and evil.


Sadly, military families are likely to be called upon to once more be the bravest among us.  Hopefully, they will come to rejoice that in the near future, there will be no more sending their loved ones to kill and be killed, maimed, or psychologically damaged for life.  Never again will a child be faced with growing up without a Dad or Mom because they were killed in battle.  No longer will families be torn apart when one must go to a war zone.

The author of this article wonders what is happening, not knowing that a Divine Plan is unfolding that will contain only goodness for all peoples.


The next major example also needs discernment and knowledge that the Divine Plan is unfolding.  Although it sounds positive and is, for those who have been abused, it also highlights problems within the Church that have helped to create the abuse.  All of creation lives and moves and has its being within the energy of Unconditional Love.   At the core of our being, we are Love because we are god-children and carry that spark of divinity within us.  To deny that innate basic need to express love between two individuals–as the vow of celibacy does–results in creating all types of problems.  Sexual abuse is one of the resulting problems; however, the hardening of the emotional nature is another.  Human beings were created to be love, to communicate and share life’s experiences on an intimate level.  Sadly, our 3rd dimensional thinking has often equated love and intimacy with sex. 


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