Montague Keen – January 5, 2014

Montague Keen

You are being flooded by information from all quarters. Be aware and alert, because hidden amongst the revelations, there is much misinformation. It is deliberately placed in order to classify all the information as bogus. The Cabal has followed this practice throughout its existence. They do not change their formula; it has worked in the past, so they believe it will continue to work for them. You are sufficiently awake now to be able to decipher for yourselves what is truth and what has been planted, though it will always have a modicum of truth in it, to draw you in.

Try to see everything with a clear mind, without judgment, and remember, they too, are fighting for their existence. They are now frightened of you, for there is a great number of you, in comparison to them. They need your input to survive. They have played this game for generations and they are experts at it. You, on the other hand, have not learned to come together and work together as one, as they have done.

We are now seeing splits amongst them. Each faction is trying to take control. For us, it is necessary to be of one mind, leaving our petty differences, like race and religion etc, aside. You are the human race and you are refusing to allow yourselves to be wiped out. When you seriously consider all the methods they are using to destroy you, you’ll see that everything they do is designed to destroy the quality of life, and to create illness and suffering for the masses.

You must understand that your suffering, anger, fear, and distress, is their oxygen. Why do so many of you, through fear, still live such miserable, helpless lives? When you take control of your own life and make considered decisions, and refuse to believe the propaganda with which you are bombarded, only then will you taste freedom of choice. You must decide what is best for you. Your heart will guide you. You have not been taught the truth, and this is what you are waking up to realise; it throws a completely different light on everything.

You now see clearly that the downfall of the human race was carefully planned, and until recently, you were completely unaware of this, so you can be forgiven for taking a little time to get your heads around it. This is a critical time in the history of man. It is time to wake up and take responsibility. Stop acting like sheep, for time is of the essence. The Cabal has great plans for 2014. They believe they will implement these plans without hindrance from you. This is why it is important that you take heed and act as one.

I have talked, many times since my passing, of the great importance of LEY LINES, and why the natural energy of the Earth has been deliberately blocked from you. Many of you understand this fact and are willing to take steps to remove the blockages that were strategically placed in order to prevent the Earth’s natural energy from pouring forth to energise mankind and your planet. I asked for a special e-mail address to be created, so that people from every country in your world, would act together as one, to reclaim that natural energy. I ask you now, to offer your services for the good of humanity and your planet, and to take whatever steps you are advised to take, in order to create a better world for all.

Mark, who is a scientist, and an expert in the field of ley lines, has created a strategy to follow. He will guide and advise you on this subject. It is time to be active, in order to release this wonderful energy and renew your connection to the universe. This exercise does not cost money, just a little of your time and effort.

I have asked Mark to write a quick résumé of what is required.

“The time has come to continue and complete the work started by the likes of Watkins, Guichard, Lockyer, Thom, Hawkins and Michel et al, as ley lines are fundamental to every soul’s spiritual being. There can be no further hesitation to embark on the quest to re-recognise, re-cover and thus re-chart the sacred pathways and telluric energy centres amid our local landscapes. Furthermore, once identified, there is a need to cleanse and re-purify these routes and sites for the time that is to come. It has to be a global task as no part of the Earth is no less significant than any other in terms of the ultimate outcome – the light of love, peace and prosperity for all mankind.

This announcement is an invitation to participate in a project of unprecedented scale yet having conceivable proportions in its effect. The potential to share and coordinate our individual findings is as immense as the results themselves. Through such dissemination comes the union of the nations by virtue of the re-unification of the ley line network of the Earth.

The Foundation looks forward to your interest and participation in the near future.”

This is a wonderful opportunity for all the people of the world to work together as one. You will be amazed at the results that await you. Together, we will rescue your planet and humanity. Every effort, no matter how small, counts. Every soul matters and needs your help. Let us begin 2014 by taking action, peacefully, and in the sure knowledge that our efforts will produce results that will be enjoyed for generations to come. You are being asked to create a better present and future for all.

Thank you for arranging this, my dear, as it is most important.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation




Jesus Affirmed a Gay Couple

Matthew 8:6

Roman centurion

 NOTE BY NANCY:  The basis for this article is that the Greek word pais is the same word in ancient Greek as was used to denote a same-sex partner.

I know from personal experience as a seminary student in Greek class that we were instructed to interpret the Greek Bible in accordance with the Christian Creed.  In doing my translations, I would experiment by interpreting some Greek words with a meaning not commonly used.  Although the professor could not mark my translation incorrect, I was never given any grade but “credit”—for having done the assignment.  Before graduation, I learned that my personal seminary record contained a statement to the effect that I was very proficient in metaphysical studies.  I knew this statement was a warning to churches that might be considering hiring me as minister—this student does not abide by the Creed.  Had I applied for such a position, I would not have been hired.

I tell this story so that those who may doubt the validity of this article will know that biblical translators are under heavy pressure (i.e. loss of job and professional reputation) to conform to orthodox Christian teachings.  That you, the Christian, have never heard pais translated as a same-sex partner is not an indication that it was not so used in ancient times.  Ancient customs must be considered in making a truly accurate interpretation.

Although the GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON of the NEW TESTAMENT & Other Early Christian Literature, a translation and adaptation of Walter Bauer’s German Lexicon, does not specifically state that the Greek word pais was used to indicate a same-sex partner, it does give as its # 1 meaning – child…with reference to a relation between one human being and another.  From my own experience, I would not expect to find a plainly stated “same-sex partner” meaning listed.  (page 604)

ALSO:  It is time (2014) for all to recognize the fact of eternal life, i.e. life with no beginning and no ending.  All of us incarnate in both male and female bodies during our journey back to the androgynous beings we were created to be, as told in the Creation story of Genesis 1:27.

This article “Jesus Affirmed A Gay Couple” is excellent.  Jesus knew the Truth of our journey back to our original state as an androgynous being.  Being gay in some incarnations is a step in the direction of once more becoming male and female he created them.  We know this verse means an individual exhibiting both male and female qualities (as in the ability to use both right and left brain hemispheres in a balanced way) because in Genesis 2:22, we find the symbolic story of God separating the androgynous being into male (Adam) and female (Eve).  Earth humanity had fallen to such a low state that we could no longer function as an androgynous being.




What you have been seeking has been with you always.

What you have been seeking has been with you always.

January 1, 2014 by John Smallman


The New Year is a time for cleansing, for releasing old thought patterns that no longer serve you, for forgiving yourselves and others, and for renewing your inherent but possibly forgotten intent to share and extend the Love that God offers you in every moment of your eternal existence.  It is a time to remind yourselves that you are always firmly held in the loving embrace that enfolds all of creation, that you can never be separated from it, and that any feeling or sense that you are alone, abandoned, or judged unworthy by God is illusory, a terrifying fantasy whose time is past.  You will awaken and your joy will be boundless.

To awaken is and has been your destiny ever since you chose to temporarily forget who you are.  God, Wisdom, Reality, Love knew that your desire to experience existence without Him was unsustainable and that you would change your mind and allow the illusion to crumble and dissolve, and that is what it is now in the process of doing because you have collectively chosen to awaken.  There have indeed been moments when it has appeared that you are back-sliding, that you do not wish to awaken, but those moments are also illusory – there is only Reality! – consequently your awakening is inevitable, unavoidable, and divinely assured.

During these last moments of your illusory experience just continue going within to that quiet, deep, inner space where you can know yourselves, know that you are the children of God, and renew your intent for humanity to return to Reality by releasing its fascination with, its desire for, and its belief in the illusion, thus removing its only support.  The power you have available to you to maintain it is enormous because you are divine beings of infinite power, but as soon as you remove that supportive intent from it by focusing instead on the Source, Reality, God, the illusion will dissolve.  It is only a matter of time before this occurs, and then time, being also illusory, will also be gone and you will realize that it was nothing but a dream, a dream that is fading very rapidly from your memory, from your awareness.

You were created in Love, the Source-field in which all of creation has its eternal existence, and beyond It there is nothing because there is no beyond, there is only Love, God, Source, Reality, the Supreme Intelligence – you have many names in your different cultures, nations, and religions for the One that encompasses and contains All.  Therefore you are all inseparable and essential parts or aspects of the One; without even one of you It would be incomplete and that is impossible. Therefore your eternal existence is divinely and eternally maintained by that divine and unchanging Intent.

Relax therefore in the certain and indisputable knowledge that you are, each one of you without exception, indispensable aspects of the One to Whom you are eternally and unbreakable connected.  The time for experiencing the unreal and the impossible – separation from your Source – is drawing to a close, so celebrate the arrival of this New and about to be most Uplifting and Inspiring Year with enthusiasm and joy because you are to return to awareness, consciousness of who you truly are, and the wonder of that will amaze and delight you.

God’s Will for you is that you reside in a state of complete and utter happiness upon which nothing can impinge, and, of course, your will is in complete alignment and harmony with His, so that supreme state will indeed be your eternal Home, the Home from which, in truth, you have never departed.  And on your return you will recognize It as the state of bliss and completion that you have been seeking throughout all your earthly incarnations.

You have a saying: “Home is where the heart is.”  You have never left Home because your Heart is One with God’s in every moment, and your apparent return there is but an awakening, a rubbing of your sleepy eyes, and a return to your natural and fully conscious state.  What you have been seeking has been with you always, but hidden from your view, from your experience, from your knowing by your choice to enter the illusion and play there as though separated from yourselves and from your Source.  Your collective intent built the illusion, and now your collective intent is dissolving it.

You cannot live without Love.  It is the life force, the limitless field of infinite divine energy in which All That Is has Its eternal and utterly fulfilling existence.  You are alive and therefore held closely in the warm embrace of the field of Love which supports you totally and provides abundantly for all your needs without you having to, as it were, lift a finger.  All is divinely taken care of so that you can explore and develop your limitless and fully absorbing creative abilities while basking in the Love and admiration in which your Father envelops you.  Words here are without meaning, they are totally inadequate to even attempt to describe the joy and the wonder to which you are shortly to be exposed.

Go within daily and ask for guidance, a felt sense of your Father’s and our Love for you.  Open your hearts fully, without doubt, fear, or anxiety, so that, even as you remain temporarily embodied, you allow yourselves to experience a little of what lies in store for you, and you will be overwhelmed by the sensation that embraces you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


See only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in others.

See only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in others.

01/01/2014 by John Smallman

The New Year of 2014 has arrived bringing with it an abundance of blessings for all of humanity as you approach ever more closely to the moment of your awakening into Reality.  Let go of your doubts about this and any you may have about God, even about whether He truly exists or not, for they only disconcert you.  Deep within you know that you are forever held in His loving embrace and are shortly to awaken. Focus on the truth of that, the Reality of that, and allow His Love to flow through you to all of humanity uplifting and inspiring you as It does so.

We are all One.  There is no separation.  God is All that there is.  He is His creation and therefore we are all, every one of us without exception, eternally part of or aspects of God.

You, humanity, lost sight of this eternal Truth as you engaged with the illusion and chose to experience an imaginary and unreal separation from your ever-loving Source.  Well, the time has come for you to cease having that unreal and extremely discouraging experience.  You were created to live as One with Source, God, our heavenly Father, Love in action, and until you return to that state you can never be truly happy.  Within the illusion you always feel driven to seek out something better, something more, and each time you find something it very quickly loses its appeal, its charm.  What you are truly seeking, but scarcely recognize, is a return to Reality, only you cannot remember It, and therefore you settle for extremely unsatisfactory substitutes that can only add to your unhappiness as they constantly disappoint you, failing utterly to fill the enormous gap in your hearts that only God’s Love can satisfy.

It is always there for you, waiting for you to open to It, but distrust and disbelief have become endemic for you because you have been hurt so often and have suffered so much.  To be separated from Source is to suffer, because your natural state is to be one with It, and even though the separation is unreal – if it were real you would instantly cease to exist – the pain it causes you is intense.  You long to belong, to be One with, and you seek out lovers and friends but to no avail because the only true satisfaction is to be One with your Source.  When you open yourselves to that Love once more, fully open yourselves to It, all suffering ceases, and that is your awakening.

To move forwards towards that state cease all judgment and intend to see only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in others.  When you do that you become a loving presence and the energy field surrounding you glows, and it warms all those with whom you connect in any manner at all.  They then resonate with that warmth and their own energy fields light up with joy.  There are very few among you who have not had at least a slight experience of the warmth of another’s love, and therefore you know how uplifting and inspiring it can be.

As you have been told time and time again “Love is the answer, always.”  It is no good waiting for others to behave lovingly first, it just does not work like that, because that is withholding love until you receive it, and so your energy field remains cool and uninviting to others.  When you offer a heartfelt loving presence others feel it, relax into it, and then respond in like manner.  The trick is to always be loving even when you feel coldness, rejection, or attack.  If you automatically erect your own defenses in a situation like that no progress is possible as is demonstrated very clearly as unsuccessful attempts are made all over the world to replace conflict with peace while maintaining impregnable defenses.

Loving openness works, but very few have the courage to try it.  Those that have are highly praised and honored, but are almost always thought to be exceptional people operating in exceptional circumstances that have little or no bearing elsewhere.  This is most definitely not the case, so learn from those who show that Love works, follow their examples, and take courage from the results that you achieve, initially probably quite small, but startling enough to encourage you to continue.

Love starts with you.  It is as simple as that.  But nearly all of your cultures have taught you to be cautious, to withhold love until it can be safely offered to one who will honor it and return it.  That just builds an impasse, an uncrossable barrier demonstrating hostility and distrust.  Love offers itself without barriers or defenses of any kind, and continues to do so even when it encounters blocking barriers and defenses thus dissolving them, or at least bypassing them and allowing trust to grow.

In this New Year of 2014 make it your resolution and intent to offer only love, regardless of any barriers or defenses you may encounter, and help to awaken humanity, as has always been your intent from the moment that you incarnated as humans.  You have limitless support and encouragement from all in the spiritual realms that will assure your success.

With so very much love, Saul.

You truly are the beloved children of God temporarily lost within the confusing maze that is the illusion.

You truly are the beloved children of God temporarily lost within the confusing maze that is the illusion.

January 3, 2014 by John Smallman


Another year has passed and humanity still waits for the event, the awakening, the move into full consciousness, yet nothing of note seems to have occurred to indicate that you are any closer.  Naturally doubts and suspicions arise.  Is it all pie in the sky, wishful thinking?  Or is humanity just a biological system, for instance like a colony of ants, in which a biological drive or determinant, with no real awareness of itself, causes a flow of energy or activity that produces, through chemical interactions, a large number of different directives causing the colony to split into warring factions. Warring factions with very different but strongly held conflicting beliefs. Is life in fact meaningless, godless, pure happenstance?

Many of you are experiencing doubts like this, or similar ones, and yet deep within you know that these doubts are unwarranted because you know that you truly are the beloved children of God temporarily lost within the confusing maze that is the illusion.  In your confusion, in that felt sense of aloneness you want comfort, reassurance, Love.  The confusion is a powerful distraction that drives anxieties and doubts through your minds at high speed (“roof-brain chatter”) making it very difficult for you to access the quiet inner space where you can find peace, stillness, and the certainty that you are an inseparable part of your Source.

And of course the remedy for these doubts and anxieties is, as always, to go within and allow your thoughts to flow by unattended to as you rest in that quiet inner sanctum.  Do not engage with or follow a line of thought because that defeats the purpose of going within.  Be patient, and to assist yourself in remaining quiet and undisturbed it can be helpful to repeat a short mantra, listen to some relaxing music at a low volume, or unfocus your eyes while looking at a flower, a candle, or nothing in particular.  In fact you could do all of the above.  What counts is finding something that works for you, and you can ask for help with this from those in the spiritual realms with whom you feel an affinity – a favorite saint or angel, or any spiritual being you feel comfortable calling upon for help.  You all have someone who you believe responds to you – and of course they do! – and even if you have not called on them for a very long time they are still there for you, waiting expectantly with willing and loving help.  Call on them, they truly want to assist you.

It is important to keep reminding yourselves that you really are the beloved children of God whose Love for you is infinite, constant, and uninterruptible.  The illusion is an enormously distracting influence on you because it is basically a collective ego construct that desperately wants you to believe that it is real, and you must admit it does a very good job of convincing you.  But the only Reality is eternal, everlasting, and indestructible.  Anything that decays, wears out, breaks down, crumbles, disintegrates, or just fades away with time is unreal.  So, yes, your bodies are unreal, but You are not, You are eternal beings just like your heavenly Father.

There is no death.  Life is eternal.  What you experience as death is just a laying down of the body that has served you during your excursion into the illusion and that you no longer need or have a use for.  You move on, leaving it to return to the dust from which it was constructed now that its purpose has been fulfilled.  Do not mourn it because without your enlivening presence it is nothing – inanimate material in an illusory and non-existent environment.  An environment that you collectively built and maintain.

Humanity has made the decision to awaken, consequently the pillars, the foundations, the underpinnings that support the illusion are crumbling and disintegrating.  In terms of geological time, those seemingly endless eons since the Big Bang, and even before it, the crumbling and disintegration appears very slow, like – as you might choose to describe it – watching paint dry, or, a little more realistically (bearing in mind that within the illusion nothing is real) watching rocks wear away beneath a waterfall.  However, the illusion lasted but an instant, a brief indeterminate moment while you entertained a thought of the unthinkable – separation from your Source.  Separation from your Source, God, your heavenly Father is utterly impossible, as you have so often been told, and the thought of such an impossible situation could not and did not last.

Nevertheless, you, humanity, is seemingly experiencing a state of separation so dire that awareness, knowingness, the ever-warming divine embrace in which creation is eternally enfolded, does not appear to be enfolding you.  And you see all around you conflict, mistrust, and betrayal that seems to confirm this unhappy experience.

Remind yourselves yet again that you are divine beings, utterly inseparable from God, and that you are to awaken into the brilliant infinitely loving Light of eternal day where perfect peace and harmony of a nature completely beyond your ability to conceive of have you enfolded in a state of permanent and ecstatic bliss.  It is time to release your tight hold on the illusion – after all the decision to do so has already been made – and allow yourselves to awaken to a resounding and magnificent welcome from all in the spiritual realms.

Your loving brother, Jesus.



You are becoming aware that you are not the victims of others, of circumstances, or of God.

01/05/2014 by John Smallman

The Reality of the Oneness of all of creation is finally dawning on humanity, as is the importance of working harmoniously, creatively, and cooperatively together to heal yourselves from all the suffering that you have inflicted on each other, and to enable you to start healing and repairing the damage that you have collectively caused Planet Earth.  This growing and essential awareness is an excellent reason to celebrate because it indicates that over the eons much has been learnt and that from those lessons wisdom is growing.  Congratulations!  From here you can only move forwards because you have learnt far too much to allow yourselves to slip backwards into the unconcern and disrespect for one another and for your beautiful planet that has for eons been the norm of human behavior.

You are definitely leaving sleep and unrealistic dreams behind as your awareness of your divine connectedness comes more fully into your conscious minds.  You are One with God, your eternal Source of being, and as your awareness of this divine and undeniable truth intensifies your ability to forget, to switch off to your true nature weakens and fades from view.  You are becoming consciously accountable, you are becoming aware of your responsibilities, you are realizing that the environment in which you are presently experiencing life, consciousness, is something that you yourselves are building and maintaining in every moment.  You are becoming aware that you are not the victims of others, of circumstances, or of God, but that what you experience is a conscious choice that you have made so that you will undergo and engage with the lessons that you know that you need to learn to move forwards on your spiritual paths.

All your paths are spiritual ones, wisely chosen to ensure that you experience the lessons that you have each decided – with the help and guidance of the unsurpassed wisdom of your spiritual guides and mentors – that you need to learn.  Realizing that you are not victims of your environment, of others’ nefarious decisions to crush or betray you, or of God’s judgment upon you, enables you to move forwards on your paths to enlightenment, to awakening, with the necessary enthusiasm and confidence to ensure that you reach your destination.

For eons you have been apparently trapped in an endless cycle of repetitious and intensely painful experiences over which it has seemed that you had no control.  You were, it seemed to you, at “the mercy of the gods!” – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, other peoples wars, betrayals and catastrophes.  Now you are seeing that what happens is as a result of your own beliefs, attitudes, actions, and behaviors.  Realizing this enables you to change the environment that you experience, and the situations in which you find yourselves “inadvertently” involved, by changing your expectations.

None of your experiences are inadvertent.  Everything that happens to you has a far deeper meaning than you can understand or access as human beings with your severely limited intelligence and your equally limited underlying wisdom – if it can even be called wisdom!  You chose, for very good reasons, reasons that were perfectly clear to you prior to your individual incarnations, to undergo a variety of experiences as humans in the limited environment that you constructed for yourselves.  And you have learnt lessons of incredible value as you have struggled with this worldly environment and the limitations that your physical bodies and their intrinsic energy fields, by their very nature, have imposed upon you.

Your true nature, the nature to which you are inextricably and eternally connected is Love, Godliness, Oneness with your Source.  You can pretend, as you have been doing for eons in the time driven illusion in which you experience life as humans, that you are alone, individual, disconnected from the Source of all existence, abandoned, betrayed and basically unreal – chemical reactions in an inanimate and forever unchanging and basically unliving, in fact dead and unconscious universe.

However, you are in fact moving permanently away from that unreal and unsupported belief, that fearful state of mistrust, as Love floods your apparently tiny and individual worlds – where it has seemed that you are, each one of you, small and insignificant beings at the center of an incredibly large and threatening universe which is constantly striving to crush and destroy you.  It is unrelentingly encouraging you to open to the possibility that you are far, far more than your bodily reflections in the mirror suggest.  And of course what Love is suggesting to you, is indeed offering to you, is Reality as a replacement for the threatening and illusory environment in which you are presently experiencing very unsatisfactory, terrifying and exhausting lives that have nothing to offer as a reward for living honestly except death!  What an unrealistic outcome or finale to a life spent struggling with such unrelieved hardship and woes.

Go within, find that quiet, spacious, and welcoming inner sanctum that you all possess, ask for help, Love, and guidance, and start to awaken into the understanding of your divine and eternal nature.  As you do so your fears and anxieties will dissolve, being unreal, and you will start to experience an awareness of your divinity that will bring you an abundance of joy as you once more connect with the spiritual realms, where you live always at one with God.

With so very much love, Saul.