Your collective intent is the determining factor

11/01/2013 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms we are watching with joy as humanity’s progress towards the moment of awakening becomes ever more powerfully focused.  We have told you many times that it is a done deal, which indeed it is, but your collective intent is the determining factor, the force driving you forwards and homewards so purposefully.  It has always been your collective intent to awaken, ever since the moment of apparent separation, but of course the distractions and enticements of the illusion that you had conceived and built were quite fascinating, and for all practical purposes you had forgotten that ineradicable intent and became lost and distracted in the vast maze that is the illusion.

Many have come among you over the eons to remind you and show you the way home, and finally their loving and persistent efforts are coming to fruition as ever more of you open to the realization that you are indeed eternally alive spiritual beings undergoing learning experiences, requiring physical bodies, that will lead you out of the illusion and home to Reality.  The way ahead is clear, there are no obstructions or obstacles that entail any more diversions or detours, just hold the intent to awaken, for yourselves and for all of humanity, and reconfirm it at least once daily, and preferably many times because your task is to wake up and remember with wonder who and where you truly are.

You have a saying: “Home is where the heart is,” which basically means that home, where you all perpetually desire to be, is a state of knowing that you are always and unconditionally loved, and where you want for nothing; but within the illusion that is an almost impossible state to attain.  Yes, some of you have wonderful relationships, when judged by your human standards, but even then you know that however good it is something is still not right, something is missing.  You are always on the lookout for something more, and that of course is your divine and eternal connection to God.

That connection has never been broken and never can be, but your awareness of it, your knowing it is lost temporarily, and you yearn for it – which is why, as a human, you can never find true satisfaction – because deep within you know that that is what is missing in your lives, and there is absolutely nothing that can replace it.  A few do become aware of this and turn to God full time for the Love that they know is their due, and in doing so they fall fully and finally in love with God.  But only a very few have sufficient dedication and persistence to come to know Him and dwell in His Presence during a human lifetime.

Now, with the intensifying field of divine Love bathing and embracing the planet and all sentient life forms, an awareness of this is growing throughout humanity, that you are indeed spiritual beings.  Many are finding this hard to accept.  Nevertheless, their awareness is strengthening despite their doubts and skepticism, and resistance is futile.  You are beings of Love, eternally connected to your divine Source, and denial of the reality of that divine Truth can no longer be maintained.  And for many that is very unsettling.

Having bought into the apparent reality of unreality it can cause considerable emotional distress to acknowledge that you had made an error, and that the environment of pain and suffering that seems to envelop you is a figment of your collective intent.  You focus intently on your ingrained beliefs to convince yourselves that you are right, that the world around you is most definitely real – after all you experience it directly with all your physical senses, so it must be real, right?  And in that rightness is your unhappiness and dissatisfaction firmly maintained.

So often you are in places or situations where it seems you cannot safely be yourselves, and so you have all donned disguises that you have become so accustomed to wearing that you believe they really are you.  Then something unexpected happens and you find the disguise cannot cope with it and an aspect of yourself you had forgotten you had breaks into your awareness.  It can be a sense of great strength and ability to cope, or a terrifying breakdown into emotional collapse.  Either way it is shocking for you.  Rest assured that when something like that happens to you it most certainly is not an accident but a wakeup call, a learning opportunity that you had built into your life path to assist you on your way to awakening.

You can still deny its meaning and refuse to become aware of the lesson with which it has presented you, but even so it will have such an enormous impact on your life perspective that you will eventually have no option but to acknowledge it, leading you to make necessary alterations in your attitudes and behaviors.  It is a little like finally admitting to alcoholism or drug addiction and agreeing to take part in a twelve step program.  And, as you all know, doing that can be a life saver and a life changer, bringing amazing rewards to those who find the courage to admit that they need help.

You need to keep remembering that a human life on Earth is an ongoing learning experience, an experience you willingly chose to undergo for the essential lessons with which it would present you.  Once you accept that and start to accept what life presents to you with equanimity and patience your stress levels will fall, and you will find yourselves far better able to cope with the unexpected situations or crises that life seems to throw at you.

At first, when a crisis occurs, go immediately into your inner space, give yourself time to unwind a little, to relax a little, and then ask for help from your angels, guides, mentors, saints – whomever you feel most comfortable, or perhaps least uncomfortable calling upon – and you will receive it, instantly.  But be aware that the guidance that is offered so wisely and lovingly may not fit in with your presumed need.  You will need to be prepared and ready to see things differently so that you can understand, appreciate, and then put into effect the assistance on offer.

Learning life’s many lessons is all about surrendering to Love, God, the Source of all that exists.  Love does not judge, blame, condemn, or deceive, It offers a wise and loving embrace that will solve all issues.  Holding out for justice or restitution encourages a state of bitterness and resentment that burns – it is like holding your hand in a flame, the only remedy is to remove it.  When you first feel the pain that another seems to have caused you, possibly with intent, it is difficult to stand back from the situation and maintain an awareness that that other is also in pain, and that the remedy is Love, because part of you wants to hate!  But you know from experience that clinging to a hurt, a mistreatment, a betrayal, or any other form of attack only ensures your own continuing pain.

When in pain, therefore, whatever the reason, go within to ask for help and for a loving embrace.  Open your hearts as you do so to be ready to receive the incredibly powerful loving embrace that will be offered immediately, and let your intuitive knowing that you are indeed doing the right thing in that moment relieve the pain and stress that you are experiencing.  At a deep level of your being you know this is so, because you know that all is Love.

With so very much love, Saul.



Earth Ascension ~ Warp Speed Ahead! A Message from Lord Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 1, 2013


Greetings Members of the Ground Crew, this is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin.

I am sharing this message now so you may prepare for changes penetrating your Realm as we speak. First and foremost I would like to share with you important information about this weekend. Next I share a bit of your Galactic History. Finally, explain more about what you may expect as we approach Zeropoint.

This weekend about a billion people will on Sunday be celebrating a Hindu Holiday called Diwali, meaning Festival of Lights. This stems from a 10,000 year old tradition when it was first celebrated. This is no different than what you will celebrate when all of the Ships which are cloaked in your skies receive the order from me to Decloak. You may anticipate another celebration which will be a Festival of Lights when the Crew on the Ships let themselves be known all around Earth. The Festival of Lights is the celebration of the Triumph of Good over Evil. This goes back to the story of when Maitreya incarnated on Earth in the role as Rama and the story of he and his wife Sita as told in the Ramayana. These are Avatara forms of Mother Father God living on Earth. You know them by their other Avatar forms including Vishnu and Lakshmi, Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet. Vishnu also incarnated as Buddha and Krishna. It is of Magnitude Proportions the Dimensional Shift which will happen, in fact is unfolding as we speak. Understand – the Vedic Traditions are the oldest written on Planet Earth. My one Earth incarnation as Popol Vuh happened in the Mayan Tradition which was the Vedic Tradition in another part of Earth. During the time of the Ramayana and before, I was represented in the writings as the God Agni – the Fire God. This fire is represented in my portrait as the Violet Flame shooting out of my hand chakras. This is the Tri-Fold Flame in the heart representing Absolute Being, Absolute Consciousness and Absolute Bliss. It is the Rainbow Vibration of LOVE and only LOVE. Long ago I would visit the Rishis or Yogis on Earth and share with them their Galactic History in the timeless tradition of sharing the oral Teachings. You may read the Agni Purana today. These Holy men and women memorized the Teachings and eventually this oral tradition was written down. As you visualize the ETs, the Angels and Ascended Masters – know that, no matter what Tradition they represent (Egyptian, Atlantean, Lemurian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim) all traditions are based in the Vedic Tradition. IT IS THE GALACTIC TRADITION and has always been since the beginning of time. So when Diwali begins on Sunday, November 3rd feel free to participate in the Festival of Lights linking with all of us on the Ships. It is a celebration we partake in from here. It involves food shared with family and friends, string lights hung inside and out, lighting candles and fireworks. It lasts five days and the first night on Sunday is this 10,000 year old commemoration of the Triumph of Good over Evil. As you link with the Highest Forces of light over the following 5 days and nights the Festival honors Divine Mother and the tradition is that we receive Abundance in the Form of Money. The Hindus began this Journey in the last Full Moon with 9 Nights honoring Mother God. It culminates in this Holiday as receiving Financial Abundance. Work with that energy in your own life. You are certain to see an upswing during this period. Instant Manifestation abounds.

November 3, 2013 Earth will witness the New Moon Solar Eclipse. This coincides with Diwali, The Festival of Lights. You each are a spark of Light from Source descended down into form on Earth as Beacons of Light and greatly effected by the Cosmic dance of the Spheres. Our Ships are sentient Beings and they too gather for this celebration. This Solar Eclipse is a very rare hybrid combination of Annular Eclipse turning into a Total Eclipse. This is a very erotic dance between your Mother and Father God. They are dancing before Earth and it will effect you on every imaginable level and more. You have seen creatures in nature puff out their feather plumes, puff their chests making loud sounds, swing in the trees and other strange displays asking for a complete merge. Now you will witness it amongst the Planets. The mating calls, the return to The Merge, Unity Consciousness, an orgasm in the Heart, the Twin Flame Reunions. It begins with the Sun and Moon and that LIGHT floats down to Earth permeating every cell. This brings the changes you seek. We are less than 48 hours away so that Harmony, Light and Sound are already begun.

The Moon is Mother. The Sun is Father. The Sun generates the Energy emitting from the Great Central Sun, Alcyone. The Moon conducts this Power to All Beings. The Sun is the flute and the Moon is the song. The Sun gives the spirit and life to all Planets and Moon rules the lives of the Beings on Earth.

This eclipse of the Sun in which the Moon completely hides the Solar surface or photosphere and thereby cuts off all direct Cosmic Rays of Sunlight from the Earth. The significance in this dark Moon when no Sunlight is reflected on the Moon’s surface is a journey into the dark Void. It is a Cosmic Moment when that vacuum which is the Scorpi Black Hole, Mother’s Yoni, may cleanse from the dark matter Universe all things not reflecting LOVE. She is fertile now following the Blood Full Moon two weeks ago. A moment later as the Moon withdraws from her partner after that orgasmic moment then the Light Shines brightly again to Earth birthing all things anew. It is Conscious Creation. We enter nondualism. As you feel the Sun’s Cosmic Rays hitting Earth following the Hybrid Solar Eclipse in the dark Moon then you enter the Blissful Celebration with the Goddess of Abundance, Diwali, The Festival of Lights! Tune into and make time for this Galactic Celebration.

Billions of years have passed since we came together to experience Duality on Earth. I have been with Lord Sananda, Lord Maitreya and Lord Metatron since the beginning. Lord Sananda is the Admiral and I, Lord Ashtar am the Captain of the New Jerusalem. We are responsible for this Universe, Nebadon. Ascension is ongoing in All That Is on the Individual, Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Omniversal and Cosmic Levels. As you Ascend your Planet Ascends and it effects EVERYTHING in the Cosmos. You are a Divine Spark of Source Energy. As you stand on Earth and look into the Sky back to Source Energy you will see your multidimensional existences as parallel lives all happening in the now. Your Avatara forms are your Monad – your Highest Self as it has existed at many different times and thousands of times on Earth since billions of years. The Cosmos is infinite, do you see?

The One we know as Sananda Kumara has had seven Earth incarnations: Sananda Kumara, Melchizedek, Zoroaster, King Tutankhamen, Shem, son of Noah, Jesus the Christ, and the King of Swords (KOS). The One we know as Lord Maitreya has had twenty-four Earth incarnations: Adi Purush, Sanat Kumara, Varaha, Narada, Narayana, Kapila, Dattatraya, Yagya, Rishabh, Prithu, Matsya, Kachchap, Dhanvant, Hayagreeva, Vaman, Parshuram, Vyas, Lord Rama, Balaram, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki Maitreya. He wrote the Institutes of Vishnu and many of the the Puranas. His consort Twin Flame who we know as Mother Sekhmet has incarnated with him each time beside him, sometimes known and others not. Some of the names she has been known by: Lady Master Venus, Sita, Radha, Rukmini, Satyabama, Lakshmi, Parvati, Maha Devi, Uma-Haimavati, Kali and Durga. Archangel Metatron has incarnated on Earth as: Enoch (great-grandfather of Noah) He wrote the Book of Enoch. Thoth (Egypt) Tehuti (Teotihuacan) He transmitted the Emerald Tablets. Hermes and Mercury. Earth has evolved through the eons of time. About 10,000 years ago we Celebrate the Last Golden Age on Earth. In this very moment we are returning to that phase of evolution. To give you a perspective on this we see that the time of the Adi Sanatan Deity Dynasty was Shiva through Adi Dev, Brahma and He was called Adam. This was about 5,000 years ago. The Jewish family of religions were about 2500 years ago by Abraham who is also (A) Brahma. The Buddhistic Dynasty by Buddha was about 2250 years ago. Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, the Great Trinity, Three in One. Christian Dynasty by Christ was about 2000 years ago. The Muslim Dynasty by Mohammed was about 1400 years ago.

Maitreya, Mother Sekhmet, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael have diplomatic immunity inside this Universe. We have returned to Earth now to end time. The merge of Oneness – As Above, So Below is Zeropoint. When you see Maitreya’s lifetimes are around Hindu tradition and Metatron’s lifetimes are around Jewish traditions then understand Rashi or Rabbai and Rishi are all in the same and in different eons of Time. Archangel Metatron is an Alchemist of Creation Geometry and carry’s the Divine Blueprint of All That Is. All of these One’s have been referred to in different texts as ‘the Youth’ which means always young or immortal. They are all known as Heavenly Priests and they are of course, ET Commanders. As always, there are ET commanders incarnate on Earth now including Sananda Kumara, Sanat Kumara, Metatron and HH The Dalai Lama. All of these have their own Ships they utilize in their work. This has always been true through the eons of time on Earth.

Many of you are Indigo Elders and you have been working with me, Ashtar, in your meditations for many decades. Some of you are newly awakened and a little wobbly learning to stand on your own two feet in the Light. One big challenge is knowing if what you are ‘hearing’ is correct. This is my role. I have always been here to Guide You and Assist You to Remember your Angelic Galactic origins. As you enter your meditation, connect first with Archangel Michael’s Energy. I will Guide You as well. As you read material from websites or books call in my Energy. I will Guide you and aid in your discernment. As you practice doing this you will come into Know by Knowing. There comes a moment when you are no longer a newbie and you must put aside doubting. You can know two kinds of knowledge – Self-Realization Knowing WHO YOU ARE and Worldly Knowledge Knowing HOW TO NAVIGATE Earth’s Ascension.

So now we approach Zeropoint, we bring the Golden Age into Physicality on Ascended Earth. What will it look like? How will these factors effect our Hopes and Dreams? What can we know which will help us make the adjustments? What about our Twin Flames? Explain where we are in the Ascension Process. What can we expect AFTER Announcements and Landings?

There are many who have dreamed about the day the humanitarian funding would be released to make a New Earth. Many have Plans for Healing Centers. After Landings which will be within about a week of Full Galactic Disclosure which will be completed by President Obama – many things will be implemented. What could not be healed easily will be healed very quickly after Landings. All of the Arcturian light technologies including surgeries will be available free to all. Nutritional deficiencies, blood diseases, those who are paraplegics, chronic illness and cancer will be wiped away in a very short time. These modalities will be carried out by you Healers who have been doing this work and have the Skills. The technologies will be made available to you with training to enhance what you have been doing. Also, advanced technologies and the ETs who run them, like the Sirian Temple workers and their advanced forms of Acupuncture will be available. Simple things like eyesight problems and obesity will be corrected very quickly. All forms of reverse aging, DNA telomere repair, hair, skin and beauty treatments will be had by all. The elderly and children will be helped with ailments they are subject to. There will be counselors to help with psychological conditions of the mind. There will be new solutions for children in foster homes. The current foster care system will end and evolve into a solution that is right for the kids, their natural parents and their mentors helping them. Those living in Group Homes, Orphanages and Old Folks Homes will be cared for in new ways not possible before. Everyone will be FREE, free to experience life in a way which is meaningful to them on their terms. Each One will have help making a Plan for their next steps in life. These Healing Centers will be in the Light Cities. The Light Cities are built and will be visible and revealed at Disclosure. Many ‘Believers’ have yet to integrate the information about the Light Cities. Theses Light Cities, it must be understood, are an extension of the MotherShips. One will go to their appointments or work in the Light Cities either by flying car or beaming up. At the end of the day, folks will go back home. Within a couple of years Earth will be a Planet without Disease of any kind. Injuries will be handled with advanced care. The need for Healing Centers will diminish greatly. After the Healers who will be working in the Light Cities have finished healing this population, they will evolve into new work. A kind of work that is not work. Creativity. Helping in new ways not available before – creating self-governance for example. Implementing the new laws and new ways of World Peace. Consider your personal dream and upgrade it based on the new information coming through. Allow your imagination to take you beyond what was assumed to be true.

December 21, 2012 was a day when Galactic Center aligned with Cosmic Center and this was when many on Earth left this Dimension. The changes that day were massive in that alignment and not easily detected. It caused a lightness – a lightening up of Earth. It made it possible for other changes to go into effect. October 18, 2013 there was a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Since that time Earth has moved up an entire Octave. There are 10 Octaves for each Dimension. For example: 5th Dimension, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9 and then the 6th Dimension. We have been slowly moving up the Octaves and it takes time, but not now. Portions of Earth at the Sacred Sites are in the 7th to 9th Dimension. Inner Earth exists at the 7th Dimension. We are now existing as a whole at 6.1. We have been in the 5th Dimension some time now. Earth went from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension. The 4th Dimension collapsed into the 3rd Dimension more than a decade ago. Anyone who speaks about needing to reach the 5th Dimension simply has not integrated the new information as yet. We have prepared for and have long been ready to go to Zeropoint. Each new Eclipse or Solstice and special events like the double Star of David conjuncts between June and August 2013 bring in stronger Energies from The Great Central Sun through Sol, our Sun. This is how we move up in Octave through the Dimensions. This is how the DNA has been activated. There is not One on Earth who has yet to activate all 12 strands of DNA. That is complete. Slowly the Collective Consciousness integrates these new concepts. It is done this way so no one who wants Ascension will be left behind.

More than ever before as Ones are awake and aware they contemplate and sense their Twin Flame. A Soul Mate is One who is in our Soul Family and we incarnate with these Ones again and again. We play different roles with them time and again. Our Twin Flame is the other half our Our Self. Both created at the same moment. When incarnate on Earth, One male, One female. Those who are married and their partner is clearly not their Twin Flame are feeling more and more that it is the right decision to go on their own now and make the potential for reunion with their Twin Flame a reality. Now that we are ending karma on Earth, it is a good time to make friends with those you love and make these changes if that feels right. This must be done in the gentlest way. Souls are moving apart and remaining friends. There is no longer a fear of economic concerns which so often keeps couples together after their relationship has fulfilled all it was meant to. One can only have a reunion when they have prepared themselves for this Holy relationship. Being single prior to meeting your Twin Flame is a must. As we work on ourselves we attract our Twin Flame. There is no reason to feel you are ‘less than’ or there may be a reason your Twin Flame will have an objection to you. THEY ARE YOU. They love you and always have. When we are prepared our Twin Flame will find us no matter where they are on Earth. This is a Universal Truth and what is called for in Ascension. It is time for Twin Flames to come together and do their work together.

After the Event all survival requirements will be wiped away with Free Energy, Abundant Healthy Food and Clean Water, Pollution Clean-up, Mentors, the Light Cities which will provide free Healings to all. The Land Deeds will be distributed to the correct owners who are only meant to be Stewards of the Land. Animals and Magical Creatures will have the abundance they need and will be free to come and go as they like. Marginalized people will be cared for. All non-violent Prisoners will be released because the majority were incarcerated on false charges. The politicians will all resign. Criminals will be dealt with in the form of speedy trials. New elections will be held months later. Packages with NESARA funds will begin to be delivered and are expected to take 18 months to make it to Everyone.

Now that the Changes are on our Heels, it can be FELT like sensing our heartbeat inside our chest. Everyone is asking WHEN? Know that I can say that it must happen only in Divine Timing. That means there will be a window of opportunity by the end of this year 2013 and also another window of opportunity next Spring (Fall in the Southern Hemisphere). When it happens has to do with meeting the requirements prior to the window of opportunity. There is a very high likeliness it can happen by the end of this year. We all are working together to meet this intricate list of requirements. There are many of our Crew stationed all over Earth following their Plans of Action and their Partners in other Sectors of Space supporting their Missions.

I invite you to take a serious personal inventory. Make a list of things you could reasonably put into effect in the next 8 weeks. Look around your house, your car, your storage space and lighten up. You won’t need a lot of that later. If there is a habit you would like to kick, like gossip or smoking or too many hours in front of the tv – change it. Choose 8 things you have not integrated yet but very much want to. Add one new good habit every week until the end of the year. Try vegetarianism in the spirit of doing no harm, begin buying fresh flowers once a week, start a new hobby, begin singing mantra everyday, take steps for having more fun, dance. Choose one thing that would take two months to accomplish and DO IT. Try a weight reduction program, change your eating habits, start juicing, build up to doing a back bend in your yoga practice, prepare for a performance, begin a walking or running routine. Set one eight week goal that will completely change your life. Pick a Seva – a Spiritual Service which you will do for the next eight weeks. Make more time for the people in your life who love you. Promote NESARA. Promote Disclosure. Promote the Angels and Ascended Masters. Make a point of getting together for Group Meditations for World Peace. Do what makes your heart sing. By embarking on these endeavors your Consciousness increases. This will effect everything around you. This is the best way to prepare for change by the end of the year. My Deep Gratitude to You, the Members of the Ground Crew. Salut! This is Lord Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 1, 2013. © All Rights Reserved., , An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit


MATTHEW’S MESSAGE – 11/1/13 – “You would feel greatly uplifted about the state of your world if you could see Earth as we do.”



November 1, 2013


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You would feel greatly uplifted about the state of your world if you could see Earth as we do, sparkling and glowing ever more brightly as her balance improves with each release of negativity. Although the extremes of duality still are in play on the planet, many positive scenarios are unfolding.

Mainstream media still sensationalizes disasters, dissensions and scandals; however, you also have seen their reporting of constructive happenings. As discussions about defusing Syria’s civil war continue, inspections of that country’s stockpiles of chemical weaponry are ongoing, and so are talks about Iran’s nuclear development program. Pope Francis is cleaning house at the Vatican and investigations are widening into corporate corruption and criminal activities in the financial world. We see the young British royals—William, Catherine and their infant son George—infusing light into that monarchy, and pollution is being seriously addressed by some governments and corporations.

The thread that unites those seemingly unrelated areas and innumerable others, including myriad promising developments at grassroots levels, is the increasingly powerful energy movement within and around the planet. Everything in your world that is flowing in consonance with that movement is gaining momentum and everything that is resisting the flow is coming apart at the seams. The longstanding propensity for war and oppressive policies and practices keeps weakening as the collective thoughts, feelings and actions on behalf of peace, freedom and truth keep intensifying.

It is a joy for us to observe these wondrous effects of love-light energy! There will be a series of fits and starts in the most expansive areas of change, but there is no indication that any detours will be significant, and nothing can derail your society’s progress.

One aspect of this monumental, unique ascension journey is the varying degrees of physical, mental or emotional discomfort many are feeling as carbon-based cells absorb light and are transformed into crystalline structures. In previous messages we have offered guidance to relieve ascension-related conditions, and we ask readers who are expressing concerns about various health anomalies to please read those messages. [July 4, 2013 message has the most comprehensive coverage.]

An email recently sent to my mother shows that the health issue in connection with ascension is begging for clarification. Mother, please copy that email here.

Can you tell me what Matthew says about people’s health improving before ascension? What I mean is, there are so many (mostly older) people in various stages of ill health situations – some very serious – it doesn’t seem possible that they will be able to ascend or advance spiritually without being able to become relatively healthy – or will they just die and only healthy people will inherit the physical 5D earth?

Thank you. First, planetary ascension and personal ascension are not the same, and it may be helpful to explain again that density has two definitions in a universal context: mass and/or the location of a mass and soul evolvement status, or station, in spiritual and conscious awareness, and the two densities can differ considerably.

The planet has been on an ascension course for about 75 years, longer than most of her residents have lived there this time around, but throughout those years of traveling through third density location-wise, Gaia, the soul who embodied as the planet now called Earth, was at fifth density evolvement. Gaia and her planetary body originated in that density, and during the millennia that her residents’ brutality to each other caused the planet to spiral downward, Gaia remained at her original evolvement status.

Now then, physical health doesn’t affect one iota a person’s ascension spiritually and consciously, and that ascension isn’t confined to lives on Earth. Many persons who had just reached fourth density evolvement status had soul contract longevity clauses that “expired,” so to say—they died and are living in their advanced status in Nirvana or, if they so chose, some other equivalent spirit world. As the planet travels through fourth density, her residents who have evolved to that density spiritually and consciously will keep on ascending with Earth if that is in accordance with their contract lifetime span. If not, their bodies will die and they will continue their ascension journey in a spirit world until they decide where they want to reincarnate.

Some of you have heard that when Earth left third density, she entered fifth, as if Number Four has no part at all in the process. We use your numbers only to indicate advancement, whether in location or soul evolvement, and there is no skipping any progressive stage in either. Just as it isn’t reasonable to expect a child who has learned ABCs to read a dictionary, it’s not reasonable to expect to leap from your current abilities directly into mastery of communicating telepathically, manifesting and dematerializing objects, traveling astrally and achieving perfect health in body, mind and spirit. Indeed, everyone has the innate capacity to perform all of those marvels, but it’s necessary to develop the ability to do so, and each soul will do that in the comfort of its own timing.

Other health-related questions are about the “radioactive water” flowing from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear facility and the safety of food grown in the vicinity. Our space family’s few teams of four or five members each who are near the facility are working in tandem with crews in ships hovering overhead to reduce the water’s toxicity to the greatest extent possible. Their technologies are far advanced from your own, but they aren’t designed to eliminate every bit of toxicity in fruits and vegetables from areas of radioactivity, so it is sensible not to eat produce grown near the nuclear plant.

Now we shall address readers’ interests in a number of matters that pertain to the United States. Not only are happenings there a reflection of what is going on to some degree all around your world, but everything that happens anywhere on Earth affects everything everywhere in this universe.

The citizenry’s anger about the hardships many incurred due to the government “shutdown” shows growing intolerance of elected officials’ inaction due to stubborn divisiveness. Individuals within that government and all other democratically-elected bodies will be changing from self-service to working in unison for the wellbeing of their country’s peoples. This won’t happen in one fell swoop, but officials who stubbornly resist the love-light energy will lose out by one means or another and eventually all elected public servants will be acting within that energy. Ending the reign of tyrants will come more slowly, but that also is predestined.

No serious repercussions in foreign relations will result from the National Security Agency’s intelligence gathering—any indignant, surprised reaction is simply a public performance. Not only is it well known that spying is ubiquitous, but nations that are allies share the intelligence they’ve gleaned, and no national leaders are naïve enough to think that they personally are exempt from surveillance. The energy around this brouhaha is strengthening the energy set in motion by all the whistleblowing everywhere and ultimately will lead to multinational trust in harmonious cooperation.

For two reasons high-ranking military officers were relieved of duty. The down-to-Earth reason is, they had been acting under Illuminati orders, which included massive-scale terrorism using missiles with nuclear warheads. Thanks to our universal family’s technology, all of those attempts were futile; in keeping with Creator’s stipulation that there will be no more nuclear detonations in space, God authorized that intervention. Energetically speaking, the officers’ removal was a natural step toward demilitarizing your world—this immense undertaking cannot be accomplished quickly, but that step is a welcome beginning.

As for the Illuminati-controlled CIA faction, it will be on the way out. Those individuals have been responsible for “black ops,” the most destructive terrorist activities. You know about the few that have been successful, most notably “9/11,” but not publicized are the many attempts in hot spots around the world that have been thwarted by ET brothers and sisters living among you. They are permitted to do that in response to Gaia’s request, but they cannot interfere with individuals’ free will to avenge atrocities committed to their ancestors or to defend their radical beliefs.

We have been asked our opinion about legalizing marijuana. We feel that this should have been done long ago worldwide for medical purposes because of this plant’s many known benefits—that is why pharmaceutical companies’ top management have suppressed its legal availability. As for “giving our young people authorization to use drugs,” we see this as we do your social issues such as excessive drinking, gambling, overeating, sexual promiscuity, gang warfare and bullying: matters calling for strong parental guidance and individuals’ self-discipline. And, as light within the populace increases, problematic behavior will diminish, then cease.

To the numerous readers who cite specific actions by President Obama and ask if he still is a light being: Yes, he is. We stand by everything we have told you about him because it is the truth. We say as well that third density consciousness can’t discern light in a person or a situation. Although Earth and all of her residents are in fourth density location-wise, the majority of the populace still is within third density awareness-wise. And to answer one reader’s question: No, an Illuminati-programmed clone of the president has not replaced the person.

Absolutely there has been “sabotage,” as one reader expressed it, and another questioned: Is the frantic energy and discord around the Affordable Healthcare Act Illuminati energy? Sabotaging the Act more commonly known as Obamacare started immediately after President Obama announced his intention to make healthcare insurance available to people who were not receiving necessary treatment because they didn’t have insurance or their policies didn’t cover it. Illuminati members of Congress in collusion with their counterparts in the medical establishment and pharmaceutical and insurance industries started overt and covert campaigns to doom the president’s efforts—the result is legislation that is bare bones of his original plan. The Act’s Web site is not free of sabotage, to be sure, but “too many cooks in the kitchen” working hastily with complex technological features contributed to the site’s malfunctions.

Individuals in Congress who are determined uproot the Act will either fall by the wayside or join with their colleagues who see the soundness in preserving its positive aspects and changing the pesky parts. Eventually the energy flow will bring healthcare equality and availability to everyone in your world. Inclusive measures will be full recognition of what you term “alternative” treatments; Nature’s healing ingredients replacing chemical prescription drugs, which cause more harm than good; reasonable costs for hospitalization, outpatient care and helpful medications. In time, as your society keeps advancing, neither money nor insurance will be in your healthcare picture.

As for the many questions about the national economy, I have asked my mother to copy a particular email to show how far afield of actuality some information being disseminated is. Only the name will be omitted to preserve that individual’s privacy.

******’s source at the Dept of Defense says that “They’ve” put something in the water and our food and that when they trigger the cell towers or fly drones they can detonate what we’ve ingested and it will give us flu like symptoms within 2 days and then death in 10 days after. This is to control the riots of people when the economy completely crashes anytime from now thru 2014. Is there truth to this?

Thank you, Mother. There is no truth whatsoever to that outrageous claim, and any grave concerns about the collapse of the US economy are needless. When the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service are exposed as wholly-owned Illuminati agencies that have been manipulating economies worldwide, their operations will cease. Then you shall see that the United States’ debt is as fictitious as is your global economy.

Long ago the entire economic system became only a whir of wire or computer transactions—trading in stock markets, buying and selling currencies, mortgages from lending institutions, credit card accounts with usurious interest rates. All of that financial activity was designed to keep enriching the wealthy and none of it has had a solid foundation. Ending the Illuminati-devised and controlled network and returning to a monetary basis of precious metals will be handled as smoothly as possible to prevent confusion.

Now then, it does appear that we have been pointing fingers at the “bad guys” around your world who persistently have resisted changes that would be in the best interests of the peoples, and we repeat our urgings in previous messages: Forgive them! This does not mean condoning their actions. It means refraining from judgment and condemnation by understanding that those individuals are the weakest links in the unbreakable universal chain of souls, and the love-light in your forgiveness uplifts them at the same time it advances your soul growth.

The vital importance of forgiveness extends far beyond those individuals into the pre-birth agreements every one of you made. Because agreements are made by souls with unconditional love and are designed to further the evolvement of all participants, each soul plays a role that offers others advancement opportunities. Persons whom you may resent deeply for what you perceive as cruel, unfair treatment may be fulfilling perfectly their agreement to provide you with that experience. Please do not forfeit your growth opportunity by holding onto resentment or bitterness—understand, forgive and feel grateful that you have completed the karmic lessons you chose and they provided.

If by words, actions or inaction you have done an injustice to any persons, tell them I’m sorry, please forgive me. Then forgive yourself! Letting go of guilt and remorse as well as bitterness and resentment will let peacefulness, joy and excitement flow into your heart—that is what ascension feels like!

Light beings throughout this universe are embracing you with unconditional love as we cheer you ever onward.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books



COSMIC VISION NEWS – November 1, 2013



A very powerful newscast!  Much information that you will not hear on mainstream news media, especially regarding the NSA, including the fact that President Obama was not told the full extent of the spying until 5 years into his presidency.   The reason?  It was not convenient.