Paul Luftenegger, International Songwriter & Singer



The stars are calling out your name

This World is shifting, it’s about to change

Oh don’t you worry little dear

There’s so much love, in the atmosphere

There are Angels here

They are near, to guide us here

The World’s alive with so much light

The Universal Love has come

Oh rest your head and rest your heart

The violet sky has come

The kingdom of creation lies right inside

Don’t be scared don’t you dare

This is a plan for a better man

Have faith in the stars up in the sky

Have faith in the skies that we share

We are a part of all that is

We are a part of it all

Expand your mind and release the shackles of this life

Who do you want to be

you can be anything that you want to be

We are creators of the Universe

We are creators of Love

We are the superheroes of our time

It’s time to be all we can be

Release your fears there’s only Love here

There’s only Love, There only Love,

There’s only Love to come”


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