Openness is the key to growth

July 31, 2013 by John Smallman


Humanity’s arduous journey home to Reality is almost done as the energies that are assisting you approach their peak intensity.  They will then move you onwards into an energy realm that will sustain you in a totally new and inspiring way.  You have been in the process of preparing to integrate with this new (to you) realm for the last several decades, and a part of that preparation has been to encourage and enable an enormous increase in your awareness of the interconnectedness. . .in fact, the oneness of all that exists.  Your modern scientific research has been responsible for a vast expansion of knowledge that has led to a much-needed collective decision to question and then reassess many of the premises on which all your belief systems are based – religious, political, sociological, psychological, educational, medical, and even scientific – and bring about essential changes to them and to the way in which the knowledge they offer is interpreted.

Knowledge is a vast field of information to which, as humans, you have only very limited access.  The main reason for this has been because, as divinely created immortal beings, you were endowed with boundless knowledge, but in your present state of severely limited-conscious intelligent awareness, to allow yourselves full access to that knowledge could lead you to engage in activities that could, and probably would, cause even more devastation and cataclysmic damage to Gaia than you have managed to achieve so far.  And that would be in the best interests of no one at all!

So, to evolve spiritually, as is humanity’s collective intent, and to become once more the guardians of the planet – your reason for being present on Gaia at this point in her evolutionary cycle – it is essential that you let go of your egoic and arrogant need to be in control of the energies that guide the planet and your own development, and also your emotionally misguided beliefs that you are the wisest and most intelligent beings ever to have existed anywhere within the known universe.  Obviously, not every human believes this. . .nevertheless, arrogance is a common defensive behavior reaction that many resort to when they sense that the belief systems with which they identify are under attack or in danger of being superseded.

Humanity is evolving spiritually from a state of unquestioning acceptance of what their culture tells them is the truth, to a level where so-called truths, on the human stage, are questioned and investigated.  This is an essential step in your awakening process.  When discernment sets in, anything of value can be retained while discarding any nonsensical dogma that has become attached to these philosophies over the ages, but which still demands unconditional doctrinal adherence, even though they have become manifestly corrupted and misinterpreted.  Openness is the key to growth, to evolution, because that encourages people to investigate premises that have been taken for granted and to re-evaluate them in the light of new knowledge.

You are in the process of opening your hearts to the divine field of Love surrounding you, and as you do so that Love engages with you and helps you to see more clearly the ingrained beliefs and fears which have ruled you for so long.  This growing awareness of your limitations is a great step forwards because it allows you to look beyond them to see if they truly are limitations or if they are just convenient defenses that you established in order to avoid facing your fear by venturing into the unknown.  The boundaries of your present environment have long outgrown their usefulness, and it is time for you to move beyond them.  The Love enveloping you and encouraging you to share and extend It is assisting you in this.  Every time you allow Love to guide your thoughts, words, or actions, you get uplifting feedback in the form of sensations of peace, of satisfaction, because Love knows Itself as One and therefore recognizes Itself in everyone with whom you interact, and It shares that knowledge with you as feelings of the appropriateness of your engagement.

A loving presence brings peace and the possibility of fruitful engagement to any situation, as many of you are discovering.  Awareness of this is spreading rapidly because so many are choosing daily to engage lovingly instead of fearfully, and then are mightily emboldened by the results they experience.

All the great teachers, mentors, and mystics who chose an Earth life as humans in order to wander among you and share their knowledge and wisdom have told you that Love is the key.  Love is joyful, accepting, enthusiastic, comforting, and inspiring, as divinely intended.  When you make Love your constant companion you can deal with any situation in which you find yourselves.  When you are suffering or in pain, accepting and sharing Love lightens your burdens and those of the ones with whom you are in contact, or even in conflict!  It is the opposite of defensiveness and withdrawal, which focus on the unreality of separation, and which are then used as an excuse for remaining uninvolved or withholding compassion, thus further emphasizing that sense of separation which has been dividing humanity against itself for eons.

Love is flooding the environment in which humanity is presently experiencing life. Engage with It whole-heartedly and reap the rewards that It offers you in every moment.  Do not wait until tomorrow, until you feel better, until someone who has offended you apologizes, because if you do that you will just continue to wait and joy will elude you.  Be loving now.  It is very easy because it is your nature.  Just choose to engage only lovingly – because that is to choose joy.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Your lives are about to change, drastically and forever!

07/31/2013 by John Smallman

When your move into fully conscious living replaces your present illusory state of existence, as it very soon will, you will be so engrossed with the new environment you are busy adapting to that your interest in “what is to come” will have evaporated, because you will experience it as being no longer pertinent or of interest. In this new “now moment,” there is no future, nothing to look forward to, because there is only the eternal, joy-filled now moment.  You truly have absolutely no idea of the wonders to which you will soon be gloriously re-exposed, when you awaken into your natural and divine state as fully conscious entities at One with God.

Your lives are about to change, drastically and forever!  And the changes that are about to occur would absolutely blow your minds if you had to negotiate your way through them while still operating within your present, unbelievably restricted and literally disabled human intelligence, rather than those divinely created and infinitely talented minds with which your Father endowed you.  What has been your experience until now – the state of conscious awareness that in your collective human experience has been considered normal and acceptable to you – is about to disintegrate, be blown away, and replaced with a state which, in comparison to what you have come to accept as normal, is utterly beyond ecstasy.  The joy that is about to envelop and embrace you can be neither described nor anticipated because it is completely beyond the ability of humanity’s limited intelligence to even conceive of.  Imagine a small child being taken for the first time to the most magnificent amusement park on the planet and on arrival there, being given an unlimited supply of tickets for all the rides.  Can you put yourselves in its shoes?  Even if you can, you have not even started to conceive of the joys that await you when you awaken, shortly, into your natural and fully conscious state.

God’s plan is one of joy and wonder, to delight all of creation, and the intent of His Will ensures that whatever he plans comes fully and beautifully to fruition.  Your present illusory experience, your asleep-at-the-wheel kind of consciousness, with all its inevitable mis-steps, mistakes, and unconscious decision-making, is coming to an end.  You can see signs of this all over the world as more and more people start waking up to the fact that their lives are not their own, that they are effectively enslaved, running on a treadmill, as they strive desperately to provide the necessities of life for themselves and their loved ones.  That is no way to live, and collectively, humanity has made the decision, the astounding and earth-shattering decision, to change direction.  The time when far less than 1% of the population controls and directs the vast majority is finished.

God created all His children as perfect beings, whom He entitled and willed to live rewarding, uplifting, and wholly fulfilling lives, and He ensured that everything needed to bring that state about was freely available.  But when you chose to build the illusion, and decided to perpetuate and develop it, that loving balance was removed, and the limitations intrinsic to this unreal realm led inevitably to disagreement, disharmony, and then to fighting among yourselves, as many strove to fill the enormous gap, the vast emptiness within that was the absence of God.

Over the eons, a few “favored” families, through some unconscionable behavior and betrayals, came to own and control all the resources of planet Earth, as they established systems of government which they controlled and directed, whilst hiding discreetly behind the scenes in undeserved comfort, security, and luxury.  They quickly came to believe that there was no need for God, that they had replaced Him to become the true lords of all they surveyed.  They forgot that what they had built was illusory!

The illusion is a very temporary abstraction – an unreality that could not last because it had no foundations.  The foundation on which all of creation rests is Love, which is the eternal energy source from which all pours forth in infinite abundance.  The illusion – the apparent separation from God and from His Love – therefore had no foundation, and from the moment of its inception it started deteriorating.  To humanity, enveloped in this seemingly very real and solid environment, this is a concept that is almost impossible to grasp.  But as you look around you now, its inevitable demise can no longer go unrecognized or be denied.  It is unmistakably clear that unbridled greed and the activities it encourages are relentlessly destructive – and humanity has at last awakened to that fact.  No longer will you allow it to continue.  That is the collective decision that you have made, and it has brought intense joy to all in the spiritual realms.

As you are continuously being informed, you are on the path home, where the blinkers you have been wearing will no longer work.  The tiny and unreal vista to which your blinkered consciousness had limited you will dissolve as the brilliance of the divine eternal day wakens you into your natural and eternal state – at one with one another in the glorious Presence of God, your eternal Source field from which you have never been separated.

With so very much love, Saul.

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JULY 30,2013


The next period is to be one of sudden, huge change.”

 Selamat Balik! We return with more news! First, a belated Happy New Galactic Year to everyone! This is the year of 10 Caban, a galactic year that is mostly reserved for inner and outer discovery. It prompts you to learn more about who you really are and to look at your native abilities in a new light, and it is these energies that are now becoming most prevalent in your reality. You are embarking on a period of manifestation and discovery about what you think Life is all about and hence, what kind of world you wish to live in. The coming prosperity and new governance are to kick-start this process of self-exploration. However, what you discover about yourselves at first will merely afford you glimpses of the magnificent truth of your real Inner Self. As Spirit begins this unveiling with you, you will learn how your outer world reflects and stimulates the growing expansion of your inner experience. The new year of 10 Caban will indeed be loaded with all kinds of new and stimulating adventures. Just to begin with, personal debt will end and you will be thrown into a world of prosperity. You will become able to meaningfully interact with your new governance, which will sincerely seek your input and truly wish to serve you. This, of itself, will be a big adjustment!

All across your globe, much is coming into being. Those who have been working in secret to bring about new governance have won a series of legal battles, opening the way to replace your corrupt regimes with new governance charged with restoring people-oriented policies. Gone will be the supremacy of the power-hungry elitists and of an untouchable corporatocracy intent on driving your globe into ruin. As you know to your cost, these dark coalitions imposed illegal amounts of taxation and debt to control and enervate you, and the purpose of the new governance is to rectify this unlawfulness and free you from decades of debt slavery. There is to be a new hard-currency system which will end the manipulation and oppression of a fiat-currency system. This fiscal ‘dry-rot’ will be transitioned rapidly to global currencies that are backed by precious metals, and your new governance is to support and promote not only the hard-currency system but also the beneficial social programs which accompany it. As these nuts-and-bolts aspects roll out, your rapid inner growth will enable you to partner meaningfully with government, to formulate and then oversee the changes you wish to see in your quickly transitioning world.

You are entering upon a period of great learning. In galactic societies each one is an honored and treasured individual. Each is a unique and irreplaceable piece of the whole, and this is an identity that you will need to adapt to. Government does not stand above the people; rather, it is an instrument to be used to uphold and facilitate the welfare of each person. Admiralty Law (the law of the conqueror), which prevails at present, will give way to Common Law, which comes from the people. Common Law is made up of those practices and traditions which have proved, over time, to work well among people, and this is what gives those appointed to authority a moral compass to guide their deliberations and actions. As this conceptual changeover takes place, your role is to observe your new administration in action and then ensure that it keeps to the direction you give it. You possess a divine standing as a person of consequence. You are a sovereign entity who is part of a highly motivated collective, and as such you have a responsibility to ensure that resolutions agreeable to all are reached. Your saying, “Government is not a spectator sport” is most fitting here.

Involvement in these changes will furnish your growing consciousness with many areas of hands-on education. You will discover a true, compassionate morality that is to be wholly indiscriminate. You will find how important it is to maintain the joy and wonder of your own uniquely evolving society; also, that governing yourselves is a truly divine operation of great complexity, requiring the informed participation of, or supervision by, each member. The preservation of your sovereign rights and ensuring that Common Law is properly administered is a most sacred task which you will have much more time for once prosperity gives your lives stability and releases your potential. Bear in mind that your levels of consciousness will be rising rapidly and your outlooks and perceptions will change greatly. You will also have available to you Beings from different lineages who have come to help you during this massive transition, as many of you may become a bit confused or upset by how much is changing. This is why you will have individual mentors at your side to explain and reassure.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to discuss our perspective on what is happening across your globe as these events will deeply affect your ascension process. And of course, this is our area of expertise. New governance will be the result of a new monetary system, which is to reset itself by switching over to hard currencies. This operation will also bring about a global currency reevaluation. These two developments will swiftly bring down the present debt-based currency system that is backed by the present governments. Our numerous associates are ready to inaugurate the new Basel III financial system which in turn initiates new governance. These new governments will end debt slavery, wealth inequality, and set up economic policies to undergird the great prosperity that prepares Gaia’s populace for first contact and Spirit’s desire to return you to full consciousness. It also enables us to come to you openly and talk freely about the universal truths long disguised by the major philosophies that lie at the core of religion on this sacred orb.

Our task is to inform you about the spiritual changes that your global society is going through. As most of you are aware to some degree, your world is moving away from the outlooks and concepts that you are familiar with, towards attitudes and knowledge that can seem quite foreign at first. This opening-up of your worldview is what Spirit intends. We are to help you re-conceive the beliefs that were taught to you as you grew up; this means changing concepts that you have accepted as ‘facts.’ This will include introducing you to new spiritual terminology which will be unburdened by layers of muddled thought and which was given to us by Heaven long ago. We have only mentioned your societies’ founding myths in passing, but the time has come to recount these tales fully and truly so that you can comprehend their meaning without the fog of ambiguities. Long ago, your dark overlords took these stories and altered them in order to sway your emotions in certain ‘useful’ directions, and we intend to bring your compass back to true north, thus enabling you to align with the truth about who you truly are.

We the Ascended Masters are to be your lodestar, pointing the way clearly out of your present mess toward a glorious new world, one which you can already sense out there, waiting for you. As Beings literally hurtling toward full consciousness, you need detailed information about what full consciousness means. We have many gifts of wisdom to give you, which will provide the criteria by which to assess what is happening. Heaven is using her divine abilities to reconstitute you and all the world around you, and we have come to be your spiritual guides and to reassure you about what may appear to be a very strange series of happenings. Right now, new monetary systems are coming into being, and with them come edicts announced by new governance, including revelations about a cover-up of truly staggering proportions. As you can imagine, these announcements will change your reality exceedingly, and we are here to be your loving guides during this most amazing transition.

Today, we talked about what is about to happen. The next period is to be one of sudden, huge change. We intend to be able to announce to you shortly what first contact is all about. Your spiritual, space, and Inner Earth families are ready to appear among you and transform your reality forever! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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Your body is going through a process of revitalization, revivification

July 28, 2013 by John Smallman


Me: Good afternoon dear Jesus.  Thank you for your last.  Today I am feeling extremely lethargic, unmotivated, basically asleep on my feet.  Can you offer me information or guidance on what is going on.  Is it just me, my ego playing up by being lazy, or what.  And, it would be nice if I could open to hear whatever you have to tell me, so please help me with that.  Thanks.  And, I also feel unusually irritable, or angry.  Has that emotion been blocked or denied within me, and is now coming up for release, or do I really not experience or need to experience it?

Jesus: Yes John, you are tired.  Your body, like those of many, many others, is going through a process of revitalization, revivification.  The best way I can explain it is to say that an enormous increase in the frequency of your energy fields is occurring, and this will re-energize all on Earth when the process is complete – then you will all feel truly alive. . . most of you for the first time since you incarnated for this particular life.  And along with that feeling of aliveness you will experience a large increase in enthusiasm for life as your creative abilities come on line in a very expanded and more abundant form.  It is most certainly something you can look forward to with ardent anticipation.

When you feel tired, sleep. . . and do not judge yourself as lazy or inadequate because of that need.  Just honor it by allowing it.  And of course tiredness, when there is stuff “hanging over you” that you feel you need to take care of, does tend to lead to irritation because you do not have the energy to even think about it, and yet you want to, or feel that you should or must.  Your body tells you what it needs, so be kind to it; do not judge it, because it has and it will continue to serve you well. Work with it, do not fight it, and enjoy the peace that that allows you to experience. Whatever your bodily experiences may be, they do have a purpose for you, even if you do not presently understand them.

Remember that the environment in which you are presently experiencing life imposes severe limitations upon you.  It is an environment of limitation, and so what you might like to do is often beyond the capabilities of your body.  That is the motivation behind all those who drive themselves physically, either in their quest for perfect personal fitness or to set new records in sports.  They know that they should be capable of much, much more, and so they push their physical boundaries as far as they can.  Some of the results they achieve – even though they may be using drugs that have been defined as illegal – are very impressive.  What they are also doing is showing that limitations can be overcome and thereby opening minds to the possibility of removing limitation entirely, and that is quite an expansion of your consciousness.  When you awaken you will find that there truly are no limits; anything you can conceive of is always possible.

Me: Thank you very much for that, dear Jesus, it is a very uplifting line of thought, and re-emphasizes the need for acceptance of what is, unless one is driven to push beyond the apparent limits, as some obviously are.

Jesus: Yes, that is their path.  Remember, everyone is following a path they chose with great care and wisdom before incarnating, and it is bringing into their lives the lessons they have chosen to learn.  Never disparage another’s path because you can have no idea why they elected to follow it or where it may be leading them. Judgment is of the ego and should be avoided.  Discernment, when used with caution and wisdom, is necessary at times.  Accept your own path, wherever it takes you, knowing as you do in your heart center that it is perfectly tailored to your requirements, and allow others the respect and honor they deserve as they follow theirs.

To follow your path to the best of your ability is the optimum way to follow it, but that does not mean riding rough-shod over the feelings or concerns of others. Beware of believing, either sometimes or all the time, that you are right and that others are wrong, because that is a very dangerous and potentially damaging belief, one that has sadly been too well demonstrated throughout the eons of humanity’s presence on Earth.  If it is suggested to you that maybe you are mistaken in an opinion, word, or action, then it always makes sense to re-examine your premise as open-mindedly as possible.  And if you find that you are mistaken, then gratefully acknowledge the correction and the person who offered it, and be glad that your knowledge base has expanded.

As you know, everyone presently on Earth is in the process of learning and evolving spiritually.  No one experiencing life on Earth as a human is in a position to judge another because no one, due to the limitations that the illusion imposes upon you, has access to the infinite field of divine Wisdom that they will have when they awaken.  Part of your path to awakening is to become aware that the wisdom and knowledge available to you while on the Earth plane is severely limited.  This awareness makes it far easier for you to stop judging and to open your hearts in love and acceptance of whatever occurs, and of all others, whatever their affiliations of race, creed, color, or culture.  When you do, you find yourselves, as always intended, releasing that within you which is not in alignment with the divine Will and enjoying the sense of peace that non-judgment always brings, because it is in truth an awareness that all are indeed one, and that judgment of another is in fact a judgment of self.

Judgment makes absolutely no sense because you were all created by God, and all His creations are perfect, without fault or blemish – divine beings of infinite beauty and purity.  What you judge, when you judge, are non-existent illusions, imaginary aspects that you display in bodily form as you play games and pretend to be something that you are not and never could be.  Rejoice in the certain knowledge that you are to awaken and rediscover the You that your Father created in Love for all eternity.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Many have been working powerfully and effectively behind the scenes

07/28/2013 by John Smallman

 The Oneness of God and all of His creation is a concept that is beyond beauty, beyond perfection.  It is an infinite harmony of integrated energy fields that is overwhelming in its magnificence.  When you – humanity – return Home, and awaken into Reality as you are divinely destined to do, your delighted amazement as you remember and recognize who You truly are will absolutely enchant you.

Now, as you wait for this event of incomparable significance in your ongoing spiritual evolution, do not let doubts or anxieties distract you from your task of holding the Light within you on high so that all with whom you interconnect in any manner will feel the warmth of Love that envelops you and flows out through you to embrace all on Earth.  This is the point in your history when Love prevails, and all that is not in alignment with It just fades away.  You have brought this about by your unceasing intent to awaken from the deep sleep in which the illusion seems to have ensnared you.  You were not ensnared, and never could be because you are One with your Father.  Your will is aligned with His, and as it is His Will that you awaken into the eternal joy that is Reality, therefore you will do so.  It is inevitable because His Will is always perfectly achieved.

Nevertheless, many of you are concerned. . . as the immensity of the scale of dishonesty, betrayal, and corruption that has been endemic on Earth for eons becomes ever more apparent.  What is being revealed by whistleblowers all across the planet is very shocking, because you had been led to believe and because you most naturally wanted to believe that whatever its flaws (and you were aware of many), the apparent democratic governments of the industrialized nations were intentionally and successfully working in humanity’s best interests.  Laws introduced by governments claiming to protect you and ensure your ongoing safety were loudly trumpeted as wonderful signs of the effectiveness of your so-called democratic societies, when in fact they mostly possessed, hidden deeply within them, clauses and amendments which allowed large organizations and corporations, while declaring their compliance with them, to avoid being in any way constrained by meaningful controls or restrictions on their – to put it mildly – less-than-worthy or honorable activities.

The extent of the damage that has been caused and continues to be caused worldwide by the arrogant and insane policies of some of these organizations is finally being revealed.  And because it can no longer be hidden, effective measures to reverse and repair the planetary damage can start being put into operation.  Indeed, the number of whistleblowers is growing as the divine field of Love enveloping you all weaves its miraculous web, intertwining all your individual energy fields ever-more positively into Itself.

Many have been working powerfully and effectively behind the scenes for some considerable time, so that when the time was right the means, the plans, and the activities necessary to bring about essential repairs, renewal, and regeneration of the planet could be started without delay.  News of these kinds of activities is starting to be reported, so when you feel down and feel that nothing seems to be happening apart from further damaging calamities, look for the good news and remind yourselves that the New Age has arrived and has brought with it the necessary people, skills, intent, and determination to put right the wrongs that have occurred through eons of irresponsible behavior by those who had taken upon themselves the power and authority to govern the planet and its peoples.

The time for discounting the will of the governed by those who would govern them has come to an end.  Education, mass travel, and the ability to communicate quickly and easily with anyone anywhere have made it impossible for those who consider themselves special, superior to the general population and therefore destined to rule, to continue doing so, no matter how desperately they may wish it were not so.  The paucity of good will on their part can no longer be hidden or denied.  In the long run, authority and control can only be maintained if those claiming it are accepted by those whom they would govern, and that is no longer the case.  The peaceful ousting of governments that no longer serve the needs of the populace is set to continue as it becomes ever more apparent that they have no answers to the problems besetting the world, and that their only true interests lie in protecting themselves and their deliciously self-indulgent lifestyles.

There are many on the planet who do have the interests of the planet and of humanity at heart, and who are well aware that the present rapacious, perpetually growth-oriented industrial economies will lead to self-destruction if allowed to continue on their approach to the abyss.  And the population at large is not unaware of this.  There is a new mood on Earth, a new awareness, a realization that enormous changes to the way societies interact with each other and with the planet are essential if you are not to be drawn into that looming chasm.  The determined collective intent to reverse course, to back up and re-assess your priorities, and to bring into being the required changes for the peace and well-being of all on Earth will not be overruled or prevented.  Already the first steps have been taken to lay firm foundations for a sustainable mode of living, while at the same time ensuring that you do not fall backwards into a pre-industrial age of hardship, poverty, and disease.

Because all is going forwards exactly as God intends, and as humanity also desires, when you take your regular daily quiet times, holding the intent that the divine Will be done, and that Love, the infinite power of life, of creation dissolve all earthly dissonance, remind yourselves that humanity’s collective intent to awaken has been made and is irreversible.  In other words, remind yourselves that you are divine beings about to awaken from a long and nauseating dream into the glory of your eternal and natural state. . . fully conscious, fully aware, and joyous in the Presence of and at one with God, your ever-loving Father.

With so very much love, Saul.







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JULY 26, 2013

  Cosmic V