June 6, 2013

Remember a few days ago how horrified we were to learn of tanks running over Turkish young people attempting to prevent the destruction of a park in Istanbul, killing at least two?

A call—from one of the Turkish youth, Zeynep Aydogan–for Lightworkers to enfold the demonstrators with love went out on facebook on June 3, 2013. Our facebook community responded.

 On June 6, 2013, look what we find on facebook:



Yesterday, several of us on facebook had a discussion centered around focusing only on the positive and seeing a world that does not need fixing. I, and likely the other Lightworkers involved, want to figure out the best way for Lightworkers to respond to the myriad problems in our world.

 I, for one, have been concerned that turning away from what we term negative and focusing only on the positive or perfection is allowing those who are creating the negative to steadily increase their activities operating under the rug while Lightworkers are focused elsewhere. Somehow, balance must be achieved.

 Last night, I posted Celia Fenn’s account of what she called the Indigo Revolution in Turkey.

One marvelous thing about the present intense transition period is that when I ask a question of Spirit, the answer quickly shows up in a variety of ways. I intuit that Spirit is teaching all of us to perceive life and our role in it from a different perspective.

 As Jesus predicted, “All that is hidden will be revealed.” We are presently living through that period of having all the dirt that has been hidden under the rug be swept out into the Light of Day. How do Lightworkers most effectively respond?

 My intuitive sense is that the Indigo Revolution in Turkey is giving us at least one answer to our question.

 Within the span of four days, we are witnessing what the Turkish writer above reports to be “something beautiful is happening in Turkey.”

 Standing as One Family of God, all things are possible! Unity is one answer to our question!

 There will likely be more…………….!

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