Do not allow your doubts and anxieties to discourage or alarm you

04/04/2013 by John Smallman

Humanity’s awakening process is proceeding apace.  At the beginning, many eons ago, it was slow and arduous for you, but now it is like a river flowing rapidly in full flood, sweeping all before it to the Ocean – Reality, Heaven, your eternal Home – and it is utterly unstoppable.  Let go of your doubts and anxieties, which tempt you either to try to swim upstream, or at the very least, arrest your progress by holding on to outdated attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Release all that unloving emotional baggage which weighs you down, seems to be dragging you down, and skim along in exhilaration like surfers or water-skiers on the surface of this tide of Love as you race towards the Ocean where the most magnificent welcome awaits your swift and certain arrival.

Dear Light-bearers and wayshowers, sisters and brothers, siblings, children of God, do not allow your doubts and anxieties to discourage or alarm you.  Over the eons, you have endured much suffering and many disappointments which have left you with deep emotional scars, and the “stuff” that is arising for many of you now is old, very old, and just needs to be recognized and released.  There is no need to investigate its origins; the past is well and truly gone.  What you are experiencing — and it can be very uncomfortable and unsettling — are the scattered remnants of old and half-forgotten memories, fragments of misused energy.  You are effectively in the process of “spring cleaning,” and as you enter rooms that have been closed off for a long time, opening doors, windows, drapes, and blinds, all the dust and debris (frozen energy) which has accumulated over time, gets stirred up.  And indeed, there is an amazing quantity of it!  It contains nothing of any value; it simply needs to be discarded, deposited on the compost heap so that its energy can be recycled, returned to the pristine state of beauty with which it shone before it became corrupted through eons of conflict and confusion.

Energy is power and can be used to drive many beliefs, philosophies, social movements, or campaigns which can have widely differing aims, and over the eons this has led you into many conflicts.  The stuff that so many of you now have rising into your conscious awareness are the remnants of the emotions that were stirred up long ago when you became engaged in these often-painful activities.  You are in a space where forgiving and releasing can occur easily and quickly if you choose to allow it, and doing so lets in the Light, your Light, shining with brilliance and beauty on all that lies before It.  The memories of who you truly are will then come pouring in, filling your hearts with joy and wonder, as the old fragments which you have effectively been hoarding melt away.

As you know, your divine destiny is to awaken into Reality.  And that destiny, which is inevitable and unavoidable, will bring you nothing but joy.  Holding on to old memories of victimhood, unjust punishment, shaming, or suffering that you may have undergone, or any desire for restitution made available to you by judgment from a “higher power” that condemns others for wronging you – even if it is simply a desire on your part for them to know that they have wronged you – simply delays your awakening.  Let go of all that is unloving and speed towards your awakening.

Love is all-encompassing and can bear no grudges, It knows not what grudges are.  It embraces and accepts all, unconditionally.  The intensity of Love overwhelms; in fact, It terrifies those who would judge or condemn, and they flee from Its presence in complete disarray because It is utterly uncompromising in Its acceptance of the good in all that has been created.  It neither sees nor acknowledges anything else.  What is not good does not exist, so judgment and condemnation do not exist, and that is a fearful realization for those who would engage with it, which is why they flee from the purity of Love.

When you release all that old emotional baggage — baggage that you have been carrying with you for eons as evidence of the multitudinous mistreatments that you have suffered — the sense of lightening that you experience will absolutely astound you.  You will think: “It was only justifiable memories that I needed so that I knew who I was, for without my memories who am I? I need my photograph albums, they are too precious to lose or discard.” But truly you do not, because you are about to awaken into the infinite wonder of our Father’s divine Presence, Reality, where you will know without the slightest shadow of a doubt precisely who you are, and you will revel in that knowledge eternally.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman





Benjamin Fulford


 NOTE BY NANCY: This article seems of particular importance because Americans, in particular, need to understand that the dark cabal is making every effort to start WW III. If we listen to our news media, we hear that Korea is threatening war. But what is really happening?

 I seldom post Benjamin Fulford because his reports on President Obama assume that Obama possesses the power to defy the dark cabal. He, like a few other Presidents (Lincoln & Kennedy), does not. Those Presidents who attempt to act for the good of the people are either killed or severely limited in what they can do.

 According to our Galactic Family’s messages through SaLuSa and Matthew, Obama is a Star Being who agreed to incarnate on Earth and lead our planet into the Golden Age. He is under Galactic protection while he plays the role of a double agent in order to achieve the Divine goals set forth for him.

 As in the case of North Korea, what appears to be true on the surface, is not the real story for President Obama. He is a highly evolved being, here to assist our planet to escape the enslavement of the dark cabal.

 (Many articles on this blog can be resources for additional information on the dark cabal and how it has and is working to enslave the people. I also post SaLuSa and Matthew’s messages on this blog.)

Americans need to be especially vigilant in seeking Truth … not accepting at face value what we hear on the major news media … and not allowing ourselves to be fooled into supporting another war.