Full compassion is always warranted if healing is to occur

March 20, 2013 by John Smallman


Reality — the Oneness of God and all of His creation — awaits humanity’s awakening with delighted anticipation in the certain knowledge that it is inevitable, that nothing can stop the process that you are undergoing or prevent you from entering into the glory that is your destiny and your heritage.  The intense new energies that have been pouring across the planet since December 2012 have been sweeping all before them into Reality’s loving embrace, and this has led to a magnificent softening of attitudes in the hearts of all on the planet.

As you follow the news as reported by your mainstream media, this is not immediately apparent because they focus on the bad news – political, economic, social, and religious – as their lead items, but if you delve a little deeper you can see reports which confirm that a softening of attitudes is most definitely taking place.  Concern for the impoverished, for the disadvantaged, for the unfairly treated, and for those who apparently cause or maintain them in those unhappy states is growing.

It is apparent that people are no longer willing to ignore the corruption, the lies, and the deceit in which elected officials worldwide have been engaging in order to “feather their own nests” or to please those who have bought their loyalty and service – loyalty and service that is supposed to be applied for the good and the benefit of the whole electorate. A sea change is occurring which is bringing to an end the self-serving ways that have for so long been endemic all over the world, as love is penetrating all hearts, even those of the corrupted ones.

Use the marvelous communications systems available to you all to seek out and interact with the vast numbers of loving beings who, like yourselves, are opening enthusiastically to the new energies that have arrived to assist you in recognizing who you truly are and to help you live up to the responsibilities that that awareness entails.  Those communications systems are not limited to your new electronic technologies, which can be and frequently are very distracting; they also include spiritual insights obtained through channelings, intuitive perceptions gleaned during meditation or after a good night’s sleep, information from chance encounters with strangers and from books or news items that come to your attention seemingly by chance.

Nothing happens by chance, it only seems like that because its purpose is not immediately apparent.  You all, each and every single one of you, designed perfect life paths for yourselves with the help of your guides and angels before you incarnated as humans.  Some of you have been following a life path so designed through many human lifetimes, picking it up again each time you reincarnated, while others have chosen a new path for each incarnation.  Whichever kind of path you are on is perfectly suited to you, and will present you with exactly the lessons you need, and chose to learn, at precisely the right moment for maximum understanding to occur.

Of course it frequently does not seem like that!  You have to choose in the moment to be open to receive the understanding with which the lesson is presenting you.  However, your egos frequently manage to persuade you that your learning is long since complete and that the lesson must be meant for someone else – a spouse, child, parent, sibling, friend, boss, or unenlightened one – and as a result you do not open yourselves to the insight offered, and the lesson will have to be repeated.

The experiences you undergo during life in the illusion can be very stressful and cause you much suffering, and one of the major lessons that can be learnt from those kinds of experiences is compassion.  If you have not undergone suffering it is very difficult to understand compassion, let alone experience it.  But as you look around you, you can hardly fail to observe suffering.  Loving compassion offered and shared relieves suffering and enables the ones suffering to expand their awareness beyond that state.  Fighting against it intensifies it, surrendering to it eases it.

And remember that there is no one on Earth who has not at some time or in some lifetime behaved in ways that were corrupt and unconscionable, and who has not also suffered under the oppression of people behaving in those ways; it is part of the illusory experience of being human.  Therefore compassion is due to everyone having an earthly experience because it is one of the most effective and soothing balms that leads to healing.  Lack of compassion is an ego defense mechanism, a barrier set up to protect the one who hides behind it from suffering.  It is a barrier that is frequently erected in childhood to block out unbearable distress, so full compassion is always warranted and needed if healing is to occur.  And healing is an essential part of your awakening process.

Embrace compassion, behave compassionately, offer compassion, and by doing so help to bring all closer to the grand moment of awakening.  You chose this incarnation to do just this, and you have infinite assistance from those in the spiritual realms to enable you to put it into practice.

Your loving brother, Jesus, who is one of those constantly assisting you.

Channeled by John Smallman



The pace of change in attitude across the world is gathering momentum

03/20/2013 by John Smallman

Humanity is on a roll!  Yes, you really are.  The pace of change in attitudes and behaviors all across the world is gathering momentum as the newly engaged-with energies that were released to you in December 2012 strengthen your collective intent to awaken and eternally enjoy Reality — your normal fully conscious and fully enlightened state.

In that wondrous state, Love is the engine, the creative energy, the divine power grid that maintains, supports, and makes possible all that exists.  It is totally clean, infinitely abundant, fulfilling, and available, and from It all of creation receives everything it could ever need or conceive of to maintain infinite quantities of live, loving, intelligent consciousness, creating further abundance in perfect beauty and harmony, eternally.

The most practical form of allegory I can use to give you some tiny comprehension of Love is to compare It to electricity.  Electricity flows easily and powerfully in many strengths and intensities to bring to life many systems, appliances, and convenience items that you nowadays consider absolutely essential to maintain an acceptable standard of living.  However, unlike Love, the downsides of mere electricity are numerous: it can burn or kill you if incorrectly handled; it can destroy the item it is driving; it uses up vast quantities of non-renewable energy sources in its manufacture, which pollute your environment in their harvesting and burning; and of course without it, modern life, as you have become accustomed to living it, comes to a standstill.  Your situation without it is not comfortable, but you would most definitely survive – and remember, many billions still live successfully without it.

However, without Love – an absolute and utter impossibility – there is nothing!

Love is the Oneness of the divine Source of infinite and eternal (just to be absolutely clear: no beginning and no end), loving, intelligent consciousness, creating harmonious and stunningly beautiful abundance just for the pure joy of it.

To awaken from the illusion is to re-enter that blissful state, and that is the process that humanity is undergoing, has been undergoing since the moment of apparent separation from the Godhead.  The illusory world you built was very cleverly constructed because you wanted to be separate, independent, free to ignore your Source of Life and Consciousness.  And it does seem that you achieved what you set out to do, except that existence separated from that Source is eternally impossible.  You built an illusion that depends completely and utterly upon your collective belief in it, and while you maintain that belief the illusion is well-supported and enables you to play the games that you have been playing within it since you built it.

But it has brought you much suffering because you were created out of that Oneness for an eternal life of joy in the harmonious Oneness that is All That Exists – the Supreme Intelligence, the divine Source, God. One could allegorize again and suggest that life in the illusion is what life would be like for a human body devoid of its own working systems of the fluids and air essential for it to have a living conscious existence – permanently on artificial life-support in the intensive care unit of a large hospital – totally unaware of the intense hive of activity going on all around it.

Life like that has to be only temporary.  Machines cannot keep a human body alive.  They may give an impression of aliveness, but without the life-force it most definitely is not alive.  It is being maintained.  Some of you have had, or know someone who has had, an NDE (near death experience), and those artificial life support systems at the hospital enabled you to return the life-force to your bodies and continue life in the illusion.  But the choice to return was a difficult one, because while you were out of your body you experienced a tantalizing glimpse of what life could and should be like.  Others have been in that state but have returned with no memory of a heavenly experience, and that has always been their personal choice, as they decided that to return to the illusion with memories of heaven would be too crushing to endure.

Just remember that everyone on Earth at this time is here to assist in the awakening process, no matter how unaware they may appear to be of life in any form other than one embodied as a human being.  You are all spiritual beings of vast knowledge and intelligence, created from and eternally one with the divine field of Love, of eternal existence, and you are going to be free to discard those artificial and inadequate forms, should you choose to do so, that you presently confine yourselves within and return Home to Reality.

Daily relaxation in your inner place of peace is essential to the awakening process that you are undergoing, because it is there that you are most receptive to and best able to hear the guidance and intuitive insights that you need to maintain awareness of, in order to awaken from the illusion.  Those messages of guidance, those insights are as oxygen to a spark, inflaming the Light of Love that is within each of you and enabling you to bear it on high for all to share and enjoy.  Love demonstrated is an energy of incredible power, and each one of you has that power within you in infinite abundance.  Don’t hoard It, share It, and help to bring humanity Home.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman


2013 Vernal Equinox

Denise Le Fay



 Happy 2013 Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the first Equinox after the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift Point, and because of this it is very important because it’s delivering the start of some NEW higher frequency blueprint energies into this dimension, which obviously means much of humanities consciousness. These NEW energies are ones that have not been present on the old lower frequency Earth world and reality we all incarnated into so this is a great and grand improvement that’s finally beginning in this dimension on March 20, 2013.

I wrote those last few words in bold because I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying that on and only on March 20, 2013 Earth and humanity is going to come into full, complete and total contact with ALL of these NEW higher frequency energies and then that’s it… done, finished. It’s necessary to add these explanations because most people are still perceiving through the old Duality consciousness tool of perception, causing them to think things are all one way and then suddenly all the other way with no transitions, no Stair Steps, no safe and more comfortable incremental easement out of the old lower and into the NEW higher frequencies in this dimension in physical bodies. Mass humanity is not that individually integrated and advanced yet to be able to make such profound instantaneous changes internally/externally so the many Stair Steps are provided for all to incrementally move up safely, one after another and another and another, with less trauma and drama.

However, with the start of these NEW higher frequency blueprint energies arriving in this dimension via the March 20, 2013 Equinox, it’s going to increasingly become easier for humanity to perceive beyond lower frequency Duality consciousness. What’s energetically now going to be available within this dimension and world finally is what’s been called “Unity” consciousness, or High Heart or “Triality” consciousness (the NEW blueprint energies) instead of Duality consciousness blueprint energies. Again, this is an ongoing Shift Process that everyone will individually live and learn about at their own pace. Some will make this massive energetic shift of everything much more quickly and easily than other people and that too is normal and there’s zero judgement involved either way. Spiritual growth is spiritual growth and it’s ‘all good’ as they say. We each do what we’re ready and able to do exactly when we are and that is perfect and perfectly wonderful.


12-21-12 was the Expiration Date of the massive old Evolutionary Cycle and its matching energy blueprints; the Expiration of the old roles that the old players played for everyone; the Expiration of the old Collective agreements about “reality” during that old Evolutionary Cycle. It all ended because it had reached its full Expiration Date. (Actually, it’s far more complex than this due to the multitude of different timelines, dimensions, levels of individual focus and development etc. Those other worlds are not my focus now but know that much more exists… much more always exists!)

Now here comes the confusing part because, of course, all this happened/happens/is happening at a quantum level in the Eternal Now Moment yet these aspects of us — you, me, each of us in these bodies in this dimension and timeline — are perceiving, experiencing and living it at a more dense and slower rate of frequency so to these aspects of “us” all of this hasn’t happened yet. It has however at less dense and faster rates of frequency. This is why there are those Stair Steps, especially at this level or dimension and density, because we need them to make the unfolding linear step-by-step changes out of one Evolutionary Cycle, state, level, frequency and energy blueprints etc. and ease our ways into the next Cycle, state, level, frequency and blueprints etc. (Being able to consciously and intentionally move between these different levels of being, consciousness and frequency or density is what many call “Time Travel”.)

So, 12-21-12 was the Expiration Date of the past Evolutionary Cycle and all that went with it, and during the Three Days — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 — everyone everywhere had their Life Review with/before Divine Consciousness. In other words, at some point within those Three Days we did what we normally do when we physically die and leave our physical bodies and the third dimension and go to a higher frequency state and level where we experience a Life Review with/before Divine Consciousness. But, due to the Ascension Process, we remained in our physical bodies and went through this same after physical death Life Review process that usually requires physical death, but we did it while we were incarnate and in-body. Big and profoundly important difference wouldn’t you agree? There’s much more because we’re not done with this Process yet so breath, relax, and expand your sense of self/Self/SELF and your awareness into what all is unfolding since 12-21-12.

As we all went through this Life Review process while we remained in our present physical bodies, we simultaneously crossed the Expiration Date and entered the “First Trimester” or the winter quarter or winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. (And we all went through this Life Review process during the “Three Days of Darkness” whether you consciously remember having done it or not. I only consciously remember small parts of what I personally experienced during those “Three Days” but I know I went through it and I know every other soul did too.)

The First Trimester was rough for me for a number of reasons and I suspect many of you have had a challenging time too since 12-21-12. Nothing wrong with that, in fact that’s why we were given it; time to reevaluate whatever it was that each of us has needed to realize within ourselves after our Life Review.

Also the First Trimester has been much like my actual physical pregnancy with my only child decades ago; it was really miserable and I vomited constantly! Because I’ve always been a “sensitive”, “psychic”, “seer” I could tell throughout my nine month physical pregnancy when my son — his nonphysical energetic Self — was nearby me. Never, ever throughout my full nine months of pregnancy was this nonphysical aspect of my son ever In utero physically. Being a sensitive/clairvoyant/empath/psychic etc. I could always energetically sense and emotionally feel when the nonphysical higher frequency aspect of what would later become “my son” would occasionally come into the environment I was physically existing in at that time. When this sporadically happened throughout my pregnancy, I was very aware that it was a Descending Stair Step Process for the incoming aspect of Soul (my son) of acclimatizing and preparing Itself for entrance into the dense, physical third dimension at the moment when I gave birth physically. (And even then “he” did not remain in his new physical infant body 24/7 either. He came in and he went right back out of it repeatedly for a long time and all of this is perfectly normal and how physical pregnancies, actual birth, and newborn life for the first physical year (and longer) is for the incoming aspect of Soul — aka the new “baby”.

I’m sharing this information about my own long ago physical pregnancy and higher, multidimensional awareness of it and the energetics and systematic procedure that the incoming aspect of Soul (the baby/person/personality etc.) takes to prepare for entry into 3D only because they accurately parallel what I/you/many of us are currently living through after the 12-21-12 Life Review and during these “Nine Months” of spiritual pregnancy and eventual “birth”.

(Let me add here that not everyone on Earth is now spiritually pregnant and experiencing this Ascending/Descending/Sacred Union and eventual birthing Process. Why? Because everyone on Earth is not ready or wants to do this now and all remaining issues and options were thoroughly reviewed by every individual during their Life Review chat with Divine Consciousness on 12-21-12 or at some point within the Three Days. These many millions, billions, trillions of different levels of focus and development is why the upcoming Separation of Worlds and Timelines commencing at the end of these “Nine Months” (September 22, 2013 Equinox) needs to happen. A variety of appropriate frequency classrooms — different worlds, dimensions and timelines — are absolutely necessary for all aspects of all Souls to continue learning and awakening within; not just one… not just two… not even three but many.

A spirit, an aspect of one’s High Self would never and does not Descend into the Mother’s physical womb at conception, nor does it remain there throughout the nine months of physical pregnancy. As spiritual beings we have much more that we carry out during those nine physical gestation months. Nesting cramped inside Mommies womb waiting for physical birth is not what the incoming aspect of Soul does; it is preparing itself — with a lot of help from many other nonphysical beings — for entrance into dense 3D and that requires a lot of prep work on a lot of levels! Taking a nap inside Mommies tummy is not what happens during those important transitional nine months.


I and my physical body have been incrementally and repeatedly (those Stair Steps) transmuting and Ascending vibrationally these past fourteen biological Ascension years (all that transmuting ballast cutting work). Now that we’ve past the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, Shift Point, and Life Review, this higher aspect of my Self/Soul is in the process of Descending and at the end of these “Nine Months” the two of us will fully merge, unite, wed, coalesce and become a NEW individual unified ONE.

This is the Alchemical Ascension phase of reuniting the aspects of self with greater Self and Higher SELF which naturally produces a very different individual that is Unified within his/her self and is the Mother (1), the Father (2) and the Sacred Child (3). Individual Triality (3 ▲) happens first which naturally and eventually produces a world(s) of similarly developed, like-frequency individuals that are each individually and equally integrated and unified; put these unified individuals (Leo) together and you have the start of a fifth dimensional “Group” (Aquarius) which is evolved Aquarian/Leo Age energetics. All of us living this Ascending/Descending integration Process now will give birth to this NEW aspect of our Ascended Selves at the end of the Nine Months period later this year. How’s that for a whopper of an Alchemical Process all done while remaining in-body and on planet?!

Another reason why I sense the First Trimester was difficult and confusing for many of us was because what we’re actually pregnant with isn’t yet developed and individuated enough for us to perceive that developing being/awareness that we’re growing inside us and towards. I strongly sense that we will begin to increasingly sense It, feel It, and remember It with the start of the Second Trimester – the March 20, 2013 Equinox. Again, allow this sacred Alchemical Ascension pregnancy the linear time all aspects of it needs to develop and fully embody and merge. Give the Sacred Process time and try to enjoy and learn from each Trimester because each will be very different from the previous one. Happy March 20, 2013 Equinox everyone and welcome to the Second Trimester.


March 19, 2013

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