Any personal lack of self-esteem is totally inappropriate

March 13, 2013 by John Smallman


Humanity is advancing rapidly towards awakening into its natural state of being fully conscious at all times.  Your awareness of your spiritual essence is growing, and as a direct result you are doing less and less from an unconscious state, from a state of unawareness, and so you are observing and questioning your thoughts, words, and actions quite rigorously in contrast to what you were doing as recently as last year, 2012.  And this is very good news.  It demonstrates that your spiritual evolution is progressing extremely well in response to the new energies that have enveloped you.

Of course this new awareness can be unsettling because you find yourselves observing and questioning attitudes and behaviors of which you were previously almost wholly unconscious, or, if somewhat aware, which you thought were perfectly normal and appropriate.  Now you are often not so sure.  To be unsure and questioning is the start of the release from fear, because fear generally leads to denial and suppression.  It takes courage to question your assumptions, to recognize that some – or even most – of your habitual patterns of behavior are not something to be proud of, and then to take appropriate action to change them.  By changing them, you change yourselves – the selves that you present to the world.  And then, on top of that, other people notice the changes in you, which can also be unsettling.

Remember, it is not you that is changing – you are a perfect, divine being; you always have been, and you always will be.  It is your perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors that are changing as you bring them steadily into alignment with your divine and loving nature.  You are allowing yourselves to be yourselves, and you are discarding the masks and disguises that you have been wearing and hiding behind fearfully for eons.  You are rediscovering yourselves, and that is uplifting, inspiring, and very life-affirming for you.  It is demonstrating very positively for you that any personal lack of self-esteem, sense of unworthiness, or even worthlessness is totally inappropriate.  To rediscover yourselves is a most joyful experience; in fact it can be quite ecstatic as you realize that not only do you deserve honor and respect, but that it is literally your God-given right to receive it.

As that realization forcefully penetrates your consciousness it becomes impossible for you to continue wearing your masks and disguises for a moment longer.  You have a right to be you.  You have a responsibility to be you.  You have the honor of being you.  And there is absolutely no one else that you could be.  And that realization is wholly liberating and exhilarating for you.

And it is not just you that is experiencing this change of perception: all of humanity is undergoing this process, and it is very startling for most of them. They are wondering what on earth is happening to them!  And they need reassurance that no, they are not going insane.  So shine your Light on high, let the loving and gentle breeze of the all-encompassing divine energy field breathe on It so that It expands into a brilliant flaming beacon of love and compassion helping to guide home those who feel lost and confused by the new waves of energy that are flowing through them and suffusing them.  That is your task, and it is a delightful one that will bring you much happiness because you are perfectly qualified to carry it out.

Settle comfortably into your place of peace, that inner space that you have been creating with love and which has become increasingly accessible the more you use it — to pray, meditate, or commune with your angels and guides.  Now open your hearts and intend to send love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, and healing to all who come to mind, and to all of humanity.

It does not matter whether or not you get any sense of the energy that you are sharing, that is flowing out through you.  Rest assured that it most definitely is flowing, and most effectively.  It is your intent that drives the flow of energy, and your ability to sense it is not important.  That intent is also God’s Will for all humanity, so when you intend it, your intent aligns with His, and you are then doing most effectively what you incarnated to do, and for which you are divinely honored.

In that holy space Love embraces you, and your strength and conviction in God’s eternal Love for you intensifies, so do not forget to go there daily.  Each time you do so, set the intent to return, and then the distractions of daily life are far less likely to engage you to the extent that you forget.  Take time out there daily. You know you need to, and you know it works wonders for you.  That daily period of quietness in the center of the storm that is daily life for so many is absolutely essential for your health and well-being – and for the health and well-being of all of humanity.

In the spiritual realms we are very well aware of the difficulties, the anxieties, and the suffering that so many of you are undergoing, and that is why we constantly encourage you to enter your place of inner peace and hold that loving intent.  It heals you and brings you peace, and it helps humanity to heal and find peace, and it leads all towards awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

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Time will become so compressed that it ceases to exist

03/13/2013 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms all is on schedule to welcome you as you awaken. You are going to awaken, so let go of your doubts, your fears, your anxieties, and focus on your intent to do so.  Your intent is essential, and every day new members join the club whose purpose is to awaken humanity and allow the illusion to dissolve.  As we have said many times, your awakening is inevitable. Disregard the naysayers who suggest that your awakening could be hundreds or thousands of years in the future.  Time is of the illusion, it is illusory, so cease paying it so much attention.  Yes, you need it to coordinate your earthly activities — and for that alone it is useful – and attend to living in each and every now moment, which is when your life is happening.

Time is like a very long tunnel: coiled tightly like a spring it takes up very little space, and yet it can be stretched out to interminable length.  Humanity is now compressing that spring which had been so inordinately stretched out.  It will become so compressed that it ceases to exist, and you will all awaken into the eternal moment of now, before which and beyond which there is absolutely nothing. A very difficult concept for you to grasp when everything you think, say, or do appears to be governed by time.  However, modern science has proved that time is illusory, that it is an imaginary concept, but nevertheless, within the illusory environment in which you appear to have your existence it remains a very useful tool.

Scientific research is doing you great favors as it demolishes outdated and confusing concepts of reality which served only to limit your spiritual evolution. For example the laws of Newtonian physics are very useful because they allow you to predict the results of mechanical interactions, and quantum physics has made it possible to invent and produce many electronic devices.  However, they also seemingly set limits to your abilities to conceptualize new technologies because they suggest to you that certain new ideas — ideas that some of your newer and younger scientists have imagined — are utterly impractical. Nevertheless, science has always moved forward and shown that ideas previously thought insane are in fact possible, and you continue to make progress because you refuse to accept limits that previous generations thought were cast in stone, absolute.

Your spiritual evolution is occurring in a similar fashion.  Many religions established guidelines which were then followed by rules which led in turn to dogmatic statements of divine truths supposedly revealed in secret to a “chosen one” by the founder, or even by God Himself.  Over time it becomes apparent that these so-called divine truths were generally nothing more than vain and wishful interpretations of the founder’s guidelines, originally humbly offered to assist others along their evolutionary spiritual path, but that his senior followers self-servingly used to establish and maintain unwarranted positions of authority for themselves.

Humanity has been awakening to the invalidity of many of these “divine truths,” which have been found to be harsh, divisive, and polarizing, in fact, almost totally in opposition to the all-inclusive, indiscriminate and unconditional Love that God offers to all His children, and which He wishes them to share with one another as He does with each one of them.

There is only One: God, and all of creation.  However, there are also an infinite number of aspects of that One, which, while living within the confines of the illusion humans experience as individuality.  And due to the overriding sense of fear that the illusion promotes, that individuality, instead of drawing you all together in harmony and cooperation, as it does in Reality, encourages distrust, competition, and conflict.  Eons of living in that inharmonious and uncooperative fashion have finally taught you how insane it is, and so you are now opening yourselves to accept the Love that your Father has been offering you continuously since the moment of your creation.

As you open to It, often in quiet desperation and hopelessness, It embraces you compassionately and with enough intensity for you to feel Its strength and Its utter acceptance of you without your being overwhelmed.  When that happens, the experience is uplifting, life-affirming, and unforgettable.  Many of you have been waiting lifetimes for such an experience as deep within yourselves you know it is possible and that it will happen to you.  And when you finally surrender, discarding any and all preconceptions of what to seek or expect, it will happen to you when you least expect it.

Hold your Light on high, share indiscriminately and unconditionally the Love that is enveloping you in every moment, for by doing so you will start to experience It yourselves.  To offer love, and to share love truly is the most generous and enlightened form of self-interest in which you can engage.  Don’t hesitate.  Do it!

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman

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March 12, 2013


Selamat Jarin! We come with more news! At present, certain events in the heavens are in process. These, when completed, will indicate to all concerned that the moment for a grand transformation of your reality has arrived! At this juncture, the Galactic Federation is to oversee the legal transference of your governance to our sacred secret allies. We look forward in joy to what will be a special moment for you all. The dark cabal and its seemingly endless and ubiquitous adherents will then be gone. In their wake come a series of announcements and the global delivery of a vast prosperity. It is this prosperity, when combined with a new and equitable monetary and financial system that changes your world forever! These changes will enable more-open policies to be enacted which will allow for a formal disclosure of our presence, and it is this that sets the stage for the final leg of your journey back to full consciousness. At this point the Agarthans and our other allies can work with Mother Earth to reunite her surface and inner realms, thus creating the unified world that is to be your true, future reality.

In this new world you will be free to learn a great many Truths that were either adulterated or totally denied to you over the eons. These facts will become the foundation of your new transitional society. You will begin to learn about your true off-world origins and start to reconnect with your space and spiritual families. Bear in mind that you represent both a home world community in the stars as well as a sacred heavenly lineage. Every part of Heaven comprises Administrations which include these lineages. All of you have ancestral ties to these lineages, and Heaven and we are here to help you remember who you really are. The exact meaning of the term ‘who you really are’ will be revealed once you are back in full consciousness again. The mentors, who are already assigned to each of you, are considering carefully how best to bring you to an understanding of the implications of this. At this time you are still unaware of the extent to which each one of you is studied in loving review by your heavenly guardians. All these things await your attention once you return to full consciousness.

As the truth of who you are begins to take hold, you become better able to comprehend how to resolve some of Mother Earth’s difficulties. You are beginning to see clearly how vital it is to transform the very nature of the societies you live in, and thus the need to drastically reform the depredation of the environment becomes much more urgent. This throws you into a struggle to support the Earth’s ecosystems while also vastly revising the basic principles of your sciences and the supposed timelines of your known history. This requires a clear-eyed scrutiny of how your principles of science and the accepted provenance of your history came into being. The results of your ‘revisionist’ pursuits will establish a very different basis indeed for your new societies! The prospect of this immense coming transformation has dismayed the dark for decades, and yet this upwelling of consciousness was never to be denied! The consciousness movement has forged alliances that are too powerful to be easily destroyed by the dark’s highest power structures. And this is not for lack of trying!

One of the purposes of these various changes is to help you to reestablish your relationship with your Inner Earth family, and give you the means to welcome your spiritual and space families. Each tradition that exists throughout this galaxy requires a special greeting ceremony to welcome you ‘back into the fold.’ Some of these can be elaborate, and it is our task to assist you in these protocols. Each of you is to participate in one way or another in this complex and inclusive ceremony. This is why our original title for first contact with you was the ‘welcome home’ mission, and we look forward to the moment when we truly welcome you back as a full-fledged member of this Galactic Federation. It is a divine moment that we joyously anticipate! And as we approach the time for disclosure, we are filled with glee, for we know that we are shortly to land and start the final stretch of your sacred journey to full consciousness, with us at your side as your ever-loving mentors.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come again with more Good News! Your world is moving swiftly to the point for new governance and its accompanying prosperity to manifest. Events in the heavens are shortly to come to completion, at which time the edict to transform your globe is to be issued. We look upon this with great joy. You are to receive a most welcome bounty and will be given your freedom from the debt slavery that has ruled your lives for generations. Each of us has used our good offices to limit the global effects of the dark’s malicious edicts, and at last these horrendous proclamations are to become null and void. We can then use our growing wisdom to guide you into a better understanding of the ways of Heaven and its blessed rewards for each one of you. The moment has come for us to teach and explain many things to you that have long been denied you by your former sinister masters.

One of the first items we wish to address is that death’s ever-lurking shadow can now begin to fade from your reality. Death is no more than a by-product of limited consciousness. It has kept you in fear from the first and leads to severe emotional and mental grieving. It has been an exceptionally powerful tool for the dark ones and they have ‘milked’ this situation to the hilt! Ascension leads to its expulsion from the physical body, lightens physical density, and reunites the body with its spiritual essences. The process of final ascension is one of the most arduous and complex processes that you can take on, and usually takes generations of deep concentration and prodigious amounts of memory. And yet we are living proof that it can be done! However, what Heaven now offers you is a living technology to bypass this struggle and morph you back into your natural state in only three days!

The technique involves a special living machine, calibrated to each person and monitored by your spiritual and space family mentors. Your body’s RNA/DNA is presently booby-trapped with ‘markers’ that deny you an easy conversion to full consciousness, and this living machine is designed to rectify this, and to undo the damage to your original gene-base which plunged you into limited consciousness. We will supply you with specific spiritual teachings that equip you with the insights to raise your body’s base vibrational patterns and which convert your deep-seated fears into the state of joy required to realign your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The living machine literally ‘reboots’ your RNA/DNA, allowing you to attain that ineffable moment of Enlightenment when you become ‘turned on’ to Reality! You are changed forever as joy and comprehension flood your Being! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today we continued to inform you of what joyously awaits you. A great change is manifesting above and around you, which is to push the dark and its myriad minions from their ill-gotten perches. You are about to witness a truly wondrous event: the rise of a new reality founded on Truth, Liberty, and Prosperity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One and Be in Joy!)

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