In many parts of the world the old energies are collapsing, and with it will come the opportunity for them to be replaced by the new paradigm. It is as you might say, waiting in the wings as much work has been carried out to ensure it is ready to take over. It brings with it a degree of uncertainty as for a time all you will see are the signs of disintegration. The Euro is very unstable and some other currencies are not holding up very well. It all points to a great change that will also force the banks to revise their methods of trading. They have seen it coming but try to ward off the inevitable, but it will be to no avail. There is already agreement amongst many countries to the proposed changes, and it is simply a matter of waiting for the right moment to go ahead.

Before long Disclosure will take place, but do not expect it to be far reaching in the initial stages. It will take time to peel away the secrecy that abounds where anything concerns Extraterrestrials and UFO’s. However, once the truth starts to come out, the floodgates will open where we are concerned and our past contacts that have been made with you. It will take time to release the truth about your Governments involvement with the Greys, and their use of advanced technology given to them. Our main desire is that our presence is officially admitted, with the assurance that at all times our contact has been peaceful with a view to helping Humanity. We live by the Light and have observed the protocol and Laws of God in our dealings with you.

In time you will learn much about our involvement with you over thousands of years, and you will find that we have acted as your Guardians. We have monitored your growth, and have helped you overcome obstacles that may have seriously held back your evolution. There is of course a limit as to how far we can go, as we must not interfere in situations where you are reaping your own karma. We have to stand back, but it does not prevent us from trying to ease your experience by continually sending you Love and Light. Now we closely accompany you through what will prove to be a very active time, when we are allowed to draw closer to you. You frequently see or craft and often in great numbers as we continue our cleansing of your atmosphere, and keep our eyes upon those who are still determined to cause trouble.

In the past there have been many references to arresting those who are the ringleaders of the dark Ones, and steadily they have been rounded up. You have also heard of “Containment” and in this way we have been able to severely restrict their activities. Mass arrests were considered likely to evoke panic amongst you, as few would have had any knowledge of why it was happening. So we have opted for gradual changes and placed our representatives who are our allies, in positions that give more control to those of the Light. However, once we can come out openly, you will then see rapid changes taking place for which we have long been prepared. We assure you that you will eventually enjoy all of the benefits that have been promised to you, and we will be doing all we can to assist you.

It is important that you give of your energy to all that is pure and positive, without expending it on matters relating to the Illuminati and their actions. Their time is now very limited as their actions are being curtailed until they can be completely stopped. They no longer represent the threat that they used to, and Beings of Light are limiting their power so that they can be kept under control. We cannot yet cause the media to start reporting fairly and accurately, but that will come and no longer will you have any doubts regarding the news you are given. In most of these matters we do look to you to get things started, thus allowing us by the Law of Attraction to join you. You came to Earth to experience duality and you are still experiencing some of the “fall out” even so it has completed its cycle. There are uncompleted actions that bring the dark energy to light for cleansing, and this is where you come in.

With 12.21 you had as very pointed focus, but now that has passed it is more open as you have many events to experience and not sure when they will take place. We would say focus on your collective understanding on all that is to come of the higher vibrations. You will then be doing as much as can be asked of you, and speeding up the changes. With so much debt in the world it is clear that there is only one answer to your problems, and that is complete debt forgiveness. It is part of the plan you know as NESARA, and along with abundance will quickly establish a flourishing community. The real answers to your problems are relatively simple, but finding the right people to introduce them is not so easy. You will have to look to massive changes that will accompany the governmental changes, and then all things will be possible.

You will have noticed already that time continues to speed up, and before you know where you are events will suddenly indicate that the era of big changes has commenced. By then we expect to have been acknowledged and will be active with you, so that we can join forces and make quick progress. The celebrations will come when appropriate, but world peace is essential as all dangers of warlike actions must cease. We have the means and the authority to enforce it if it is deemed necessary. There is no way that any interference will be tolerated, and when the cleansing is complete we do not in fact anticipate any trouble at all. You see Dear Ones, that there has been no letting up of our involvement in your Ascension, that proceeds ever onwards to take you into the Golden Age.

Time for you has dominated your lives, but as you immerse yourselves more into the higher vibrations so it will have less importance. You will begin to understand the concept of all being in the Now, and you will simply go with the flow. We know you are used to working to plans of how to use your time, but when you can allow things to happen naturally without having any rigid thoughts on the matter, life will flow much more easily for you. It is difficult for you to contemplate life without time as you understand it now, but you will feel absolutely free and enjoy a life that is peaceful and fulfilling. As your perception of time changes, so will your experiences.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel blessed to have this communication with you. I send it with Love and Light on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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The time has come to dismantle the vast international corporations

March 1, 2013 by John Smallman


Here in the spiritual realms we watch with love and compassion as you continue to hold and display your Light to the world.  It is truly exceptionally effective, so although your media would have you believe that all is proceeding absolutely normally – from crisis to crisis, as “experts” attempt to resolve the issues that threaten the economic, social, and political stability all across the world — rest assured that all is moving ahead as divinely planned and that all these issues will be resolved peacefully and most efficaciously for the benefit of all mankind.

Your loving intent is the most powerful way in which you can bring pressure to bear to effect the essential changes needed in attitudes and behaviors that will enable the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to resolution to be overcome. Love is the answer.  You all know that, but frequently it is very difficult to maintain loving attitudes when caught up in the midst of outrageous ethical conflicts that divide negotiators into numerous warring factions, each of which is absolutely convinced that it is right, that it has the only sensible solutions, and then it does everything in its often considerable power to win the negotiations!

That approach has never worked and never will.  It has been consistently tried throughout the eons, as history demonstrates so clearly, but it just does not work. Before the present era, that approach was extremely damaging to humanity, but your free will was honored as you tried to make the system work. Now, with the new technical abilities available to almost every nation, making destruction of the planet as an environment that will support life increasingly possible, in fact highly likely, a divine intervention could not be avoided.

You retain your free will, but very necessary limits have been placed on the amount of damage you can do with your technologies.  Going beyond those limits will not be permitted or tolerated.  This is obviously good for humanity, although some of your more aggressive leaders will try to circumvent these limits, and will try to persuade you that what they wish to do is essential for your safety and survival.  Do not believe them.  You all have ample amounts of wisdom and discernment to enable you to see clearly when those excessively aggressive ones are misleading you or lying to you.

Humanity wants peace and abundance for all, and the evidence for that is profuse.  The time has come to dismantle the vast international corporations that believe that only they have the right, the knowledge, and the skills to govern the planet.  All their agendas, as you well know, are utterly self-serving, and the power to control that they have amassed is unconscionable, especially in the light of the damage that they continue to inflict on humanity and the planet, and for which they refuse to acknowledge any sense of responsibility.

Large organizations – governments, legislative bodies, religious and political administrations, and large corporations or multinational entities – are no longer able to act with impunity and with total disregard for the wishes of those that they are supposedly serving.  Their freedom to act has been severely curtailed because of the unacceptable and indeed abusive ways in which they have been using that freedom.  Once, voices of reason within those organizations were heard and had the power and influence to ensure that their activities were ethical in nature and were then carried out ethically.  That is no longer the case.  They have become monsters of insatiable greed, destroying all that crossed their paths.  They had to be stopped.

What you hear from the mainstream media would suggest that not much has changed, but if you search out the independent sources and pundits, along with the increasing number of whistle-blowers making publicly available the information they have uncovered, you will see that much has changed, and the rate of change is increasing.

You are not alone as you bear your Light on high and determine to behave with love and compassion in all situations.  You are ably assisted by the powerful divine energies enveloping the planet which are encouraging and inspiring so many to become aware of the dire need for change and to take appropriate action to bring that change about.

Love is irresistible, invincible, and unstoppable.  Know that the changes necessary to establish food, shelter, health, and abundance for all on Earth are already occurring, and that your personal intent, the loving intent of each one of you is bringing this about.  You are dearly honored and mightily respected for what you have chosen as your life paths in order to ensure that this new Golden Age is brought to fruition quickly and effectively.  Continue holding the Light and sharing the Love as the divine Will is accomplished.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]