To be fully conscious means that you never act unconsciously

January 27, 2013 by John Smallman


The major energy shift that occurred in December requires each one of you to make adjustments in your individual energy fields, so that they can engage fully with the divine energy field encircling and embracing you and the planet, and unless you have made an extremely conscious intent not to allow change to occur, this will happen automatically.  As your energy fields adjust, you can expect to experience some strange sensations and mood swings.  This is normal. You are going through a gradual process of raising your frequency to a level at which it can align and interact with that of the divine energy field, and it is these adjustments that you are feeling.  These sensations are a very good sign.  They indicate that you are furthering your preparations to move into a fully conscious and fully awakened state.

Many of you have commented on the sensations that you are undergoing, some of which are not very pleasant.  It is basically a facing-up-to and a releasing of any unloving aspects of yourselves that have been dwelling within you well below the level of your conscious awareness.  It is likely that, from time to time, they have taken control of you when you reacted to a situation, seemingly driven uncontrollably by powerful emotions that just arose with unaccustomed, unexpected, and possibly inappropriate ferocity.  And afterwards you may well have wondered what on earth had happened.  You were well aware that you had been upset, but your reaction was way beyond normal or reasonable; it was as though a demon had pushed you aside and taken control.  In your fully conscious state that cannot happen, because to be fully conscious means that you never act or behave unconsciously.  And in your previously almost unconscious state you might not even have noticed that something untoward was occurring because it would have appeared to be normal.  Now “normal” is no longer acceptable to you, and that is a sign of enormous progress.  Congratulations!

Releasing all these hidden “demons” is a little like installing a new operating system on your computer.  It takes time and concentration, and involves a load of new learning to enable you to restore your competence and efficiency.  Or you could compare it to ironing sheets or tablecloths that have emerged from the laundry and that cannot be used until all the wrinkles have been smoothed away. You are effectively removing all your blocks and denials by replacing or upgrading your OS, or smoothing away all the inconsistencies in your attitudes and behaviors.  As this process continues you will find that your awareness of your ego’s attempts to control you and run your lives will be much more apparent to you.  You will be far less likely to react rapidly and thoughtlessly, and consequently, repenting at leisure will take up less of your time.  Be glad that all this stuff is arising in your awareness, because when you have awareness you have all the tools you need to deal with any situation that comes up.

Of course you lose the ability to displace the blame for any unloving behavior, because in the moment you will be quite aware of what is happening, instead of momentarily “losing consciousness” as emotions fire up and take temporary control of you.  You now have the power to stop yourselves before you react, and that can be scary because you can foresee the consequences before you act or react.  You know that you are responsible for your words and actions – as there are no demons driving you – and you are conscious of making the decision for or against engaging.  To engage is tempting, and you have the time to make a decision, whereas previously, engagement just happened.  You have to be aware in order to be tempted.  And so, being aware, you can decide to resist strongly and effectively, or you can decide to succumb.  If you give in, you may experience a momentary sense of freedom or exhilaration, but that will quickly be replaced by an intense sense of failure.

With these new energies flowing so abundantly, the learning-period for releasing undesirable aspects of your egoic selves is going to be very short.  Feedback from your environment for thoughts, words, or actions will be very swift, as some of you have probably already discovered.  The up-side is that you will not find yourselves endlessly repeating lessons – lessons that were perhaps incomprehensible before your awareness started coming to life – because they are quickly learnt in this new energy environment, and therefore you will no longer be besieged by unpleasant and uncalled-for experiences that ruin your day.

Previously, before the new energies started flowing so freely and abundantly, many just drifted through life wondering why it treated them so badly.  Now it becomes quickly apparent to you why you are having a bad day, and you can make the necessary changes to your thought patterns and behaviors which will allow you to avoid situations that repeatedly end up spoiling it.  You are your own masters – which is something you had forgotten.  That is how you were created, and you are now rediscovering that and availing of the power it gives you. Knowledge is power, and your knowledge is growing as your awareness opens up, and so therefore is your power.  Use it abundantly, lovingly, and wisely, and experience the new age into which you have moved.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman



You Light-bearers are filling the world with the fire of divine Love

01/27/2013 by John Smallman

When you come to terms, as soon you will, with the realization of what an extraordinary energy shift occurred in December last year, affecting Earth and all the life forms she so lovingly supports, you will be truly amazed.  It was not a one-off momentary event, but one of enormous power and magnitude that had been planned most carefully, so that over a period of months the crescendo of the divine energy field interacting with Earth would peak in mid-December as the New Age arrived and set humanity off on a new and far more direct path towards Home — one that would short-circuit the old, extremely vague and meandering ones that you had been attempting, with very limited success, to follow for eons.

You have spent far more time in the illusion than you envisaged when you entered it.  Yes, you thought that an existence separated from your Father would be both inspiring and freeing, but at the depths of your being you knew that you would never relinquish your grasp on Reality.  You would hide Reality from yourselves so that your illusory experience would seem very real, but you would not, indeed could not, actually separate yourselves from It.  And you knew that when your games became boring or frightening you could return Home.

However, you did such a good job of building the labyrinth that is the illusion, that you became lost and could not find your way out.  There were many possible paths that would lead you out, but you kept becoming discouraged and distracted, and forgetting where you were trying to go.  The paths meandered through strange and threatening environments that you had built to add interest and spice to the experience you had chosen to undergo.  Great fear and confusion engulfed you and you began to fight with one another more and more ferociously, while in the depths of your hearts you kept calling out to God to rescue you.

He heard your calls, but would not wake you because the vast and shocking difference between your illusory world and Reality, suddenly revealed, would have caused you intense pain.  Instead He sent you saints, guides, mystics and teachers who built a far shorter path Home for you and endeavored to lead you along it. Finally, in the last few decades of your 20th century many who had become totally disillusioned with your illusory world began to take note of the wonderful alternatives that were on offer, began to avail themselves of the spiritual assistance that had always been there for the asking, and discovered that there was a much, much shorter way Home than anyone had imagined.

They were you, the Light-bearers and wayshowers, and during this brief moment in time you have achieved mind-boggling results when compared to what little had been achieved in previous millennia.  You have lighted the path for humanity to follow, and now that it is so brilliantly lit humanity is indeed on the move!  As you have constantly been told, all will return Home, no one will be abandoned because Love neither rejects nor discriminates against, It accepts all.

Some of those who chose to cooperate in the establishment of the illusion are not yet ready to stop playing their insane games there, and so will find themselves able to continue with them in an environment suited to that kind of game-playing for as long as they choose to hide from Love, from Reality.

Love welcomes, Love embraces, It does not impose.  The vast majority of humanity wants only to awaken and they will not have to wait until that small and misguided minority finally decides that it is time to change its mind and choose to wake up.

You Light-bearers and wayshowers are filling the world with the fire of divine Love, and only those few who continue determinedly to intend to maintain the ways of the illusion will be unaffected by It.  Its influence and warmth is seeping into the hearts of all who do not consciously intend to resist It, and the effects of that infiltration are dissolving the old concepts that favored judgment and punishment over love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Your news media is not bothering to report the good news about the softening and mellowing of hearts, and the growing awareness that all are connected, linked-in, and essential parts of the Whole.  As this awareness develops and strengthens the ability of authoritarian forces of any kind to suppress or maintain control of the populace dissolves.  You have seen it happen in many countries over the last couple of years.  The media focuses on the damage and the suffering that occurs when people rise up and say enough is enough, and, as they are controlled by those who hold the reins of power, they attempt to coerce the populace into obeying the authorities who promise to open a dialogue if they do so.  But the time for that kind of meaningless exchange, which only helps the authorities to maintain and stabilize the old order, is over.

Peaceful demonstrations will grow in number as the old order dithers, confused and frightened, as it tries to maintain its position of power and entitlement.  It is obvious to even the most unaware that the present state of affairs is untenable. Only those who have ruled, and are continuing to try to do so, are in denial about their inabilities to maintain their positions of power and control.

The New Age has arrived, and the old established order is peacefully (for the most part) crumbling, as the overall support it once enjoyed falls away.  New people with new ideas and compassionate hearts are coming forward to replace those who have been running the broken and unworkable systems of government that have caused so much damage – going to war, for instance – in their insane determination to remain in power.  They have no power; they never had.  But humanity chose to raise individuals up as heroes and leaders and then gave away their power to them.

No longer.  It was a mad offering on the part of the misguided to the insane that is now being rescinded.  The peoples of the world have realized that no one has the right to control or repress them, and they are no longer willing to submit themselves to the authority of those who have consistently abused the positions of trust that they held.

As the old system collapses there will obviously be some violence as the once powerful attempt to maintain their authority.  But those who enforce it for them are also realizing the complete unacceptability of the old ways.  They have worries, because they earn their livelihood by serving the system, but the divine energy field is leaving no one unaffected and unable to see the damage that has been, and still is being, caused by authoritarian systems of government, and they mostly no longer wish to be part of the dishonesty and corruption which have enabled them.

Focus on the loving energies that are arising within you.  Share them freely, and know that you are ready to release your fears and anxieties as you move forwards to take your places in the cooperative and harmonious world that you are building to replace the one that has so miserably failed you.  The new energies are flowing through you powerfully and abundantly, so avail of them by embracing them and learning to use them.  They are a divine gift, given to you so that you can reconnect with Yourselves, recognize who You really are, and open into the perpetual joy and wonder of that divine state.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman