SaLuSa  11-January-2013.

 You have not really experienced what it is like to be free, because you have been imprisoned on your own planet.


Naturally, some people are still unsure of the reason why the 21st. December was a relatively quiet affair, but we would emphasize that as a civilization you took a great step forward. What is now important is that you continue to focus on all that you wish to be manifested, and you will see it gradually take place. Now that you have left the lower energies behind it will be easier to achieve results, as you will no longer be impeded or held back. Progress as we measure it is the level to which you can raise your consciousness, and it did not reach the expected or desired level before Ascension date. If your intent had been more powerful the result may have been more successful, but you did bring success much nearer than previously. Dear Ones, 21.12. was a success for many individuals, and be assured each soul will have received the higher energies. That can only have been good news because it means that the vibrations upon Earth have risen up, and you have moved that much further into the New Age.

In respect of the many changes that are needed to finally put an end to duality, we along with our allies have never let up in our efforts to bring them in to being. Consequently, they are getting ever nearer to manifestation. As you will know we must carry out the changes with your approval and not impose our will upon you. We are therefore careful to ensure that our allies keep everything above board and within your legal system. However, you do have laws that were not made for the betterment of people or in Love and Light. Those will not be allowed to stop progress and in any event will eventually be removed, as will all those laws that are used to falsely imprison people. In the future all laws will be reviewed. and only those that are fair and just and maintain your freedom and sovereignty will be retained. It also means that any person falsely imprisoned will be released, and we know that there are many in this situation.

In time your levels of consciousness will be such that criminal actions will be far from your thoughts, and eventually there will be no crime and therefore no need for prisons at all. Minor indiscretions will be considered by higher Beings, who will decide if any action needs to be taken. Often it is unnecessary as in recognizing their mistake, the answer is already apparent to the soul involved. You presently have the Ten Commandments that have served you very well, except that they are set aside and ignored by those who only care and serve Self. Such souls cannot continue in this way, and will find themselves unable to advance with those who do accept the Oneness of All That Is. They will seal their own fate, and stay within the lower vibrations by their own choice. They will have no one else to blame for their situation, as so often they have been warned of the need to change their ways.

As time passes you will begin to notice more and more, that all types of corrupt practices are being investigated and the culprits are being revealed. It is the result of the upliftment in your levels of consciousness that desires a return to honesty in all dealings and transactions. There will be no hiding place as the facts will come out as part of the cleansing that is taking place. Anything that still remains of the lower energies is being purged, as you prepare to introduce the changes taking you into the New Age. The media is still largely in the hands of those who hide the truth, but they cannot prevent other mediums such as the Internet revealing the facts.

The whole process of bringing the changes in is not easy, as there are so many people with vested interests in preventing them. However, progress cannot be stopped, and much still happens to move matters on until they reach a point when action can be taken. At this time you have what may be called a “bottleneck” because so many aspects of the changes are verging on completion together. Once what is happening becomes apparent, there will be a whole series of events following in quick succession. Having stepped onto a new pathway there will be changes at various times in the future, over some years before you finally become fully fledged Galactic Beings. These will be most enjoyable experiences, particularly as you will be beyond any interference that presently originates from the lower dimensions.

Disclosure is such an important factor in your evolution that nothing will be left to chance where it is concerned. From our point of view there are still too many people that hold some measure of fear at the prospect of us openly coming to Earth. We are therefore looking for better coverage of our presence from your media, but it must be done correctly and not for sensationalism. There is no doubt whatsoever that we must go ahead soon, and we cannot wait indefinitely. So you may be sure we are doing all we can to create the right setting for disclosure to go ahead. It will be a most momentous occasion and celebrations will be in order for such an historic event.

Time continues to go faster and as it does you will likely lose track of it as it does not dominate your life as previously. This will go along with forgetfulness and a tendency to live in the now. It is bringing you to a point where you will find that life becomes easier by simply going with the flow. We know some people cannot exist without having everything planned, but you will all adapt to the changes and find life is so much more enjoyable taking it as it comes. It will help inasmuch that as you go further into the New Age you will have much more time to yourself, and few if any worries. You have not really experienced what it is like to be free, because you have been imprisoned on your own planet. It has become accepted as normal, and this is why we of the Galactic Federation of Light and others have spent so much time trying to get you to awake to the truth.

Dear Ones, whether you have recognized it or not, you have moved a lot further along your path since the Millennium. This has fulfilled our belief that given more time, more souls would respond to the increasing levels of Light reaching your Earth. Now virtually every soul has moved on through Ascension and has taken in more of the higher energies. They will be further uplifted by the continuing flow, and events showing major changes for the better will be of considerable help. We leave you with our unending Love and blessings for your future.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

[Bold font by Nancy]



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

 Finger of god

There are times on Facebook when sharing the synchronicities that occur in our daily lives is fun.  Many of us are familiar with what some call “coincidences” and frequently use the concept, like mentally sending ahead for a parking space.

But do synchronicities work when the matter concerning us is really important?

An example occurred yesterday (1/9/13) that immediately brought home for me the deeper meaning of Jesus’ teaching:  “Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.  For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.”  Luke 11:9-10

A long-time friend, Kiko, sent me an e-mail on 1/8/13 detailing her experiences of the Ascension energies around December 21 and continuing to this day.  Her writing was both profound and beautiful, so I asked her permission to post it on my blog and send it to others.   Although she is a dedicated Lightworker, her manner of relating to others is more oriented to one-on-one and small groups.  I doubt writing for the public has ever occurred to her.  Still, she granted me permission.  I could have simply read her e-mail and answered, then deleted it.  She could have shied away from posting her writing for the public. 

As I prepared her message for my blog, I felt that knowing more of her personal life would give additional credence to her words.  I added a few sentences about her as an individual, including the fact that her 21 year old son was drowned when—without warning–the dam was opened while he was crossing the river early one morning.  I could have neglected the inner urging to include information about Sandor, her son.

Actually, as I write this—and the same happened yesterday—tears of joy spring to my eyes because I feel Sandor’s presence with me.  He wanted this information to be included.  This is who Sandor is—a very advanced soul.  From his station in the heavenly realms, he knew the details of the event about to unfold and urged Kiko and I along.

When Kiko read what I had written, she wanted to add a Note about how she dealt with her grief.  Kiko could have very easily said, “No, I don’t want to bring up that subject.”  I would have removed that portion of my blog.  Instead, she chose to add information.

You can read Kiko’s  blog at: 




In Remembrance of Sandor

“Who never moved without grace,

Never spoke without gentleness,

Never looked without seeing good.

We will find you now in all things growing

And flowing; and we are all a little

Bit more beautiful for having known you.”

–Colleen Anderson


As some of you may know, I recently began posting what I call “Musings Of An Awakened Minister.”  I do so because prior to August 2012, he was a conservative theologian, serving on the staff of two churches.  When he wrote me, I was struck by how quickly he moved from orthodox conservatism to understanding the hidden wisdom in the Bible.  I could have done as I usually do, answer his e-mail and delete it. 

However, as is often happening now, I proceeded without knowing why or thinking through my action.  It’s as if I am on automatic pilot.  I requested to post his writings anonymously, since he continues to serve in mainstream churches and they might disapprove.  Thus began the series entitled “Musings of An Awakened Minister,” which you can read on my blog.  This series has allowed me to get to know this minister and regularly correspond with him.

Unknown to Kiko, this minister, and I, a link was now established that would serve to answer a mother’s plea.  Ask and you shall receive. 

Sandor?  I feel that he has known all along.

 I posted Kiko’s message on January 9, 2013 and sent my minister friend the URL.  This morning, January 10, 2013, the minister wrote.

Your letter, as well as Kiko’s, were:  “a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.” (Proverbs 25:11)  What truly inspired prose from both of you. 

 I forwarded Kiko’s message to someone who just had a past-life regression done and her question to me last night was “How does a mother deal with the loss of her child?”  Well…. you sent me Kiko’s message, and voila’… there is the answer from God-Source.  Yep!  We are sooo connected or, as we say in French, “branche” —– all “branches” from a “vine”!  How biblically-phrased is that???!”

I could have neglected to send this minister the URL to Kiko’s message.  He could have gotten busy and forgotten to send Kiko’s message to this grieving mother.

 Look at all the opportunities (in bold font) in this single event that one or more of the individuals involved had to break the chain of synchronicity.

Do synchronicities work in really important matters?  In even more glorious ways!

In this event alone, the span of Unity Consciousness stretches from Sandor in the heavenly realms (who could very easily know this mother’s child) … to me in Virginia … to Sandor’s Mom in Hawaii … to the anonymous minister in still another state … to the grieving Mother.

A Mother asked the Universe for comfort in her grief and the Universe heard and answered her plea through a circuitous route that the Mother could have never dreamed up.

“Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.”