MUSINGS OF A LIGHTWORKER SOUL SISTER – “My Experiences With the Ascension Energy”


“My Experiences With The Ascension Energy”

KikoKiko Okada

Kiko and I grew up metaphysically within the same Winston-Salem, North Carolina community.  We also worked together as Rehabilitation Counselors for several years.  After I moved to Virginia, Kiko bought land in the foothills along the border of North Carolina and Virginia.  She lived in a trailer with no running water or electricity while she, herself, built her home from a kit, paying for the supplies in cash.  Kiko continued to work while building her home on the weekends.

Kiko's home

Kiko's home 3

Around this same time span, Kiko’s 21 year old beloved son drowned when a dam was opened without prior warning.  (See Note Below before proceeding)  Years later, Kiko returned to her native home in Hawaii to care for her elderly mother, who has since returned to spirit.

I share a little of Kiko’s life, so readers can benefit from seeing how much one’s approach to life determines how it will unfold.  Her story provides background for her musings about December 21, 2012 and ascension.

I received the e-mail below on January 8, 2013.  May all readers be as touched as I was to read Kiko’s beautiful musings.

Aloha, Nancy!

Thank you so much for the link leading me to Steve Beckow’s interview today with Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. I found this conversation to be quite rich and especially confirming for me. Interestingly, this is what I had written just the night before, trying to express my experiences of December:

I love these times! Every day has been palpably lovelier than the one preceding for quite some time! The 12th and 21st weren’t eye-popping on the “obvious” level for me–yet (my words are clumsy here in trying to express what I feel) it felt like some very strong things happened at a more fundamental level. It was much like upgrading every bit of the “materials” we use to “build” things so our creations (including our life events, abilities, energy, etc) would go deeper, take us further. I feel like while we’re not seeing so many outward results, we’re also not realizing the tremendous upgrade in the quality of particles that make up our world now, and all of us on it. It feels like this is a time to LEARN/REMEMBER how to work with upgraded “materials”–and as we learn, as we use our upgraded materials and abilities, along with the constantly rising energies, we’ll be soaring “upwards.”

Maybe a better analogy is that we’ve been given computers for the first time in our 3D world, and as we learn/remember how to use them, the possibilities open up tremendously. Many people are looking for the next level of creations to appear, not understanding that those boxy things in their homes are not the same old implements and machines, but these new innovations called computers–and as we learn/remember how to use them, incredible worlds become accessible. I feel we’re constantly being called to be empowered, to constantly recognize the shifts from the more obvious level to the most subtle, and constantly upgrade our way of relating to our shifting world. I feel that I must constantly change and be willing to let go and evolve even my most basic spiritual practices, if guided to–that the upper dimensions are not tied to “if I do this, then that will happen” in quite the same way as almost all my approaches to life so far.

I believe we’ve been very close to huge transformations many times already–and although the delays are inconveniences on an ego level, I deeply feel they’re allowing deeper and essential changes, gifts that will benefit us all far beyond the little annoyances.

Many of us seem to still believe our Allies hold the huge majority of the cards because we STILL don’t fully understand how much power WE have, and how our collective is still in flux. If I’m a Child of the Divine thinking I’m my personality and split into 7 billion other personalities here, might I not still have the same power (potential, anyway) as the Divine Father? So how does that all play out? I don’t know–and I can see that what I don’t know is a HUGE factor. Our Allies are working with us through our subconscious and the parts of us that are awakened. When I really feel and follow that down deep, I can see what a complex terrain that is.

I was given this a couple of weeks ago: We are all facing east, waiting for the sunrise. We know in our bones that the sun will rise, no matter how dark the sky is now, and no matter what the weather is looking like. If anyone tried to shake that belief, those words would roll off us, we would hardly give them any attention. The sky is slowly getting lighter, and we can at first barely make out the landscape spread out before us. As it gets lighter, little bits of color show up here and there. Faster and faster, the sky lightens and the colors blaze across the horizon–and just as we knew it would happen, the sun rises as our hearts fill with wonder and awe. An hour later, it’s “old hat,” and we’ve moved on to our day; we’ve fully integrated the sunrise and this new day into our beings.

At no time in the process are we focusing on the still-dark skies wondering if the sun will rise. When the first colors appear, we revel in them; each bit is beautiful. We’re not complaining and anxious about there not being enough color to ensure the sunrise. We’re so sure the sun will rise that all our energies are in full enjoyment of the process. In fact, part of us may be wanting the sunrise to slow down a bit so we could enjoy the show longer!!!

This is how I’m increasingly finding myself rooted in our Ascension process.

I’m finding myself enjoying each day this way. I know I’m being well cared for by the process that guided me to leave my j-o-b nine months ago with no safety net visible. You know how what’s left of my only income (social security) after I’ve paid my small rent each month is less than $100 for every other regular living expense. Funds have not only miraculously appeared these nine months, but I feel increasing freedom with each week as my inner freedom expands. This alone tells me the 3D rules are fading fast!

So, Nancy–here we are, watching the sunrise with great anticipation and now, even greater joy that everyone else is on board with us!

I am SO overjoyed that everyone is coming!!! I’ve actually in the past month told just about everyone I talk Ascension with that I understood that everyone was coming, except for a few that flat out refused (and those would be well-cared-for and well-guided until they joined us). At that time, I felt very willing to slow my pace if it meant many more would be able to come along. So I’m surprised that Raj/Sanat Kumara said it was just a tiny possibility.

I also totally understand why all energies were focused on the mounting anticipation of our direction. I mean, when we’re cheering our team in an athletic competition and it’s pushing towards the goal, or when our runners are running down the track and nearing the finish line, we go ALL OUT in our cheering and screaming encouragement, and visualizing them meeting the goal. We’re not throwing in any, “hope you make it, because there’s a chance you won’t” — no, we focus FULL OUT. And through eons of any disappointment I’ve felt (and you’ve known me through several especially hard ones), it seems that I’ve learned that what we’ve gained is much more significantly measured by our internal evolution rather than our outer world feedback. Our creations come from our minds, after all.

I believe that we’re coming into fuller realization and confidence of who we really are when we can let go of needing outer world confirmation–and this is a challenge for us since we’ve come through eons of 3D experience!

This past month, the outer didn’t give most of us the dramatic markers we hoped for–and to insist we must have them or we can’t go on is to make the outer world confirmation of who we are more important than the reality. I think the more subtle inner shifts are more important, are things most of us haven’t been aware enough to pay attention to or even perceive. By habit, we’re still looking for more obvious markers.

The only analogy I can think of right now (and it’s a rough analogy!) is the difference between pounding out the more exposed “Stars and Stripes Forever” on the piano–and offering the more abstract and delicate “Moonlight Sonata.” At an earlier stage in our development, we resonate and recognize the more obvious. Yet what truly endures and carries us much further is the ability to know and feel transported and fulfilled with the sublime.

I believe we’ll all come through our disappointment just fine. Many are just needing some time to adjust to the next level, become more aware of the real shifts we’ve made–and continue co-creating and pulling our collective forward.

I probably wouldn’t have been aware of this new interview, and listening to it was perfectly timed for me because of your message!

As always, much appreciation and love,


NOTE BY KIKO:   People’s usual automatic and empathetic reaction to knowing I lost my only child is to focus on me and what they see as my tragic loss. While loving and appropriate in most cases, this turns the energy inward into the usual emotions and thoughts around great loss and away from the transmutation that occurred. My journey and the Divine Assistance that’s always with me transformed this event into a major springboard and Divine Gift for who I am now. It was my full and authentic embracing of his drowning, even in the middle of searing grief, that was the catalyst for releasing vital blessings. Many subconscious resistances were also released from ever again blocking me or clouding my perspective. By that time in my life 21 years ago, I knew with every fiber of my being that the Divine loved me so much that every part of my path, whether I understood it at the moment, was purely a blessing. Embracing and staying open was the key to opening the floodgates. (My son drowned a couple of years before I started building the dome–the process was, for me, a rebuilding of my life, from the ground and foundation up.)



Politics for the sake of politics no longer holds the same fascination

January 9, 2013 by John Smallman


John: Good afternoon, dear Jesus. I hope you have a message that is uplifting and inspiring because people are still upset and depressed that nothing of note appears to have happened yet – the old world, not the New Age, seems to be continuing much as before.

Jesus: Good afternoon John, my dear brother. It may appear that way, but a lot has happened and it will soon become clear to you all that much has indeed taken place and the joys of the New Age will envelop you.  Try to give more time to your periods of prayer and meditation to deepen your faith and trust in your Father, whose Love for you is unceasing.

To awaken is your destiny, and many of you are now in that unsettling state between sleep and wakefulness when the temptation to fall back to sleep is at its strongest.  You have become so accustomed to waking up and having to continue dealing with unresolved problems and issues in the illusion that this state of being almost awake is not altogether enticing.

Nevertheless, you do need to make the intent to wake up and then follow it through by doing so.  There is an initial stage of rubbing the sleep from your eyes and releasing yourselves from that unawakened state.  And that is where you are at present, but it will not last because it truly is time to awaken and participate in the New Age, as you have always intended.  Remind yourselves that a new and inspiring day has dawned and embrace it wholeheartedly.

To embrace the moment wholeheartedly is an aspect of being alive that encourages and uplifts you so that motivation arises to guide your daily activities. Life is a gift – a blessing, a flow of grace that reminds you that you are one with God the supreme Being, the Source of all existence – and the motivating force within you that creates spontaneous wonder as new creative ideas occur to you, adding zest to the experience of being fully alive, which is your natural state. Allowing the illusion to impose on you the sense or feeling of suffering that so many are experiencing is a massive distraction from being alive.  Compassion for those who are suffering is good, and helping them when you are able to is obviously appropriate, but it is inappropriate to allow yourselves to be drawn into the disputes that are causing their suffering.

Disputes are about judgment, about who is right and who is wrong.  They are competitive events involving egos, and egos seek only to destroy, never to cooperate – unless for personal gain – because they see all others as separate from them and threatening to them, and thus they always lead to suffering. Disputes cannot be resolved at the level at which egos are involved, and at the levels beyond egos they are no longer disputes but are differences of perception that can always be resolved.  Attempting to make one party to a dispute right and the other wrong ensures that resolution is impossible, because that is operating at the level of ego, where resolution is never possible.

This does not mean paying no attention to disputes when you happen to become a party to them; it means moving out of your egos to enable resolutions to be found and put into effect.  If you are involved in a dispute it means that you are not perceiving the situation clearly, but are judging it and possibly taking sides. Resolution can only be found when the parties involved agree to clearly state their aims, identify what it is that needs to be resolved to their satisfaction and then cooperate meaningfully to create a situation that satisfies each party, and that can only be done when they move out of their egos.

When they do so the dispute will often be found to be about something that neither party had adequately addressed or explained to themselves, let alone to those with whom they were in dispute.  The whole atmosphere will then lighten as it becomes apparent to all parties concerned that the real problem is just one of perception that can be clarified by amicable discussion.

There are, of course, occasions when disputes are caused to ensure that conflict results.  However, it is normally readily apparent when that is the situation you are dealing with, and it is then best not to engage, as very little can be achieved when the intention for resolution is missing.  Many of the political issues on your planet fall into this category because politics is generally about power and control, and the importance and significance of the negotiators involved is removed or severely undermined if the issues are resolved.  They then make enormous efforts to create new ones.

As new enlightened leadership develops worldwide, with the growing and strengthening of the New Age, the vast majority of seemingly unsolvable political problems and issues will be re-addressed with a new and positive ability and intent to penetrate and disentangle the complex knots of confusion and disagreement that have plagued them for so long.  You have indeed entered a New Age.  It is an age of generous, harmonious, and cooperative engagement, which will bring lasting peace to all because that is the new intent that humanity now holds — and it will be achieved.

Politics for the sake of politics no longer holds the same fascination as previously, because you have advanced to a state where peace and harmony through transparent negotiation is the end goal, and the game of politics with its endless list of stars and figureheads vying for influence, attention, power, and prestige is basically over, along with all the noise and distraction it has caused.

Focus on these new motivations which are changing the way humans relate to one another, and be joyfully aware that peace and harmony among individuals and among nations is what the future holds for humanity.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]


Forcing change does not work

01/09/2013 by John Smallman

The New Age, into which humanity has just entered, is shaping up very well because the divine energies supporting it are strengthening and intensifying daily. You have been promised that enormous changes will take place which will dramatically improve the living-conditions of those who are trapped in abject poverty; and that promise will be honored.  New technologies are being rapidly developed that will bring these improvements about.  They will also enable new environmentally friendly sources of electrical energy to be deployed that will bring to an end your constant need to drill and mine for fossil fuels.

The Earth is not an appropriate source of fuel for your energy requirements which can very easily be provided by the use of clean methods that, until now, have been suppressed by vested interests, whose aim was to control you by their stranglehold on all your energy supplies – fuel, electricity, water, food, investment through loans, money, and the land itself.  When energy, in every form you could possible need, becomes readily and abundantly available, as it will, scarcity will be a thing of the past, for you will have no needs.  New, gentle technologies will enable the provision of all that humanity requires to maintain a totally adequate and satisfying living-standard.  People will no longer have to spend inordinate amounts of time in the constant struggle for survival in a world in which they are mostly kept in a state of anxiety while buried under the crushing burden of debt.

This may seem like an unlikely dream – especially after the lifetimes of scarcity, hardship, and disease that you have all undergone – but it is one of the most essential aspects of the New Age.  It is about changing the illusion from a nightmare of hardship and suffering for the vast majority of humans into a delightful dream where all your needs are abundantly provided for, so that your time can be spent productively and enjoyably in creative ventures for the upliftment and benefit of all on Earth, and for your own continuing spiritual evolvement.  You have embraced the divine field of Love enveloping the Earth, and now the results of the acceptance of this marvelous energy field will begin to unfold for you.  The spiritual evolution that you are undergoing has led to an enormous change in attitudes that has made your entry into the New Age not only possible, but a reality.

Your choice to release the negative aspects of yourselves that have been the cause of nearly all your suffering was a momentous decision.  It seemed that you had to undergo unending conflicts and disagreements among yourselves before you finally decided that those methods of interaction just did not work.  A few always ended up controlling the many, but they too lived in constant fear of losing that power and control, and so no one was happy, no one felt safe.  There appeared to be no end in sight to the constant hardship of those ever-present struggles by which you attempted to provide security and comfort for yourselves and for your dependent loved ones, while also trying to ensure that your own needs, after you became too old to continue those struggles, were adequately taken care of.

That release of unworkable energies is continuing apace, and for many of you it is very uncomfortable because they had become so ingrained, so much a part of yourselves.  It seems to you very natural and completely justified to judge as wrong those whom you can see to be causing pain and suffering to those unable to protect themselves, as has been occurring in so many places across the world, and to desire to prevent them from continuing in their unacceptable ways, and even to punish them as a kind of wake-up call.  But Love does not judge or punish; instead, It brings to the attention of those who are misbehaving an intense awareness of the unacceptability of what they are doing and causes them to form a very strong personal rejection of those unloving attitudes and the behaviors to which they have led, and through that awareness release occurs.

People change their ways because they want to change them.  Forcing change does not work and is not in conformity with the free will with which you have been so gloriously endowed.  God created you free, and all of you experiencing life in the illusion chose to do so for the lessons that you could and would learn here.  No one is here against their will, although it often seems to you that vast numbers of humans are suffering unconscionably through no fault of their own.

Their suffering may well be due to no fault that they have committed, but within the illusory environment in which humanity experiences its existence mistakes, errors of judgment, and plain incompetence do bring suffering in their wake.  As you have been told, it is a dream state, and in dreams reason and logic do not prevail. Instead, there is confusion and chaos most of the time.  The solution is to wake up, and that is what you are in the process of doing by releasing the old ways, attitudes, and behaviors.  Stop judging.  It is difficult, but it is also essential to the awakening process – you know that this is so – and by praying and meditating with a strong intent you will succeed, as you have always planned to do.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman

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January 8, 2013


Selamat Balik! We return! Many events on your world are waiting for the right divine time for Heaven to give the formal go-ahead. We, too, are subject to this constraint. The Divine has reached a point where the decrees of the Creator require that a series of new change points be met. Until then, the dark is being held in check by special Seraphim assigned to this sacred task. As a result we are now busy conferring with our sacred associates on Earth and in Heaven to coordinate what comes next. We have been instructed to carry things out in a certain sequence to assure everyone that the next steps happen without delay. Our liaison personnel have contact all those involved on your world and ensured that a solid communications network exists between all parties. The dark is most frustrated with how little it is able to do and we intend to put them completely out of business at the moment of the selected launch point. The numerous arrests and procedures to hasten and smooth out the affects of the actual launch date are in place. The projected moment is very close. We are ready to act when this moment occurs, so be patient and know that all is ready!

Your planet is completing the preliminaries for a magnetic pole shift that will change your world from a dipolar realm to a true monopolar one. These changes will synchronize the energy fields of Inner Earth with the outer one. Gaia is most relieved that these transformations of her electrical, magnetic, and gravitational fields can happen soon, as they constitute the final preparations for the reunion of her outer and inner realms. Furthermore, these changes will allow the 5-D realm of Agartha to extend throughout the solar system. The strange developments recently witnessed throughout the solar system are simply signs of what is shortly to manifest as she returns to her former 5-D state. The Sun will also alter its color and the intensity of its energy. These changes signify that your solar system is preparing for her dimensional shift as she returns to take up her place in the multi-star system of Sirius. These changes were forecast by the Maya as well as a number of other calendar systems, such as that of ancient Egypt (the land of Kimi).

 The Galactic Federation has put in place several holographic Beings in financial and governmental circles whose duties will ensure that everything keeps moving forward. Our goal is to maintain a degree of normalcy in your societies and to make it look as if nothing much is changing. This is intended to be a temporary façade, as in reality much has changed and is nearly ready to manifest. This is being done for the sake of stability because back in the 1990s, we learned that your world was unable to handle huge surprise events, or even big change on an incremental scale. We have therefore instituted a number of stopgap measures which will secure the appearance of normalcy and keep largely under wraps what is about to happen. Until we reach the launch point, know that a grand change is on the near horizon which will bloom naturally and organically when the magic moment arrives. An important aspect of all this is your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes which Heaven is now accelerating, as these need to synchronize globally for the next step to materialize.

The Agarthan Main Council and the Ascended Masters are coordinating the set of announcements which are to follow the initial ones made by the new governance. These several broadcasts are to proclaim formally our benevolent presence and the nature of our mission. This is when the Ascended Masters will begin to educate you about your true spiritual and off-planet origins. Over the eons the dark concocted a set of deliberately false interpretations of the Ascended Masters’ teachings and the time has come to correct these skewed notions and allow you to acquire certain essential, sacred truths. They will help you better comprehend the nature of physicality and its relationship to Heaven. You are approaching the moment for completing your metamorphosis into fully conscious Beings of Light by means of your individually tailored Light chambers, waiting for you in Agartha. This is the moment when you morph into being our true spiritual and physical Associates! It will be a moment of grand celebration and utter joy! And it is the start of your divinely bestowed project to bring everlasting peace to the Milky Way Galaxy!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Numerous wondrous events occurred since the time collapse of December. These massive shifts in your reality were the result of the blessed prophecies of the Creator and we are now set to expand upon them. The instructions to those who form the globe’s many secret sacred societies include two major parts: the vast network of precious-metal depositories that lie at the core of your new financial system; and an ever-expanding number of nations which have formally signed on to the main treaty of Paris and the later codicil signed afterwards in Monaco. These documents are based upon agreements legally verified by international courts and by the globe’s various ancient, indigenous councils. These councils of empowered Elders have sanctified the rise of new de jure governance, and these are ready to replace the present de facto regimes and thus begin a truly amazing new epoch for all humanity.

What lies ahead is the return of our spiritual and space families. The Agarthans are our Lemurian ancestors. Various large motherships from the star-nations that colonized Lemuria are ready to return their citizens to their original home worlds. Many of you were incarnated on this world to prepare humanity for its return to full consciousness. Now, with this done, your fully conscious selves are to return and help explain to your fellows what has just happened on Earth! The majority of us are to remain and mingle joyously with our counterparts in Lemuria and then together, spread across the solar system, lovingly forging a new star-nation. This gracious occasion is the start of the glories planned for us by the Creator. We are to remain as your mentors and lead you in Love and Light to the fulfillment of our sacred missions.

As you can see, much lies ahead for us all. We are ready to begin a new set of duties that are to produce a permanent peace for this galaxy and a special place in this Galactic Federation for your new star-nation. We are ecstatic about the fact that our many millennia of spiritual work are to be the precursor of a most magnificent mission. Humanity reunited is to forge the means for peace and, eventually, to become the prime meeting-place for many galaxies to discuss the carrying-out of the divine plan throughout this sector of physicality. Long ago, when each of us reached our point of enlightenment, we were assured that our special works were to lead to this most illustrious moment in our history. Blessing in the highest to Heaven and especially to humanity for overcoming all the obstacles set up by the dark!

Today we continued our discussion of what is happening across your world. Those who live and work on your world are manifesting the various events that we mention. You have reached a point where you are finally to see a divine intervention happen, which is destined to positively transform your reality and usher in a new epoch of peace, prosperity, and first contact! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

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NOTE BY NANCY:  Mike Quinsey—channel for SaLuSa—use to channel St. Germain.  Since Mike recommends this channeling by Meline Lafont, I am posting his message, even though I am not familiar with Meline.  Normally, I follow a channel for a period of time before posting their work.  I was following Mike’s channeling years ago when he channeled St. Germain and trust his recommendation.


 Saint Germain to Me: About NESARA and the World Trust Fund by Méline Lafont January 3, 2013

I have never felt the urge to share things about Nesara because it never interested me personally, neither not talking about it with Saint Germain in my private space.  But because some are asking me about it, I agreed to do one channeling only about this subject.  Love, Méline)

M: Can you give me some insights as to your Trust Fund and Nesara? Are these for real and is the World Trust Fund a part of Nesara?

SG: Of course, you may inquire about those issues and it will be my pleasure to reply. The World Trust Fund is something that is, albeit it slowly, emerging on your current world. It has to do with returning to Humanity, as a kind of recompensation of the funds that have ever been taken from them but which were rightfully theirs. This Trust Fund has been established under my supervision and will remain solely under my supervision as long as the funds haven’t been released. I will be the one who will make the decisions in this regard and I wil decide when it will all come to pass.  This ‘when’ has been a long time coming; there have been resistances and difficulties along the way, but I always considered the life and freedom of every soul as my top priority. First I had to be sure that everything and everyone remained unharmed and that they get the chance to experience a beneficial payment of that fund. This fund is not a fairy tale but a fact: the fund contains gold of immeasurable value which rightfully belongs to humanity. Once all greed and sources of evil have been fully removed, it will be safe again to return these funds to their rightful owners: the whole of humanity.
I will decide on the subject when this will happen: I cannot determine in advance when exactly this will be, all I can say is that it will be determined in a mere second of  your time. This time must be exactly right and the possibility is now increasingly becoming a probability as the sources of evil and the dark forces are as good as eradicated now. All in all there is a lot at stake and your safety is my top priority in this moment! Rest assured and have faith: you will certainly have the experience of this in these times of your incarnation.

We have moved very close now to a breakthrough of NESARA. By the way, NESARA is far more than just the World Trust Fund which in itself is only a part of NESARA. In general, NESARA is the freedom of humanity, the rediscovery of yourself, of your abilities, of your perceptions and of your connections with your Galactic Self and your family, which in itself has to do with Disclosure, NESARA also refers to having faith in yourself and in each other, in the perfect society in Love and Harmony. NESARA also implies a more refined and Higher Technology and a broader scale of scientific and spiritual knowledge. All this and more pertains to NESARA and it is the birthright of every human being! Hence my presence alongside you and the reason why I return it all to humanity.

This is also a global process for which I have worked for a very long time: many steps have gone awry in the past but with the removal of the most hazardous darkness, the way shall be cleared for this. I do not give any dates nor even a timeframe but let me ascertain you that it all draws nearer and that the first steps of this process have already been taken. President Obama plays a major role in this and with each passing day he gets more power to bring these issues to fruition. You have to confide in this president as he is the one that might get the job done, he works tirelessly to bring it forward; he is my ally in the matter of NESARA and in so much more and he knows all too well what is in store for him.

The last hidden veils have to be removed now before the playing field can be leveled, in consultation with the Collective of Humanity and than a big hope will well up in your hearts. Humanity is doing a great job of cleaning up the redundant rubbish, the latter referring to the personal, as well as the old collective patterns and even in these issues I ask you to give it time : you are actively involved in this and the finishing line of this is in sight.

I am fully aware that you had to wait a long time for this : but rest assured that I pursue the same goals as your hearts do ; but I also take you into account and that is why I have to be absolutely certain that the collective hearts are co-creating this in all safety and in all freedom. This freedom has now begun and gradually will take on its own forms, so you may absolutely expect the breaking through of NESARA and that part known as the World Trust Fund will also get its turn. However, I must insist that you let go of all timeframes in this regards and to release all expectations because that attitude can counteract my efforts when every soul independently places his/her own manifestations and expectations of a possible timeframe on this! This can only lead to differences and setbacks. Only create in the NOW, without expectation and just BE and feel Love.  I put my whole Being into this project as I love you all so very much and I so long to see your hearts fully liberated… This too is my goal and my mission to which I gladly give my soul. So trust me completely: Saint Germain knows what he is doing for the well-being of all of you! Feel free to give your support to me for this whole project by being faithful and remaining positive, keeping in mind that you assist me by letting go and by being and experiencing yourself in each NOW moment. It is just a matter of simply being and releasing. It will come to pass and when you take afore-mentioned advice to heart you assist me greatly. A word of warning as to the so-called ‘Pre-Nesara funds’ as there is no such thing as an application in advance and certainly not by means of filling in a form which requests you hand over all your personal data. By filling in that form you put yourself in a vulnerable, weak position by putting your cards on the table for the dark ones to see. Such things do not pertain to my NESARA: it is a misleading project! So be extremely cautious! NESARA will come to pass for every individual on the exact same time: there are no favourites and you are not required to introduce yourself. We know all too well who you are in your Presences and everyone will receive their rightful part in all freedom and this will be so for all of you and only through me! I am the supervisor of the NESARA project and I guard it wholeheartedly. Take good care of each other and be present on Earth in your Light and in your Love; form the necessary groups, take the necessary steps and get on with your mission! With much Love I greet you all.

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

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