Excerpts from Sandra Walter’s  Ascension eCourse


What to do before 12/12/12:

1.  Clear your schedule for the 12/12/12. Honestly, it’s one day and no one is too busy to miss a cosmic event. Take just the morning off if you’re afraid of your boss or your job. Wait … if you have fear at that level you probably won’t be able to receive anyway, so work away.

2.  Set up a sacred space for the night of 12/11/12. Make it somewhere you can be at midnight, do it soon and energize it with intention to receive.

3.  Stay calm as the energies get dicey. Relaxed body, mind and DNA is more receptive to incoming light.

4.  Cleanse your body of chemicals, toxins and low-vibe food. Eat for light.  Don’t exhaust yourself with cleanses if you procrastinated until now to begin.

5.  Program and drink good clean water.

6.  Clear your emotions and lower level beliefs.

7.  Embody self-love, neutrality and non-judgment. Honestly.

8.  Open your internal portals and micro-wormholes in the highest quality DNA to receive the incoming encodements.

9.  Receive and activate the God drop and Golden Solar discs within you.

10.  Call forth the beings who said they would assist you right now. We all have them, give them permission to come forth.

11.  Expand your consciousness/particles so you are w-i-d-e open to receive.

12.  Keep intending to receive the maximum amount of activation on the 12/12/12.

13.  Get the little tasks out of the way or simplify so you can meditate and be still as often as possible.

14.  Connect with the core of Gaia, the Sun and the Galactic Center.


 NOTE BY NANCY:  It will be helpful to read Sandra’s entire article

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