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Ascended Master Jesus incarnated to show Earth humans the Way to “do the works that I do and, in fact, … do greater works than these.” [ii]

This is the Way of Divine Love.  We are of One Consciousness with Mother/Father God and all of our brothers and sisters throughout the cosmos.  However some of us forgot the Way.  Therefore, advanced Souls come to Earth to show us the Way back home to a world of Unconditional Love.  Because we live within the Consciousness of One, some brothers and sisters living in forgetfulness brings sorrow to those living in Love.

For this reason and this reason only, Jesus incarnated on Earth to awaken us to who we truly are—his sisters and brothers.  He lived out an example of who we are, what we can do, and revealed our identity as Temples of our own indwelling I AM PRESENCE.[iii]


 Sadly, those in powerful religious positions chose to enslave the people in order to retain their power.  They knew that once the people learned their true identity as child gods, they would no longer submit to enslavement.  As a result, the powerful religious leaders developed a set of beliefs[iv] that were to characterize Christianity and to which no deviation would be tolerated.  The punishment for heretical beliefs has ranged from excommunication to a long history of torturous blood shed and death.  This cruel manner of enforcing the same beliefs throughout Christendom has enslaved Christians to this day (2012).

As Earth prepares to ascend from 3rd dimension where things can be hidden to the 5th dimension where all is open, all that is hidden will be revealed.[v]  The truth about how religions (not just Christianity) have been used as a means of enslaving the people is presently being revealed.

The Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, & Islam—have taught a violent God, one who goes to wars, takes revenge, punishes, and behaves in ways that show no resemblance to a Mother/Father God who loves us unconditionally.  Christianity has taught us that God sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross to save us from our sins—thereby teaching a God who must kill one son in order to bring himself to forgive his other sons and daughters.  We are even taught that God behaved in this way because he loved us, thereby mixing love with violence in an impossible manner.  Love begets Love.  Violence begets violence.  We see ample proof in our world of how worshipping a violent God has allowed the people to accept violence as normal.  We think nothing of watching a violent movie, playing violent video games, going to war.  We even pray for God to be on our side in a war and against his other children.

Have you ever noticed that Mafia members often wear a cross?  Religious teachings have so messed up our thought processes that we mingle love with violence and think nothing of it.  One minute, we can read the 10 Commandments, including “Thou shall not kill,” and in the next minute enjoy watching a violent movie.  We perceive no contradiction.  Violence has saturated our psyches to the extent of numbing our conscience.


 Violence is now coming to an end on Earth.  Gaia, the great soul whose physical body is Earth, has said, “Enough!  I will tolerate no more violence.”  She has requested permission of the Spiritual Hierarchy to ascend to the 5th dimension and to shed the 3rd dimension.  No longer will Earth be home to a 3rd dimensional plane of duality.

Gaia is inviting all of her inhabitants to ascend with her.  It is our freewill choice whether or not we want to ascend to a dimension where unconditional love is all there is.

As we prepare to do so, giving up old belief systems that include tolerance for violence

is essential.  Jesus came only in love and taught only love.  We must begin to see him as revealing our Mother/Father God of Unconditional Love, not a God inclined to violence and blood sacrifices.


Because it is difficult to give up cherished beliefs that have been meaningful in a quirky kind of way–mixing love with violence—I am posting a series of lesson entitled “If Jesus Is A Wayshower, What Did He Show Us?”  I do so with the prayer that Christians may continue to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus, while erasing the violence we have been taught provided a means of salvation from a God who cannot otherwise be appeased.

In re-vamping our concept of Jesus and our Mother/Father God, the article:  “Jesus Did Not Mean He is the Way, the Truth, & The Life” is important.  I suggest reading this article first:



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 Meditative Prayer:

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 The Ascension Journey As Seen Through the Life of Jesus:

 May you easily give up the violent teachings and embrace the teachings of Love!


[ii]   John 14:12.

[iii]   In Exodus 3:13-14, God tells Moses his name:  “I AM has sent me.”  Our I AM PRESENCE is God indwelling us.

[iv]   Beliefs are human opinions or convictions that are propagated as truth.  They may or may not actually be true.

[v]   Mark 4:22.

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