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  I’d like to spend some time now looking at what life will be like after Ascension. In this first piece, I’d like to look at the general word picture that Archangel Michael has provided us with on An Hour with an Angel. Tomorrow I’ll look at a similar overview from SaLuSa. Then, later, I’ll look at individual areas like health, spiritual capabilities, education, music, food production, transportation, governance, etc.

On Oct. 3, 2011, Archangel Michael turned to the subject of what the world would like immediately after our Ascension on Dec. 21, 2012. I think the best way to sum up what he said was to say that the world would be the same but different.

He began with the physical world.

Archangel Michael: Now, you say, well, what about those around me? What about the physical world? And the ability to create and co-create, not only with us, but with each other, is very strong in this new reality that is as ancient as eternity. So there will be shifting, there will be shifting of what you choose to construct.

Now, it is not to say that you arrive in the fifth and it is a completely blank slate. There will be what you need there. But what you desire, or need, or believe you need, you will create. And the feeling, the belief that density and structure is the foundation of existence will not be part of that belief system, that reality. (1)

Things like stars, suns and moons will continue to exist.

Archangel Michael: You will have stars and a moon and a sun. You’re not shifting universes and galaxies. You are shifting dimensions.

Steve Beckow: So some things are the same, and some things are different, and some things which are the same are also at the same time different.

AAM: That is correct. (2)

Some third-dimensional needs will have disappeared and fifth-dimensional society will reflect that.

AAM: You do not need, for example, central banks when you are able to simply create and collect the codes and have what you need. There is no need for protection of military forces or paramilitary forces, which is often how we think of your police forces, when you know that it is in harmony. So these structures, or institutions, as you think of them, are nonexistent. They’re gone. (3)

Fifth-dimensional life doesn’t proceed according to the same rules as third-dimensional, he reminded us. Many false paradigms will cease to exist or exert influence.

AAM: It doesn’t have the same rules. Now, think of this, my friend. Many of the structures you have — and we’re not suggesting that they have been not worthwhile; there are many worthwhile, many, many, many worthwhile things that the humans have constructed. But many more have been constructed on these false human paradigms that were not real.

And they most certainly were not of this side [i.e., 5D and higher]. And they were not of love. They were of belief in the need to control, or to be greedy, or to be lustful — to limit. This is the one that is always the most baffling throughout the universe. Why would you wish to limit any human being? Any being?

It is like saying to a flower, only bloom once. So many of your structures have been formulated on these belief systems that have been based on a much lower vibration than where you would wish to be. If there is love, there is trust. And if there is trust, you can organize yourselves. You are not going to wish to take what? Another’s land? Land does not belong to you, anyway. It is Gaia’s. She shares it with you. (4)

The differences in our reality are what we’ll notice immediately upon ascending.

AAM: This different reality is what you will see when you open your eyes. You will see that you are part of that infinite mosaic. The connectedness will be there and the loneliness will be gone. The yearning? It will not be there. Not in the same desperation that we witness in so many. And that is not a criticism. It is that they yearn to be part of One again. They know that that is who they are. (5)

We’ll be taken care of, either because of our own ability to create, the lack of many needs, or else by arrangements. We won’t have to pack up, travel and relocate. We’ll be at our destination immediately.

AAM: It is like when someone says they are going on a safari and they are all excited, but they want to know: Where am I going to sleep? How am I going to be fed? Will I be taken care of? The answer is yes. You will be taken care of. You will be given every form of assistance. But it isn’t like an adjustment program. It isn’t like a relocation program. It is instantaneous. You are there. (7)

Reader “K” has furnished me with a personal reading from Archangel Gabrielle through Linda Dillon in which she asked Gabrielle about the fate of Third-Dimensional buildings and the latter responded:

K: . . . with the 3D buildings and 3D objects, what happens to them?

Archangel Gabrielle: Some will fade away. You can think of it as rapid decay or transmutation. And of course some will simply transfigure.

K: Hmmm.

AAG: It is just energy. It is just molecule connections of love.

K: And will people will know how to transfigure them? Or will they do it on their own?

AAG: They will do a lot of it on their own. Do not forget you are having a lot of help, not only from your star brothers and sisters but from the elemental realm, who has always been very good at doing this, as well as the angelic realm as well. So it is truly a collective undertaking.

K: And this will all come about within the next year?

AAG: Pretty much. The cities of light — the building, the changing, that will not just be complete in a year. It is not like a little Lego project that you do and then you leave it. It is constantly changing and evolving, as you, the collective, are changing and evolving. Things will be needed or wanted or desired to accommodate your star brothers and sisters that will change the complexion of what is available as well. So there will be many changes. So, but it will not be chaos, it will be smooth. (7)

This then is Archangel Michael’s, and Archangel Gabrielle’s, overview of life upon our arrival in the Fifth Dimension – a life that’s different but the same, that sees us instantly be where we’re intended to be, that sees many institutions based on Third-Dimensional values disappear, and all our needs taken care of. Tomorrow I’d like to give SaLuSa’s overview.


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To think that after preparing yourselves over some years in readiness for Ascension, that time is virtually upon you. Suddenly what you have dreamt of has approached near enough for you to get a feel of what it is like to experience the higher energies. Once experienced it is never forgotten as it is an ecstatic feeling of utter joy and happiness, peace and contentment. Imagine being in that state of bliss as normal from one day to another, and free of the lower emotions. It is your true way of living and why those of you who are ready will move out of duality. Some of you have always felt that something was missing from your lives, and now you have found out what it is.

We realise that these changes are creeping up on people that still have no idea what is coming. They may still suddenly awaken as the energies are causing a stirring within, and a new level of consciousness. The question is whether they are able to throw off the lower energies, that will otherwise impede their progress. For some the transition is asking too much because they have become reliant upon them in their everyday life. It is not easy to convey the advantages gained by lifting yourselves up, and yet they will always be remembered. Words are sometimes inadequate to describe life when it is based upon the harmony and balance that the higher energies bring to you. It is all bound together by what you call “love” which permeates the whole Universe, and in essence it is all there is.

Little by little we have conveyed to you what it will be like when you take your place in the higher dimensions. It is a totally different quality of life that is so much better than what you are experiencing now. So much so, that you will wonder how you managed to survive in such a low vibration. It is all credit to your resilience and determination to overcome the obstacles that have confronted you. The problem has been that you were led to believe that what you experienced was a perfectly normal life, and the opportunity to improve it was denied you. The dark cabal kept you in a permanent state of need, and were thus able to keep you enslaved and reliant upon them for all things. However, with your constantly growing levels of consciousness, you woke up to how you were being exploited and fought for your freedom.

In a relatively short time compared to how long you have been in duality, you found your voice and determination to claim back your sovereignty. Naturally you have had immense support from the other side of the veil, but you attracted it by your positive approach to the task ahead. Plus the fact that the plan for your upliftment was already in place. At different times so many civilisations from the Galactic Federation of Light have come to your aid, particularly in the last 100 years. Although you were destined to succeed, the manner in which you did so was entirely up to you. In fact, you have done so well you have lessened the impact of what would otherwise have been a very traumatic year. Many predictions have fallen by the wayside because you have raised the vibrations to a point where they have become unnecessary. In a year when there could well have been so much more seismic activity, it has not been exceptional at all.

You are Galactic Beings in the making and will soon live your lives as we do, with all the creature comforts that you could possibly need. At present you spend so much time travelling around, and it is a wonder you ever get anything done. That is an important area that we are already equipped to deal with. Changes cannot occur overnight, but getting you mobile is a priority so that you experience a much more easy life. There are modes of advanced transport that will cover your different needs, from your daily personal trips to craft that can leave Earth for other planets. Eventually you will have a computerised system that operates totally automatic and driverless for your land travels. Needless to say, they will be totally pollution free and operate on free energy.

Many free energy innovations already exist on Earth, but their development has been prevented to support and maintain the Corporations that would be affected by them. However, you cannot stop progress indefinitely and you will be quickly moved into the New Age. You will find that gradually you will have so much more time to yourself, for your leisure pursuits and other interests. Work such as you know it now will not be so demanding and so much will operate with little manpower because of the higher technologies. Entertainment will be quite different and no longer focus upon games or films that glorify war and such negative actions. The higher dimensions are no place for anything that has a low vibration.

You will have plenty of excitement and satisfaction exploring your Solar System and learning more about your Earth. Moving backwards and forwards in time will also provide much of interest, particularly to those who love history and archaeology. Every trip out into the Universe will be an adventure, so you will not lack for opportunities to expand your knowledge. Your spiritual growth will not be neglected, but it will be much slower than at present when you are still in duality. By our reckoning you are Warriors of Light who have won a great victory over the dark Ones, after having your earlier unpleasant experiences with the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis. Lessons have been well learnt in situations that have been very testing and hard to bear. That is all but over now, and Mother Earth is preparing to ascend with you so that you experience the wonderful new Earth she is to be.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and just one of many who have been closely following your progress over many, many years. Now you are so near to Ascension we too are becoming quite excited. Your patience has been wonderful in spite of the delays, and you are nearly at the end of your long wait. We love you for what you are, as Divine Beings expressing your true selves through your Light and Love.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.


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