covering ears

“However, knowledge of the Ascension process is not necessary to be assured of rising up with it. There are many, many souls that are kind, loving and compassionate who are also ready for such an upliftment. In fact they may have quite a different view of the future, but that does not matter as they will soon adapt to the coming changes.” [iii]

This is the part from SaLuSa’s message that touched my heart the most.  I have often said that there are people out there who name no faith, religion or God, but practice and embody Light, Love and Universal Embrace more and better than those that do! I think THAT was the first “revelation” I had once I broke from formalized religion in 1985.  I met so many loving and sincere people.

Of course Christianity would always retort back “Ah, but they are *sincerely* wrong!”

It took many years for me to completely erase the damnable heresy of Orthodox Christianity that separated the human race into two distinct groups: the obedient and disobedient; the saved and the lost; the righteous and the unrighteous.  This same practice has been copied and utilized countless times throughout the world: black and white; male and female; gay and straight.

No small wonder the human race is so fractured! We have done this to ourselves, all the while knowing full well that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  A human being—divided from his/her Divinity—cannot stand either!

Growing up in an extremely artistic and musical family, I was exposed to many kinds of people, especially Gay and Jewish.  The folks who came to our home for music instruction were amazingly broad-minded and genuinely interesting, lovely people. I tasted my first Kosher brisket from a dear Mrs. Keller who lovingly cooked it for us at Christmastime.  Mr. Henssler was a gentle “homosexual” gentleman that was considerate, kind to a fault and gentle. My tumultuous childhood was filled with memories of these thoughtful people.

It was ONLY after I went to Bible College that I immediately was informed that these people were, lost, sinful, wayward, unregenerate, and reprobate.  The very people I had admired, respected and loved were immediately put on my “must convert” list.  I stopped seeing them as the wonderful God-created and indwelt souls that they were, and exchanged the truth for a lie (as Paul said in Romans 1), seeking only to love them IF they became as I was.  If they didn’t, they would burn forever.  HOW SAD!  HOW PATHETIC!  HOW FALSE!

Three of my favorite people in this life are Jewish. One, my chiropractor of 27 years; second, my partner’s Psychologist/Social Worker; and third, a piano student. These three created gems have demonstrated tolerance, inclusiveness, mercy, justice, love, giving, acceptance BETTER than I ever have!

Two of my other favorite people in life are myself and my partner, both Gay.  We have also learned that we are wonderful human beings, indwelt with Divine Spark and connected to The Almighty Source.

Thank God that what I believed out of ignorance concerning their souls and mine is not true.


 On July 9,1975, while in my second year of Music Conservatory, I had an experience of walking out of a Bible Study hosted by one of my student-friends.  Nothing seemed different or unusual about this study, and in fact, I left it thinking that I would most likely not attend another.

As I made my way onto the city street, I had a most unusual experience of “seeing” the world in a way that I had never seen it before. Everything simply appeared different.  I felt alive in a way that I had never experienced. What had happened was “mystical.”  I was loved and connected to The Universe…. and I KNEW it!

I got back to my home and stayed up the entire night, reading the four Gospels of the New Testament.  Words leaped off the page and into my soul—I was loved in a way that absolutely was for all times!

In the next couple of weeks I decided to not return to Conservatory and instead complete a degree at a Bible College about two hours from my hometown.  I was so full of joy, newness, love for everyone and felt an eternal connection with God and myself. I thought that going to a school that taught about God was going to be the next step in this magnificent life that I was enjoying.  THAT was NOT to be the case!

As I started my new path seeking to understand what this new life was inside of me, the initial joy of that sultry Summer night leaving the Bible Study faded into confusion, doubt, guilt, fear, delusion, judgment, suspicion, exclusivity and yes… even hatred.

You see, the combined efforts of professors and probably well-meaning fellow students Indoctrinated  me into a codified understanding that what had happened to me was known as being born again, and that Jesus had saved me from my sin.

They now would teach me what that means, who God is and who I BETTER be!  My school would say “this is not RELIGION, but RELATIONSHIP!”  I was to regret that I made their ideas of “relationship” mine for the years that followed!

Well… after one month into my courses in Old Testament, New Testament, Christology, Systematic Theology, Soteriology, Hamartiology, Greek, Church History, Synoptic Gospels and Eschatology, the simple joy and awareness of my new birth became a laundry list that could be broken into minute pieces so that it could be understood, digested, and then regurgitated in what was known as sharing the Good News.

My first rude awakening that my experience of that Summer’s night could not and should not be defined or understood on my own, came mid-term first semester when I received D minus grades on two well researched and thoughtfully prepared papers that “did not conform to the School’s Doctrinal Statement.”

*I thought the end goal of education was to learn and think deductively for myself?*  I guess not!

The President of my College remarked that “Satan seeks to devour all Christians by tossing them about by every wind of doctrine.”

To think for oneself was actually opening the door of the mind to “this Nefarious Adversary.”

The first fears crept into my being that mid-October. Reaching conclusions on my own that were contrary to my Evangelical College’s God-breathed Right vs Wrong List was to turn my back on God Himself and give my soul to destruction! YIKES!….

What I was to do in the remaining years was to simply “parrot back” by memorizing everything that the School taught.  I graduated with highest honors in 1977, a BA in Theology in hand—able to defend all doctrinal positions concerning Christendom and assured that what I had been taught was correct, un-challengeable and complete—nothing more to add!

Years followed working as a Missionary, a Christian Teacher as well as numerous positions in churches as Music Director. Those were years of “putting my education to work.”  I zealously threw myself into “propagation of the Gospel” as I rigorously and with great relish wielded my sword against all who dare question The Truth as it had been handed me.

Actually, I NEVER felt on “Solid Rock” when I did that; but fear of NOT doing as I was taught forced continuation down a path that put God “way up there” and “me down here,” and frankly “never the twain shall meet” until “Glory.”

Once, when I started to scholastically question certain doctrines, a dear brother-in-Christ, an “Elder”, remarked, “The problem with you is that you are too much of an individual; and in Christianity THERE IS NO ROOM FOR INDIVIDUALITY!”…. so…  by 1985, I was basically done with all of it- God, Jesus, The Church, Theology.

I spent several years away from formalized Christianity, discovering many things about myself, other people, the world. The bondage of the earlier years had become like a corset tightly laced squeezing the very life from me!

I KNEW that I was more than what had been taught me—— and in the years to come, through “many infallible proofs,” the *questioning soul that I am*was rewarded with countless and undeniable experiences that drew me back to that night in July 1975.

On that night, the scales fell from my eyes to actually reveal to me—not that I was somehow dirty, unworthy, and in need of salvation from my sin (as many would tell me was so in the weeks, months, and years to come)—but rather that I WAS the very essence of God already!  I simply had forgotten it!

That is why the sheer wonder and glory of those initial days and weeks after that July evening were so outrageously happy and wonderful; I simply WAS–knowing that I WAS of God.  I was IN God and God was IN me.  We were inseparable in being and Essence.

“… I will put My Law in their inward parts and write it in their hearts; and will be their God and they my people.  And they shall teach no one anymore saying ‘Know the LORD,’ for they shall all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33-34)

Within weeks, that amazing, liberty-producing knowledge had been turned into a sword of vengeance that was to divide me from my loving, empowered Godhood into a “cringing, fearful slave” reduced to mortality, ever seeking forgiveness from a “personal God” that was holding my soul in the balance.

It has only been in the recent years, and even more so in these last months, that my Birthright of the Indwelling Kingdom of God has been reclaimed as my “inheritance.”   I AM GOD! *

That is not blasphemous to say.  Who I am IS the very essence of God, and to deny such is to call a liar the VERY ONE Who made it so! I am that I am… and that’s all that I am!  Thank you Popeye for such sage words! You obviously grasped The Truth long before I did!  Amen.



 I am so comforted to know that all will ascend at some point.  How totally un-Christian of us to believe such poppycock!-haha

To know that every star, every planet, every seraph, cherub and every other created being is working in tandem and unity to bring all of this about.



 “My life right now feels as if I am in a sped-up-catch-up-mode!  The accelerated pace of spiritual learning has been unlike anything that I have ever experienced before.  It is the feeling of a “crash course” in the Cosmos!!!!!”


 NOTE BY NANCY:  Christians, this minister’s story is a great example of the joy that comes from opening your mind … searching for Truth … and remembering that Jesus taught, “The Truth will set you free!”  It would be difficult to lead a more dedicated life than this minister has lived, yet—as you can see from his story—dedication is not enough.

During these last weeks leading up to Ascension, I encourage you to “Seek and you shall find” much joy, excitement, and peace in knowing beyond doubt that you are finding Truth.  You will know when you find Truth … there will be no nagging “but what ifs?”  You will REST IN TRUTH!






[i]   My minister friend is presently employed as a Minister of Music, while also being qualified tp serve as a pastor.  He has agreed to assist me anonymously in leading Christians to open their minds to asking questions and exploring outside the traditional Christian literature for answers to their questions that satisfy and bring a deep sense of joy into their lives.

[ii]   Painting lifted from:

[iii]   SaLuSa, November 14, 2012.




We notice a great upturn in the amount of Light upon the Earth, and that is to your credit and dedication to have brought so much to it. To some the energies are proving to be too powerful and disorientating. However, as they learn what is actually taking place, they may be able to flow with the energies and experience a higher degree of consciousness. They may otherwise experience feelings of impending change, without being able to determine what is happening. Whatever happens to them be assured that like everyone else, they will take something positive away with them. As we have often stated, every experience is of value to you where your evolution is concerned.

Memories of unpleasant experiences will eventually fade completely into the background of your consciousness, and in time be forgotten. Often the only thing that keeps them in your minds, is the pain and distress experienced but once in the higher vibrations you will cease to bring them back. The energies of Love are the most powerful in existence, and as you will find can create “miracles” particularly in healing which many of you have a great interest in. After Ascension your abilities to create and heal will be enhanced, and at the same time you will be assisted by the hardening out of the City of Light, Sedona. It will become a Mecca where thousands come for healing of the mind, spirit and soul. In reality there are millions of people that need some form of healing and help in other ways, and it is why the other 12 Cities of Light will soon follow on. Do not worry that your needs will be overlooked, as we know all of you quite well and no one will miss out.

We monitor the rising levels of consciousness and they are absolutely speeding up at an incredible rate. That is what we like to see, as it is opening more hearts and minds as to what is going on, after all you may be individual souls but you are also part of a group consciousness. We do not see you reaching critical mass yet, but know it is an indication of how near you are to it. We talk not about the numbers of souls involved, but the quality and level of the energies of those who are near to ascending. If they are ready there is nothing to stop individual souls ascending before the 21st, December. The vast majority of you are in readiness to ascend with Mother Earth, and what an experience that will prove to be. Many souls wished to experience it that way, so Dear Ones consider yourselves privileged to have been amongst those chosen to take part in it.

Some of you are feeling as though you are in a dream state, and that your feet are not firmly on the ground. That feeling will pass as you get used to experiencing the higher vibrations. As a result you are becoming more powerful Light Beings and you are helping other souls rise up. It is beautiful to see such a lot of interchange of energies, and we encourage a free giving of them to whoever you meet or pass by. A smile or warm greeting is sufficient to open another souls heart, and a handshake or hug a powerful exchange of energies. It is time to recognize the Light in everyone, and see beyond the outer covering. Some ask what can I do to spread the Light, so we have given some simple everyday things that you can.

 Another useful exercise that will also spread the Light is being open about your beliefs, without being overpowering as otherwise people will switch off. Plant the seeds that will lead to a growth in their consciousness, because as the changes place they will have many unanswered questions in their minds. Between now and Ascension we will endeavor to open up new channels of information for you, as we wish to avoid misinformation being spread as the truth. You still need to be discerning because of it, but anyone with a reasonable degree of progress should be sufficiently intuitive now to know what to accept. You make many decisions based on intuition, and that is the best way to move forward at such an important time.

We wish you to start focusing more on the future and what it holds for you, rather than the turmoil resulting from the 3D changes. Naturally for many it is becoming an uncomfortable time, and more so for those who do not yet understand why it is happening. Whatever way you look at it there is so little time left that nothing unpleasant will have to be withstood for very long. So offset it by giving it as little of your attention as possible. Think New Age and all of the benefits that it will give you, and your release from the trials and tribulations of duality. Remind yourself that you are serving out your last life in the 3rd. dimension, and in future will have no death to anticipate or experience. It is you who will decide when you want to move on, and simply lay down your body and pass on to your next life, and that will be your choice.

You will find that you eventually live a life where all is in abundance, and that everything is freely available so that no money changes hands. Because of your experience in your present dimension, one thing that will be difficult to comprehend is that virtually all of your time will be your own. However do not worry that you will not find enough to do, as there are far more opportunities in the higher dimensions than on Earth. In the back of your mind may also be a strong thought that you would like to serve others, and many groups and organizations exist for that purpose. The Universe is vast with millions of galaxies that include civilizations similar to your own, needing help to evolve. Nearer home, within your own galaxy many like yours are also present.

I am sure you are intrigued by our skin tight space outfits, that we “dress” ourselves in through the power of thought. If they get soiled or damaged the fabric as you may call it, can put it right through its own level of consciousness. Much is designed that way so it needs no attention from us. Indeed, our organic computers are so programmed that they are completely self functioning, and have greater levels of consciousness than we do. This is where you get to after 1000’s years living in the higher dimensions. So believe us when we say that we can handle anything connected with your Ascension. All will proceed as planned, and continue well after Ascension as you benefit from the new energies. We have the priorities sorted out and will have them attended to in no time at all.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with love beaming out to you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

[Bold font by Nancy]



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


 Origen (185-254 C.E.) was one of the most influential Christian thinkers of his time.  St. Jerome declared him to be “the greatest teacher of the Church after the apostles.”  St. Gregory of Nyssa calls him “the prince of Christian learning in the third century.[i]  Origen taught pre-existence of souls and reincarnation.

The Church Fathers disagreed vehemently as they sought to establish the new religion—Christianity.  All sorts of human motives clouded the issues.  Rather than simply allowing those who so desired to follow the teachings of Jesus, the ultimate goal of the Church Fathers was, according to Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, “the real Church has one and the same faith everywhere in the world.”  [ii]  The original source for this quote is Irenaeus’ Selections From the Work Against Heresies.  The quote and the title of Irenaeus’ book speaks volumes.

In 553 C.E., the Fifth Ecumenical Council condemned Origen and his teachings as heretical:  “If anyone does not anathematize Arius, Eunomius, Macedonians, Apollinarius, Nestorius, Eutyches, and Origen, as well as their heretical books, and also all other heretics who have already been condemned and anathematized by the synods which have already been mentioned, and also all those aforesaid heretics and who persist in their error even to death: let him be anathema.”  [iii]

Webster’s Dictionary defines anathema to be a “curse solemnly pronounced by ecclesiastical authority and accompanied by excommunication.”


 Since there is controversy evident on the internet over whether or not Origen taught reincarnation, I’ll quote from the Gifford Lectures of the Reverend William R. Inge, past dean of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London and a scholar of distinction:

“Origen takes the step which to every Greek seemed the logical corollary of belief in immortality—he taught the pre-existence of Souls.  The Soul is immaterial, and therefore, has neither beginning of days nor end of life….  So convincing is this Platonic faith to him, that he cannot restrain his impatience at the crude beliefs of traditionalists about the last day and resurrection of the dead.  The predictions in the Gospels cannot have been intended literally.  How can material bodies be recompounded, every particle of which has passed into many other bodies?  To which body do these molecules belong?  So, he says scornfully, men fall into the lowest depths of absurdity, and take refuge in the pious assurance that ‘everything is possible with God….’

 As for the ‘conflagration’ [at the end of the world], Origen, as is well known, follows the Stoics in teaching … that there will be a series of world-orders.  But whereas Greek [Stoic] philosophy could admit no prospect except a perpetual repetition of the same alternate evolution and involution, a never-ending systole and diastole of the cosmic life, Origen holds that there is a constant upward progress.  Each world-order is better than the last….  The conflagration is really a purifying fire [iv]….  All Spirits were created blameless, all must at last return to their original perfection.  The education of Souls is continued in successive worlds. [v] 

Reincarnation is a natural expression of eternal life.  Origen’s teachings are based on Earth’s 3rd dimensional plane of duality where Earth humans have acquired negative karma while learning via the challenges found within an environment of good and evil.  This negative karma must be purified or balanced—thus all must at last return to their original perfection.  

Now that we are preparing to ascend to higher dimensions, reincarnation will occur differently.  On the higher dimensions, the soul may occupy the same body for hundreds or thousands of years … decide to discard it and rest … then take on another body and continue the work she/he has chosen to do.

Because the Church condemned as heretical a belief in and life orientation including a knowledge of reincarnation, people of Western cultures have not known of their own pre-existence.  As a result, our entire theology and philosophy of life have been formulated in terms of one life to live.  This has resulted in Western societies not knowing who we are as human beings.  We conceive of life as beginning with conception and ending with physical death.  The traditional religious concept of eternal life is something like walking the golden streets of heaven for eternity or burning in hell for eternity.   We wonder why we are here … what is the purpose in life … we think, “surely there is more than this.”  We say we love God, but deep down we are afraid of a God who can do anything God wants to do.


Life on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality is based on the individual Soul Contract.  Before incarnating, each Soul—with the guidance of spiritual teachers/guides—plans the major events for the forthcoming incarnation.  These plans include selecting our parents and discussing plans with them.  No one is an accident … parents and future children already know each other.

While living on the 3rd dimension, we forget that linear time does not exist on higher planes … there is ONLY NOW.  We also forget that ALL CONSCIOUSNESS IS CONNECTED—communication with all beings is easy, regardless of where each being is located within the cosmos.  In fact, if we think it, we can be there.

We also tend not to know or forget that our Souls travel while our physical bodies sleep.  The individuals who have contracted to be our parents can easily meet with us on the inner planes while their physical bodies sleep.  In this way, we can keep up to date with what is going on with those who contracted to be our parents.

Soul contracts are not carved in stone.  The conditions in which our future parents find themselves can change.  A Soul contract includes multiple people, all of whom have freewill.  Both parents and future children have the opportunity to discuss whether or not they desire to continue in accordance with the Soul contract.  There is no punishment, no judgment for not doing so.  The purpose for incarnating is to grow spiritually according to each individual’s Soul needs.  It would be a waste of universal energy for a Soul to incarnate, knowing that the purposes for taking on a physical body could not be accomplished.

If physical pregnancy occurs, abortion does not mean that the unborn child is killed.  The unborn child is still in the higher realms and very likely has agreed to the abortion before it occurs. 


A funnel aptly illustrates the life of an unborn child.  The Soul of the unborn child remains in the higher realms, represented by the wide portion of the funnel.  Contrary to the one life to live concept of birth, the soul incarnating is free until the time of birth when it must enter the narrow part of the funnel in order to take on a physical body.

We on the 3rd dimension think of birth as joyful and it is for the family.  But the Soul has given up its freedom and open spaces.  Babies sleep a lot so they can return to higher planes and escape restriction.  Gradually, they adjust to the confinement and sleep less.

The newborn child also has the option of making changes in the Soul contract.  Each Soul is given a period of two years in linear time to evaluate the physical environment and determine how well his/her Soul’s reasons for incarnating can be achieved.  If the child so chooses, he/she can return to inner realms during the first two years of physical plane life.  We often call these “returns” crib deaths.  The parents are grief-stricken, while the child is joyful and free from life in the narrow portion of the funnel.

Depriving Western cultures of the knowledge of reincarnation has sadly been a means of control by the powers that be.  We are controlled by a fear of death, fear of extinction, fear of spending an eternity in a non-existent physical place called hell.  The fight over abortion serves to divert attention while the powerful carry on their undercover activities.  Think of all the energy that millions put into fighting over abortion, birth control, planned parenthood during the 2012 elections.

Lack of knowledge of reincarnation, the Soul contract, and the Soul’s ability to change that contract has created untold suffering.  This lack of knowledge has been a major means of enslaving Western cultures.

Our Mother/Father God knows only Unconditional Love and created a cosmos based only in that Love!  As we ascend into full consciousness, our access to all knowledge enters our awareness.  “Now I know only in part/ then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.” [vi]


Angels of the World Mother

Painting from Geoffrey Hodson’s The Kingdom of the Gods

 Question:  I can’t believe the Soul is not in the baby’s body during the gestation period.  My daughter has memories that I share of her time in the womb.

Answer:  The Soul of the future child can be very much present with the Mother while not being within the baby’s physical body.  Mother and child can communicate and do.  Enjoying the pregnancy, loving the unborn child, playing music for it … all can be a part of the process.  Our physical cells have memory and all of the experiences during gestation will remain in the cells’ memory.  The fact that the Soul does not enter the physical body until birth, or shortly thereafter, does not lessen the closeness that parents experience with their child during pregnancy.  The Soul is experiencing along with the parents, while remaining free of the restraints that come with entering a physical body.

My reason for writing the article was to help those who are so concerned over killing babies realize that there is no death of the Soul involved in abortion.  Death of the Soul does not exist.  Losing a child through miscarriage or abortion can be painful to the parents because on our present 3rd dimensional plane of duality, we are taught one life to live.  As a result, what we perceive as death holds a finality that is painful to bare.

Sadly, the lie that abortion = killing babies is propagated by those who seek control via manipulating and lying to the people.  This emotionally saturated issue can be used by the power elite to determine, or greatly impact, the outcome of events as huge as a presidential election.

Thankfully, when we ascend in a few short weeks, we will know that ALL IS CREATED WITH LOVE!



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[iv]   Wow!  Even Origen taught the [Purple Transmuting] Flame of Purification!

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