NOTE BY NANCY:  I am inserting the Divine Self Chart in this reading because it may assist you in picturing what Jesus is saying through John Smallman.  The lower figure represents your physical body that is actually enfolded in Light.  The second figure represents your Higher, Intuitive Mind or Christ Self, through which you have a direct channel of communication with your indwelling God, or I AM PRESENCE—the 3rd figure.  The entire chart represents YOU and illustrates Jesus’ teachings in this channeling.  I encourage you to read Jesus’ words and study your true identity as you do so.  YOU ARE ALL OF THE BELOW.



You have hunkered down into physical bodies that restrict you

November 2, 2012 by John Smallman

You are sentient energy beings of enormous power and creative abilities who have chosen for a short while to limit yourselves severely within the illusory environment in which you are presently experiencing life.  You have the ability to manifest your presence anywhere you choose, and you are there as soon as you make that choice.  Where you are now is the result of a choice that you made and continue to adhere to.  You always have the freedom to change your mind, and you will shortly choose to awaken into Reality, leaving the illusion and all the psychic and emotional baggage that you gathered while you were there to fade away, forgotten and unnoticed.

As you move towards this most significant and amazing event – significant and amazing, because it is totally unimaginable in your present unreal realm of unpleasant and disturbing dreams – you are releasing the bonds that tie you to your present state of limited consciousness.  These bonds are any attitudes or beliefs that are in conflict with unconditional love.  You have become so accustomed to judging others wrong and trying to prove yourselves to be right that those egoic distractions are very hard for you to ignore, let alone discard. But they are bonds that must and will be untied to free you from suffering and limitation.

Because you are divine beings, one with your Father, your will is in alignment with His, and His Will is that you awaken into your fully-conscious and natural state. Therefore, you will.  Presently, it is extremely difficult for you to conceive of Reality and what it means, because you have hunkered down into physical bodies that restrict you horribly in myriad ways.  The real You, the Self that is one with God remains wholly connected to Source, but the egoic and embodied you is far too small to hold an awareness of that divine state, and therefore it experiences only the illusion and all the problems and issues with which that presents you in every moment.  Unreal as they are, they still furnish you with a very convincing and seemingly real set of images, and it is hard for you to dissociate yourselves from them and focus entirely on your immortal spiritual being — the true You.

When you pray or meditate you allow the guidance from your true Self to penetrate your human awareness to a greater or lesser extent, depending on how well you manage to quieten your human mind.  It comes through as intuitive suggestions that prove themselves to be valid, and as feelings of upliftment, confidence, faith, optimism, and a love for all.  It can be like a warm feeling of comfort and safety that is completely unaffected by whatever is going on around you.  In your physical embodied state you are unable to maintain that feeling because the Light it holds is too powerful for your body to cope with for any length of time.  What you do retain is the memory of it, and that strengthens your faith and helps you to continue carrying and sharing a reduced manifestation of the Light that your Father installed within you at the moment of your creation.

That manifestation is with you permanently as you wander uncertainly through the illusion, seeking the exit, and the intuitive guidance or ideas with which it presents you are to help you find your way home — to Yourself.  By finding your own way (each one’s path is precisely suited to the one who is following it, and to no one else) you help all those with whom you have any form of contact to do likewise.  That is your task, and every loving thought, word, or action in which you engage moves you further along the path and therefore, closer to your awakening.  There is no turning back for you because you long ago made the final choice to return to Reality.  The resultant help you are receiving from your Father through your guides and angels is ensuring that no accident can befall you that would divert you from your path.  So rest assured that you are protected from anything that could cause you harm. “Harm” would be failure to awaken, and that cannot occur.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

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