SaLuSa: Meet Us Without Fear

2012 October 31

Posted by Steve Beckow


At the end of his speech in Sedona on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., Mike Quinsey gave an impromptu message from SaLuSa. Mike did not give it as SaLuSa speaking directly, but as Mike reporting what SaLuSa was saying to him.

Thank you, dear ones, for coming to Sedona. I’m speaking for SaLuSa who wants to say that they’re more than grateful for people coming to Sedona. You’ve created much more light than previously which will go around the Earth and help to speed up evolution around the planet.

The forces on the motherships and other craft are so near to us now. They’re monitoring everything that goes on around the Earth. The consciousness levels have never been as high as they are now and when they reach critical mass there’ll be an explosion of light on the Earth.

They want us not to make the extraterrestrials superior in any way. They come as equals and when they come we’ll have a great celebration. They’ll continue to be with us after Ascension. They want us to become part of their plans for the future and they have a lot to offer us and will lift us into the higher levels they have described.

They want us to meet them without fear. When they’ve come to the Earth, they haven’t done anything that would harm us or put people in a place of fear. But they do realize that the dark ones have always set about to bring us fear of their presence.

They want us to evolve very quickly so that they can bring us the benefits of technology. The Sirians want to meet the Sirians among us, the Pleiadians, the Pleiadians, and so forth. After Ascension some of us will get the opportunity to return to our planets. It’s a choice we’ll make. Our real families are extraterrestrial, which we left when we volunteered to come to this plant to help with Ascension.

They know us well. In the nighttime some of us go meet them on the ships but when we go back they close off our memories because the memories of experiencing their superior technologies and the warmth and comfort would distract us too much from our work on Earth.

Even now they don’t want to upset the work of the end times. They’re very proud of the work that the lightworkers have done and even now they are very present with our spirit guides. They are as available to us as our guides and if they can help us in any way they will. What they do is when they are around us they try to influence us.

They’re not very much inclined to give us dates but all will come in the very near future. They prefer that we allow things to flow and accept things as they are because all of this is in our best interests.

SaLuSa thanks us for our warm interest. He is the voice for the original group that has come from the motherships. They don’t work separately. They work as teams. This teamwork will happen to us as well in the near future.

Mankind has worked very hard in the past few years to bring all races together and become one. SaLuSa does not want to be idolized. He does not consider himself to be anything special. But he does appreciate that we are helped by the messages. He appreciates that many of the messages have been repetitive but that is unavoidable.

He can see us now. He can see our love, our light, our auras. He sees beautiful people merging together and creating a wonderful impact on the people of the world. The galactics appreciate our efforts and are coming nearer and nearer and appreciate our efforts.

It didn’t exist some time back that people welcomed their presence. Previously fear was more prevalent than love but that has changed. The more love that comes, the easier it is for them to come.

This is where SaLuSa wants to end his message but he wants to come back on Monday and we’ll continue.



Part 2

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Scales in balance

 A reader’s question in response to my article:


As we near the end of our sojourn on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality, a part of the creation process for our galactic society will entail bringing our lives, and that of the entire human family, into balance.  How will we accomplish this?

Let’s first consider achieving balance on an individual level.  As a vocational rehabilitation counselor, my job was to evaluate each client’s personality/physical characteristics and the skills that could be developed into a vocation.  This meant knowing the negative characteristics as well as the positive.  The evaluation would have been useless if I did not get to know the negative influences that would impact the client’s capacity to function successfully.  At first sight, the negative might outweigh the positive to the point where the situation seems hopelessly imbalanced.

scales of imbalance

The goal of vocational rehabilitation is to know the negative and then, to use the positive to achieve balance, as demonstrated by a well functioning individual.  During the rehabilitation process, we are focusing on the positive characteristics and developing them.  The more the client uses the positive characteristics, the more balanced his/her life becomes.  We did not ignore the negative; instead, we got to know the negative and the positive, then developed the positive.

Norman Vincent Peale stated:  “Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution.  If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds.”

 Albert Einstein stated:  “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

 Both men recognize that we have to focus on the problem, i.e. the negative, long enough to understand its systemic causes and to decipher the seeds of solution, i.e. the positive.

My intuitive impression is that people study Unity, Science of Mind (both of which I studied for decades), and The Course In Miracles, and somehow develop a fear of looking at the problem—the negative.   We say, “I don’t want to energize the negative with my thought energy.”

However, there is a difference between focusing on the negative – and – evaluating the problem that we consider to be negative in search of the seeds of its own solution.  As we search for the seeds of solution, we are not focused on the negative.  Instead, we are looking for the pathways to the positive.

 I’ll give another example:  Recent news has been filled with negative images and reports on Iran and Afghanistan.  With a mind saturated with the negative news, it is next to impossible to think positive thoughts about Iran or Afghanistan.  So I tried an experiment:  Can I continue to think of Iran and Afghanistan and do so in a positive light?  I created a 4 part series entitled “Working For World Peace By Getting To Know The Beauty Of A Country & Its People.”

 It works!  Now, each time I send Light to Iran or Afghanistan, my thought energy goes to the beauty of the country and its people.  As we get to know the beauty (or positive) and focus on it, we are envisioning peace rather than a war-torn country or the possibility of nuclear weapons.  It isn’t that we ignore Iran and Afghanistan because we don’t want to energize negative energy; it is that we focus on the beauty … look into the eyes of the people and love them … and know we want peace for our precious brothers and sisters.  I was startled to find in the photos of Afghanistan—a country that has been under near-continuous military attack since the 17th century—that it possesses an aura around it that I perceive as the blue of devotion  and Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame.

A very important consideration regarding what we presently know as one of the most corrupt (thus negative) facets of our 3rd dimensional lives is the political arena.  Politics is literally a dirty  word and with good reason.  However, the end result of very well meaning people not wanting to focus on the negative has been that many of the good and often very capable people in any nation have refused to get involved with politics. It is easy to see how imbalanced governments become when a large portion of the citizenry, especially those seeking the good, refuses to get involved.

In 2012, our entire planet is on the verge of being tasked with creating a galactic society as the old, corrupt society crumbles.  Every human being will be needed as an involved citizen to cooperate in this planetary endeavor.  I feel sure that for awhile there will be pockets of negativity representing problems awaiting evaluation and the finding of the seeds of its own solution.  These solutions, or positive alternatives, will be found as we seek with the higher level of consciousness that will be ours as we ascend.  We can then work together from a higher level of consciousness than that with which the problems were created.

May we begin today to learn to think in accordance with a higher consciousness—to solve the problems of our society from the standpoint of a much higher conscious awareness than the one on which our societal problems exist.

Together, as ONE, we will achieve balance!  Not by focusing only on the positive, but by cooperatively evaluating the negative in a search for the seeds of solutions, thenplanting, watering, and harvesting those seeds together!


Scales in balance








November 1, 2012





 The very powerful information shared in this show is from Spirit.  Lorna and I take no credit.  A few months ago, Lorna—who lives in South Korea—and I—who live in the USA—did not know each other.  As Lorna listened to an interview of me by Stephen Cook on InLight Radio, she instantly knew that she was being called by Spirit to launch her own blog talk radio show.  She invited me to be her first guest and to discuss Ascension from the point of view of Christians wanting to know more.

 Lorna and I did a four part series and the response was so powerful that Lorna did a Call-In show for her listeners.  It has been as if an avalanche—already  poised to begin its journey down the mountain—took off.  The show struck a cord within the hearts and minds of many.

 So when Spirit began urging Lorna and I both to speak to the true significance of America’s 2012 Elections, we knew to proceed with this Special Edition Show.  Both of us have learned through our life experiences that when Spirit urges, we simply move forward—knowing there is a Divine Plan and we are messengers.  I can tell you that Lorna and I both were blown away by the information that we share in this show.

 May this show blow each listener away with the power of Spirit speaking directly to you!  May you share this show with many, especially Americans, immediately. 

 Nothing will stand in the way of the Divine Plan for Gaia unfolding, but how much more exciting it is to play the role each of us have in this unfoldment!–nancy-detweiler-on-election-2012


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