Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

 I am re-posting this article in case you are making decisions or are haunted by subliminal messages reminding you of the “hellfire and brimstone” sermons you heard in childhood or even more recently.

 It is time we set this false belief and method of control aside!  It is time for all to feel the freedom to seek truth and to allow that truth to set you free.

 There is no hell … there is no death!   God’s love is not expressed through violence of any form.  These are lies that we have been taught in order to control us by fear. 

 It is time to think in terms of allowing our consciousness to expand into the unconditional love of the Source of our being and of all creation. 

 Truth = we live and move and have our being within the unconditional love of our Heavenly Mother/Father God.