Any loving thought or word creates an eternal effect

10/31/2012 by John Smallman

There is no one presently experiencing life on Earth who is not to some extent feeling the changing energies that are enveloping you.  They are growing powerfully each day and increasing in intensity, because they need to, as the moment of awakening draws ever closer.  You are not alone!  You are in receipt of enormous help from the spiritual realms because you have asked for it, and we always deliver.  Keep talking to us because it helps you enormously in your task by reminding you that you are being constantly helped and are never left alone to sort things out on your own.  It would make no sense to try as it would be engaging in illusory and meaningless activities, because as we are all one — always — to do something alone is impossible.  Engage with us through prayer and meditation and we will ensure your awakening.

When you do so you are opening your hearts to receive the abundance of God’s Love for you in a most creative and uplifting way, raising your spirits and sparking your enthusiasm to work with Him through us to bring this stage of the ongoing divine plan to completion.  This is why you are on Earth right now, and you do know this even though your awareness of it is not as clear as you would like it to be.  You are aware of the importance of being loving, accepting, and forgiving in every situation in which you find yourselves, and that must show you that you know that all are one.  If you truly believed in the separation of individuals, one from another, as the illusion would have you believe, then you would be content to soldier on in the old ways, just looking after number one.  Not only are you not doing that, but you are very much aware of how unsatisfactory a way to live that is, which is why you no longer behave in that fashion.

Humanity has already advanced a great distance along the collective path to awakening, and the rate at which you are continuing your progress is accelerating daily.  Pay attention to this fact because it helps you to be optimistic and positive in preparation for the final release of all negative thought-forms that hold you back and attempt to delay your awakening.  Obviously, in Reality, your eternal Home, there are no negative thought-forms.  The divine Presence is an all-encompassing energy field of infinite, positive potential, offering limitless, creative opportunities for your constant enjoyment.  No lingering doubts about the wisdom of your actions will ever again assail you, as you delve ever deeper into the wonders that Heaven displays in an infinite selection of entrancing and beautiful activities for you engage in, using your marvelous creative abilities, because in the celestial realms nothing can occur that is not in complete alignment with the divine Will for the supreme happiness of all.

Love and life are one in the abundant and eternal outpouring of the divine energy field that embraces all of creation.  The fulfillment of all your hopes and desires is its purpose because your Father wants only your infinite joy and satisfaction to complement His own.  At present you can have only the haziest of ideas as to what that could possibly mean, but that hazy idea is the motivating force that has enabled you to follow your paths through numerous lifetimes as humans on planet Earth, as you incarnated again and again to continue the process of learning the divine lesson: All you need is Love.

When you truly embrace, share, and extend love as individuals the effects are eternal and quite magnificent.  Any loving thought, word, intent, or action in which you engage creates an eternal effect that is forever shared unconditionally and indiscriminately with all sentient life.  If it is not completely free from egoic ambition and self-serving agendas, then your loving Father purifies it because He knows you, He understands you, and He divines your true loving intent which your egos often attempt to subvert.  You are truly far more loving than you give yourselves credit for, and you frequently try to hide that truth from yourselves and from others.  Remember, you are perfect divine beings having an illusory experience of a very temporary nature, and nothing within the illusion can in any way change that.

Continue to fully engage in your task of bringing your individual energy fields into alignment with your Father’s, and by doing so assist all the unawakened ones, including those who seem to be in a state that is far deeper than sleep – the ones who are utterly committed to maintaining the old, outdated order through deceit, betrayal of all ideals, fear, and conflict – and whose path to awakening is proving somewhat longer than your own.

Your Father loves all of His creation infinitely, and He knows that His Love is returned by every sentient being He ever created.  He is infinite Love, infinite Patience, infinite Acceptance, infinite Harmony, and infinite Peace.  No part of creation will ever be lost or destroyed; all will be brought lovingly Home to eternal joy.  Knowing this, as you most certainly do, let go of all your fears, doubts, and worries.  Look forward expectantly to your awakening, and remind yourselves frequently that all is divinely taken care of.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]



Peace can only prevail when peaceful means are employed to obtain it

October 31, 2012 by John Smallman

Your Father’s Love for you is total, infinite, and constant, He never forgets even one of you for as much as an instant.  You are permanently enveloped in His divine embrace, safe, secure, and at peace, needing nothing and desiring nothing because you have everything – He gave you everything when He created you.

One of the many unfortunate aspects of your illusion is your inability to clearly perceive and understand the oneness of all that exists.  Because all is one in God there is absolutely nothing to fear.  Within the illusion things appear in a totally different light, and a seemingly defensive action against another is inevitably an attack on oneself (the word light is perhaps not the most appropriate one to use in this context).

Many of you have read stories of people’s near-death experiences (NDEs), which demonstrate quite clearly that Reality is all that exists and that it is a place of total Love and Acceptance, in which you have your eternal existence.  When your own doubts or anxieties about the truth of this arise remind yourselves of the uplifting, inspiring, and comforting NDE stories that you have read because they give you a very good overview of what to expect when you eventually choose to lay down your human bodies, as you know you will, releasing yourselves into the infinite freedom of Reality.  When that occurs total comprehension will dawn on you with a sense of amazement and wonder.

The illusion, in which you have been having such unpleasant and painful experiences for so long, is approaching its point of termination — the moment for its dissolution — because you have all become quite disenchanted with it.  You have been in the process of changing your minds about it because the “dog eat dog” or “winner takes all” philosophy that has intrigued and motivated you for so long is no longer appealing, and you are finally understanding its insanity.  As a result numerous organizations based on it are collapsing, as support is withdrawn from them and their members leave to join new ones that are forming with compassionate and loving infrastructures, designed to accommodate the needs of all on the planet.

These enormous changes in progress are part of humanity’s awakening awareness that war and conflict — the eon’s old methods of gaining political advantage — do not work, cannot work, and need to cease.  Moves have been afoot since the end of World War I to attempt to bring peace to the planet, but the old ways have been so firmly ingrained in humanity’s consciousness that it has been very difficult to bring effective changes into being.  Fear of the “enemy,” whoever that happened to be, encouraged politicians and the military to continue developing ever more efficient killing-machines as they convinced themselves, and persuaded you, that by having the latest in weaponry they were protecting you all from the dire consequences of being caught unprepared by an enemy’s attack.  And your history does seem to support that point of view.

But of course the end result of that philosophy has been an escalation in the variety of weapons available, and an escalation in the numbers of military forces that are armed with them.  An ongoing state of war has prevailed in many places because armies expect to be employed, and their commanders are always on the lookout for theaters in which to deploy them – supposedly to maintain the peace.

Recognition is now being given to the simple fact that peace can only prevail when peaceful means are employed to obtain and maintain it.  There is never a valid reason to engage in warfare.  A war can never be “just” because war, by its very nature, is unjust and indiscriminate in the suffering and damage that it causes to all involved — both those who choose to take part in it and those who had no choice in the matter because they live in the area in which it is being waged.  Nevertheless, despite the wars presently in progress on the planet, the conscious intent of the collective to cease all war and to disengage from those presently occurring is gaining a very powerful momentum.

As Light-bearers and way-showers your expanding individual energy fields, strengthened and further empowered by their integration with the divine energy field, are having an enormous influence on the unawakened members of human society, who, like you, are here at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution to assist in the awakening process.  You are all involved; you all have your place in this exhilarating and unfolding drama – Humanity’s Awakening!  Attend to your spiritual intent to assist humanity to awaken with persistence and confidence, knowing, as you most certainly do, that it is God’s Will as well as yours — and that therefore success is assured.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]







Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

 I am re-posting this article in case you are making decisions or are haunted by subliminal messages reminding you of the “hellfire and brimstone” sermons you heard in childhood or even more recently.

 It is time we set this false belief and method of control aside!  It is time for all to feel the freedom to seek truth and to allow that truth to set you free.

 There is no hell … there is no death!   God’s love is not expressed through violence of any form.  These are lies that we have been taught in order to control us by fear. 

 It is time to think in terms of allowing our consciousness to expand into the unconditional love of the Source of our being and of all creation. 

 Truth = we live and move and have our being within the unconditional love of our Heavenly Mother/Father God.





Nancy B . Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


 Many, especially among Christians, may fear considering their own personal ascension.  To do so, may appear sanctimonious or to distract from the role of Jesus’ incarnation on Gaia.

Did Jesus incarnate to be a unique expression of God?  No, he came to show us the Way to Ascension!

Although the early church fathers and ecumenical councils sought to project an image of Jesus that made him unique, Jesus himself did not confirm this view.  See:

Jesus demonstrated the Way to Ascension through the major events in his life.  See:

What is Ascension?

Study the 1st Divine Self Chart above.  Note that 3 figures are present:  1. The human being residing on the physical or 3rd dimensional plane.  This individual naturally focuses his/her attention on the physical plane, most often depends upon his/her intellect (or lower mind) to determine answers about life, and depends upon those answers that can be verified via one of the five lower senses.  He/she will often make the statement:  I’ll believe it when I see some proof.  2. The middle figure or Higher, Intuitive Mind, the Christ Self, the Higher Self.  As the physical plane individual begins to focus on the Higher, Intuitive Mind, the Ascension process begins.  Instead of living life in accordance with the Lower, Intellectual Mind, she/he ascends or lifts his/her consciousness to the level of the Higher Self or Soul Level of Consciousness.  At this level, we begin the development of what the Apostle Paul called the mind that was in Christ Jesus.[i]   3.  The top figure, the I AM PRESENCE, God within you, the Kingdom of God within you.

The mind that was in Christ Jesus was in attunement with God’s Mind.  Jesus taught:  My teaching is not mine, but his who sent me.[ii]  So, when you and I ascend, it means that we not only know how to be in attunement with our Higher, Intuitive Mind; but will also ascend in consciousness to become One with the I AM PRESENCE indwelling us.

Study the 2nd Divine Self Chart above.  Note that the middle figure is no longer present and that the stream of consciousness extends from the physical human being directly to the I AM PRESENCE.  This is Ascension.  We are learning to maintain the consciousness that is within the Mind of Jesus, the Mind of God.   As the Apostle Paul taught:  Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.[iii]

Will Ascension be complete on 12/21/12?  No, there are numerous dimensions of consciousness.  The Ascension, or evolutionary leap, that we are to experience approximately December 21, 2012 will be a leap to first rung of the Ascension ladder.  We will lift our consciousness above the dimensions where negativity of any kind can exist.  We will enter the realm of God-consciousness, but still have much to learn and integrate.

To ascend will mean we think like God thinks.  Since GOD IS ABSOLUTE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, God can think only in terms of unconditional love for every individual within all of creation.  God favors no one; God forgets no one.  A God of Love cannot perceive negativity of any kind.  As we begin to think as God thinks, we will perceive only in terms of “this is my sister … this is my brother … and I love them unconditionally.  As we create an ascended society—a galactic society—we think only in terms of what is best for every single human being on this planet.  We leave no one out on the 3rd dimensional basis of “being lazy … demanding entitlements … not worthy … let him get a job and work for his food … no government hand-outs … no work – no healthcare.”

Jesus revealed the way God thinks:  Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body, what you will wear.  Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?  Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not of more value than they?  And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?  And why do you worry about clothing?  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these.  But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more cloth you? [iv]

 This is how God thinks … Are we ready to think likewise?  This is ascended thinking … 5th dimensional thinking!  Even though 5th dimension contains no negativity, no deprivation, no jobs (working to fulfill someone else’s aspirations rather than our own), no pain, no illness, ascended individuals still think in terms of good for every part of creation—no exceptions!


 There may be some individuals who are not ready to ascend.  They may choose to remain within a 3rd dimensional society or need to learn additional lessons that can be learned only on the 3rd dimension.  They may not be ready to give up their hatred, need for revenge, prejudice, greed, power issues, and still need to feel superior to others less fortunate.  Some may simply be happy with their 3rd dimensional lifestyles and not be ready to give it up.

For these, the choice to remain on 3rd dimension entails a move to another planet—very likely a totally unconscious move of which they will have no awareness that anything has changed.  Loving spiritual guides will continue to be with them … they will continue to live and move and have their being [v] within the energy of God’s love, just as we all are at this very moment.  Since GOD IS ALL THAT IS, there is nowhere where God is not.  The difference between 3rd dimension and 5th dimension is that on the 3rd, we continue to learn via suffering and believe ourselves to be separate from God.  On the 5th dimension, there is no suffering and we have ascended into the higher consciousness of knowing we are One with God … we are consciously aware of living with only Love, only Joy, only Abundance, only Peace.

But, what if this is not true and we end up in Hell?

Even though many churches no longer speak of hell, many Christians—even those who have left the church—retain pockets of fear generated years ago by hell fire and brimstone preaching heard during childhood.




What about those who say they have nothing to worry over … that are born again?

Love is the key to Ascension.  Love and the release of all negativity, such as the need for revenge or to be superior—to lord it over another human being.

THE RELEASE OF ALL NEGATIVITY IS IMPORTANT because Universal Law is “Like Attracts Like.  Therefore, if the individual’s energy field contains pockets of negativity, they will be attracted to a 3rd or 4th dimension, which still contain the positive and negative vibrations.

The Universal Law of Like attracts Like is one reason believing we are born again can be insufficient.  No one can release our own need to hate or seek revenge but us … no one can do it for us.


 Ascension is to attain the mind that was in Christ Jesus and therefore, there is no reason for fear.

On the other hand, we are now living within the last two months of 2012 and we are faced with two major decisions.

1.  Do I want to ascend?

2.  Am I ready to VOTE in accordance with the way God thinks?   Can I discern which candidate has the capacity to help us create an ascended society?

Both candidates are having to use campaign talking points that can be understood on our present 3rd dimensional plane of residence.  So, in order to vote in accordance with the way God thinks, we must ascend in our thinking to a level enabling us to discern which of the candidates will best assist us in creating a 5th dimensional culture.

[i]   Philippians 2:5.

[ii]   John 7:16.

[iii]   I Corinthians 13:12.

[iv]   Matthew 6:25-30.

[v]   Acts 17:28.

WAKE UP TO 2012 & BEYOND – OCTOBER 25, 2012




OCTOBER 25, 2012


Lorna talks with two call-ins who share their experiences regarding the 4 parts series with Nancy Detweiler.  These listeners grew up in the church and then, wanted to know more.  Both described the feelings of fear they had over exploring and seeking more Truth.  One listener told of the residual fear he had not realized he continued to carry with him over spending an eternity in hell. 

 As I listened to the callers, I was struck by the realization that the reason behind some individuals’ choice to become an atheist is that rather than believe in a God who creates such fear of punishment they choose to believe in the non-existence of Deities.

 My belief was also confirmed that modern day churches who say they no longer teach the existence of hell are falling short in their responsibility to teach “there is no hell created by a God of Absolute Love for the purpose of punishing for eternity those who do not accept Jesus as Savior & Lord.”  The residual effects of hearing such teaching during childhood continue to haunt.

 After listening to the show, you may like to read:  “Hell = Jerusalem’s Garbage Dump” at:

 AND NOW FOR THE SHOW!–episode-5







Truth resonates when it hits you.  You don’t even question it. “His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are children of God.”  “Deep calls to deep”…. it really IS that simple.

Funny thing is that I ALWAYS questioned EVERYTHING I learned in Christianity and now I know why!  The answers and interpretations never did sit right with me.

One thing that I am very grateful for is that when I “accepted Christ” at 19, I never once questioned whether I was “saved” or not, because Romans 8:28 onwards and Ephesians 4:30 said I was secure in God.  I never thought about “saved form Hell/ judgment etc”, but more or less saved (reserved) for a special purpose. I never thought about “losing my salvation.”— what a drudge to be given a gift, only to have it taken away! The Pentecostals can have that!!!

The first caller on Lorna’s show talked about his struggle with the fear of Hell. Even in College, I was taught that Sheol or Gehenna was not a place of eternal judgment, but then the School turned right around and taught fire and brimstone!  Even then I thought “What the….?”

College indoctrinated me, but I am glad that I have somehow always had a mind that remained open to be “educated.”  Actually, the hardest issue I have had to struggle with is seeing Jesus just as I am. The teachings on Christ have put him in an untouchable, all- God category that denies his very humanity.

The only other doctrinal issue that I resolved years ago was the 5-Point Calvinism.  What a messy mess that one is! It is a small miracle that I can still survive in a Church.  I know of no one in either of the congregations I serve that understand much of anything, frankly.  Only the Pastors seem to have any semblance of spiritual life going on.












Genii, author of CITY OF LIGHT – SEDONA is a fascinating, very talented woman.  Her highly successful career has been with puppets.  You will enjoy this interview!