JUNE 25, 2012




It is essential that people know the problem, so they can assist with the Solution in positive, intelligent ways.  Fear of the unknown simply adds to the problem.

 On June 24, 2012, Drake—the military whistleblower chosen by the good guys at the Pentagon to break news to the public—learned that the dark cabal (or globalists) attempted to get those present at the G-20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro to agree to taking control of the world using Agenda 21.  This means that national sovereignty would be removed and the New World Order of one government would be established.  This would in effect enslave the inhabitants of Earth.  You may learn more about Agenda 21 at:

Agenda 21 is sinister and vast in its scope and goals—all of which are aimed at controlling humanity.  We, as Earth humans, have to remember that the way we are controlled is to present what appears to be a beneficial idea for the planet and its inhabitants; while the actual goal behind that idea is total control of humanity.  The days of calling this truth a conspiracy theory are over.  Earth humans today—June 26, 2012—stand on the brink of total enslavement by the dark cabal.

This G-20 in Rio attempt was verified by Lord Christopher Monckton in his interview with Liberty In Our Time.  This ten minute video is very educational:  Lord Monckton was in attendance as the Chief Policy Advisor to the British Science & Public Policy Institute.  He unequivocally states that the G-20 Rio Conference was not about saving the planet or eradicating poverty, but about shackling the planet under global government.

The attempt failed in Rio.  Thus, the next Cabal move is to meet in Hague, Netherlands in an attempt to win a United Nations vote for one world government in accordance with Agenda 21.  According to the best information Drake and Lady Dragon had received at the time of his show on June 24, 2012, this vote could take place as early as this week, June 25-29, 2012.

The cabal is making a last ditch effort to seize total control of the planet rather than be arrested for their crimes against humanity.  They are fully aware that their mass arrests have been scheduled to take place at any moment.


In his special edition of Cosmic Vision Breaking News, Geoffrey does an excellent job of presenting the problem, then focusing on its positive solutions.  He follows the “Hour With An Angel” show with his special edition, rendering the audio a little over 2 hrs. in length.

The 1st hour is a discussion of the true meaning of peace with Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters El Morya & Serapis Bey.  Listening to them reminds us that the Angels, Ascended Masters, and our Star Families are all present with us for this momentous event in cosmic history.

The June 25 Special Edition of Cosmic Vision Breaking News begins at the 60 minutes mark.  If at all possible listening to both hours will enhance your understanding of the magnitude of the transition we are presently experiencing.

We are engaged in a cosmic event that has never before happened.  Prior to incarnating this lifetime, we eagerly signed up to be a part of this glorious transition!

 Now, here’s Geoffrey!




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