NOTE BY NANCY:  On May 30, 2010, Dove of Oneness returned to spiritual realms.  For years, Dove worked tirelessly 24/7 to bring forth an announcement of NESARA and its benefits.  As has been true of anyone working in opposition to the dark cabal, Dove was ridiculed and controversy followed her every step.

Since her death, her website has been deleted, along with the years of reports she issued to keep those desiring to have NESARA announced up to date.  I found this summary written by Dove on the website listed below.

“DOVE” and the
National Economic Security And Reformation Act

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Date: Friday, August 23, 2002 3:50 p.m. PDT
To: “Dove Group Members”
From: “Dove_of_O”
Subject: [doveofo] NESARA, Big Money & White Knights

First Posted 7/25/2002

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I’m told the World Court ruled yesterday, 8/22/2002, that the 14 countries MUST honor their contracts and change their banking systems in alignment with the true NESARA law as previously agreed.

Below is an overview of the topics about which I write in the Dove Reports and some history behind the Dove Reports. If you are new to the Dove Reports, this will help orient you to the topics and news in the Dove Reports.

About two and a half years ago in the Fall of 1999, I began tracking the progress of certain prosperity programs by talking with people involved in these prosperity programs and developing a network of phone and Internet contacts. I learned that there were more than 50 prosperity programs, some of them over 15 years old, which were supposed to be funding to program members at about the same time as the big program I was tracking. I learned that these prosperity programs were held in “trusts” and that the funds from some of the major prosperity programs were meant to be used by the programs’ members to improve the world.

As I researched the history of these programs, I discovered that in the last twenty years certain Wealthy Visionaries had created these prosperity programs to enable people who care about improving the world to have the massive funds required to make crucial world improvements. I learned that a number of these Wealthy Visionaries came from some of the most powerful families of the world, such as the top thirteen banking families who controlled the major banking systems of the world. I learned that these Wealthy Visionaries from the powerful families disagreed with their families’ future plans to obtain increased control of the world’s resources and people. The Wealthy Visionaries could see their families’ plans would result in disastrous consequences for the world and the world’s people.

I’m told the Wealthy Visionaries determined the only way to avoid the future disasters was to empower people who sincerely wish to improve the world with large amounts of funds to make critical improvements necessary to enable a better future for the world and the world’s people. Critical improvements such as feeding the hungry, making medical care available to all, cleaning up the environment and much more were things the Wealthy Visionaries knew needed to be done and they also knew it would take people NOT part of the status quo to make these crucial improvements.

I was told that the Wealthy Visionaries set up certain prosperity programs using the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) humanitarian projects wealth development processes. I learned that the IMF is in charge of approving and overseeing programs which require a minimum amount of $10 million per program and therefore are generally utilized by wealthy people, corporations, and countries. The IMF requires that each of these programs has a “humanitarian project” defined which receives up to 50% of the proceeds of these programs earning very high rates of return. I learned that these programs began in Europe among the nobility in the mid-1700s and were kept secret among the wealthy for many years and are still kept secret from the public for a variety of reasons. It generally takes a personal introduction by a trusted friend and at least $1 million in assets for a person to be part of these prosperity programs.

When the Wealthy Visionaries set up these prosperity programs they stipulated that, for example, there would be 300,000 people who wanted to “improve the world recruited to join the program” and these 300,000 people were defined as the “humanitarian project” for the program and designated to receive funds from the program(s). I’m told there were various Wealthy Visionaries who set up numerous prosperity programs with different numbers of people to be recruited as the “humanitarian project”. The prosperity program I’ve researched in depth is one I call the “big program” and I’m told it was supposed to have hundreds of thousands of people “recruited” to join the prosperity program as the “humanitarian project” recipients. I’m told there are a little over 300,000 members of the big program in the official funding database. Another program I’ve heard about is said to have as many as a million people defined as the humanitarian project.

I’m told the Wealthy Visionaries, who were the program Principals and provided the initial $10 million to $100 million for each program, were bound by standard IMF Non Disclosure agreements for five or ten or more years which prohibited them from discussing the programs. Because of being bound by the long term Non Disclosures, the Wealthy Visionaries could not talk about the prosperity programs themselves but instead had to engage program administrators and coordinators to “recruit” people who wanted to make world improvements to join these programs. I’m told that again, because of the secrecy inherent in these IMF programs, the administrators and coordinators who were engaged to “recruit people to join these programs” could NOT tell the people that they were being put into the “humanitarian project” of the program. Therefore, these administrators and coordinators of the prosperity programs had to use various cover stories over the years as they found people who wanted to join the programs.

After researching the progress of the prosperity programs for some months on a daily basis, I began to hear about purposeful efforts by certain parties in our government and banks who were trying to block the deliveries of the prosperity programs funding notifications to program recipients. I was told that the bankers liked having the prosperity programs’ money sitting in the banks BUT NOT available to be used by the prosperity program recipients because then the bankers could use the prosperity funds to make money for the bank. I was told that the IMF rules absolutely forbid any program recipients to have access to their “program funds” until ALL the prosperity program recipients have at least had one attempted delivery. I’ve heard about various legal and illegal processes that have been used by numerous government and banking officials to block the completion of the prosperity programs funding notifications.

After hearing about these very organized and purposeful efforts to block the deliveries and funding of these prosperity programs, from what I was hearing it was obvious these groups blocking our prosperity deliveries were working together. I named these groups the “dark agenda” groups for purposes of discussing the daily actions involving our prosperity programs.

In January 2000 I heard about another group that was fighting to obtain our prosperity programs deliveries and funding completion. This group called themselves the East Coast Coalition and I was told they were mainly attorneys who had large interests in the big prosperity program and were taking action to get the big program funding completed for everyone. I was able to confirm that this East Coast Coalition (ECC) was fighting to get our funding done in mediation sessions in that were secretly held initially in Manhattan, NY, but later were moved out of the New York City area due to security issues. I heard that the U.S. Federal Judge doing the mediation was backed up by a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and I was told the intent was to clear all “legal issues” so that the remaining prosperity programs deliveries and funding could be done. I was told this U.S. Federal Judge had the duty to order small amounts of “test groups” prosperity program deliveries to be made on a fairly regular basis. I’ve confirmed some of these deliveries were made over the years and these people did their funding paperwork but, per IMF rules, are not allowed to access their large amounts of program funds until all the prosperity program deliveries are completed.

I heard about some of the people who were fighting our big program’s prosperity deliveries and funding. During 2000 I was told frequently about legal blocks the Rockefeller banking family and George W. Bush, Senior used in the NY mediation sessions to try to keep our big prosperity program from completing mass prosperity deliveries and funding. I was told that George W. Bush, Senior, and David Rockefeller were “Trustees” of our big program and this is why they had legal status in the mediation. When I researched what the official IMF requirements of the Trustees of these programs were, I was told the Trustees’ duties were to ENSURE that the program members RECEIVE their prosperity funds. However, from what I heard coming out of the nearly daily mediation sessions, it was very clear that GW Bush Sr. And the Rockefellers were only using their Trustee status to block our prosperity program deliveries and funding.

In addition, I was told that initially the Chase Manhattan Bank was going to be the “trigger bank” for the funding of our big prosperity program and that some large initial amounts of funding had been deposited into the Chase Manhattan Bank in 1999. I was told that the Rockefellers wanted ALL the funds in our big program to be distributed through ONLY the Chase Manhattan Bank and wanted all the prosperity program members to have to go to a Chase Manhattan Bank branch to obtain access to their funds. I was told that there were prosperity program members in all 50 U.S. states PLUS another 52 countries worldwide and that the Rockefellers were demanding that ALL these 300,000+ program members had to make the trip to a Chase Manhattan Bank branch in order to activate their funding and begin to access their funds. With 300,000 people in 53 countries, this was an extremely unreasonable funding criteria. I’m told as the battles raged in the NY mediation sessions day after day, our initial prosperity program funding amounts sat in the Chase Manhattan Bank and the Rockefellers ILLEGALLY used our prosperity funds to make money for themselves and the bank. Then in June 2000, I was told that our funding “trigger bank” was changed to Bank of America and that there would be MANY other banking corporations in the U.S. and world who would act as secondary funding banks so that prosperity program members would have reasonable distances to travel to their funding banks.

From what I was hearing from sources close to the action, it became very clear that there were bankers and government officials in the U.S. who were blocking us receiving our prosperity deliveries and our funds. I was hearing that some of the other prosperity programs had been blocked for many years from funding by slick bankers’ paperwork tricks as well as purposeful blocks by government officials and program trustees. Then we began to hear from our personal friends at very high U.S. intelligence agency contacts about some of the dirty tricks being used to block our mass prosperity deliveries. We heard about the dark agenda using coercion on the Advisors to the Judge. We heard the Advisors were told if they wanted their family members to live, they had to tell the dark agenda what went on in the secret meetings with the Judge when these trusted Advisors met with the Judge to plan strategies for completing the mass prosperity deliveries. I’m told these dark agenda representatives were CIA agents and worked directly with George W. Bush Senior in efforts to block our prosperity deliveries and funding.

As I expanded my network of contacts, in June 2000 I “met” my first White Knight contact and I heard for the first time about a law secretly passed in March 2000 which I later learned was called NESARA. After several discussions about these people fighting to get our prosperity programs funding to us and also to get the true NESARA law announced and implemented, I realized these people were major players in this worldwide drama and I needed to give them a name. I chose the term “White Knights” from the world of big business when a vulnerable company is RESCUED from a “hostile takeover” by a White Knight corporation or wealthy person. Certainly, those people fighting to rescue our prosperity programs from unscrupulous trustees and to rescue our country from government and banking fraud deserved to be called “White Knights”.

Frankly, I was amazed and uplifted to hear about the very powerful and large number of White Knights who held positions of power, authority, and ability to take action to accomplish the multitude of activities necessary to give our world the NESARA benefits and our prosperity. From my first White Knight contacts who have numerous White Knight contacts including those in U.S. military intelligence, the White House, and other groups involved, I learned that the true NESARA law had been secretly passed in March 2000 and the major benefits were: 1) the abolishment of the IRS and income taxes, 2) the establishment of the U.S. Treasury bank system including new currency backed by precious metals and the absorption of the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury Department; 3) the restoration of Constitutional Law; 4) bank debt forgiveness of credit card debts and debt relief to American citizens of bank mortgage and other debts; 5) the removal of the current government administration and new elections to provide a clean slate on which to base our country’s future; 6) new prosperity options for American citizens; 7) many of NESARA’s benefits roll out to other countries due to interdependent banking and legal systems worldwide; 8) and many more direct and indirect NESARA benefits.

I realized that NESARA gives us the improvements which many of us in the U.S. and worldwide had been working to obtain in various ways for many years. Many groups had been working to expose the fraud in our government and banking systems for many years. One of the groups which had directly contributed to the foundations of NESARA was the Farmers Union.

As I continued my research into our prosperity programs and NESARA, I learned that thousands of American farmers had made HUGE contributions to giving us NESARA. I recalled that our American farmers had been losing their farms to bank foreclosures for many years and that Willy Nelson had been doing Farm Aid concerts for many years to help our farmers. I learned that thousands of farmers in the U.S. Farmers’ Union had been suing U.S. banks and the federal government for fraud since the late 1960s. Eventually I learned that in 1993, after years of the Farmers’ Union lawsuits going up and down various state courts, the Farmers’ lawsuits finally were ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court. In rulings that were put under the STRICTEST GAG ORDER, under penalty of treason charges, the U.S. Supreme Court made a nearly unanimous ruling in 1993 that the U.S. banks and government had committed serious fraud against the people of the United States and that “reformation” of the banks and government, as well as restitution, was necessary.

I was told that for years following the 1993 U.S. Supreme Court decision, a Committee of people authorized by the U.S. Supreme Court negotiated agreements called “Accords” with the federal government officials and bankers to implement the Court’s rulings. Because the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings totally upset the dark agenda’s world control power bases in banking, government, and legal systems, I’m told that later in 1993 the Clinton administration took the U.S. Supreme Court 1993 ruling for the Farmers to the International Court of Justice (also known as the World Court) in a city called The Hague in the Netherlands. I’m told the World Court upheld the key points of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling and thus the “Accords” continued to be negotiated by those charged to implement the rulings. However, after years of negotiating these Accords, it became apparent to the White Knights that they would have to take another approach. Hence, the secret NESARA law was passed in March 2000 “Constitutionally” and has since been “approved” by Congress in a closed session on September 9, 2001 and also “passed” secretly by Congress in late November 2001. As with all people who are officially involved, every member of Congress is bound by the U.S. Supreme Court’s STRICT GAG ORDER and has been ordered to “deny” the passage of NESARA until after the “OFFICIAL” public announcement of the true NESARA law.

I learned that after March 2000, the paths of the true NESARA law and the prosperity programs intertwined. The reason for this was known to relatively few people, but it was why the head of the big program said in late January 2000 that he was certain the program would be funding by Easter of 2000. The reason was that the big program, which was held in a few specific “trusts”, became subject to the rules of the World Trust. The World Trust was set up in the mid 1700s by the Compte de Saint Germain who is known by thousands as the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain. I’m told the World Trust was set up in the mid-1700s to accumulate wealth until it matured in the year 2000 when the Children of Light recipients of the World Trust were to begin receiving their funds so they would have the economic power to make world improvements.

I learned that the World Trust is the oldest and therefore the TOP trust of this kind in the entire world of big money trusts which include the Vatican Trust, French Trust, and many others. The rules of the World Trust stated that as of Easter in the year 2000, the Children of Light must receive their prosperity funds before any of the other trusts below the World Trust could provide funds to other people. The trusts of the prosperity programs I had been researching came under the World Trust’s rules as of Easter in 2000. I’m told that the World Trust requires the funding to be paid in precious metals or currency backed by precious metals and this is one of the ties into NESARA which brings us the new banking and currency systems backed by precious metals. Also, I’m told the World Trust requires that the Children of Light of North America MUST receive their funding before the prosperity program members in other countries. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain envisioned that the Children of Light of America would have the spirit of independence necessary to begin the great world improvements He knew would be needed as of the year 2000.

In June and July of 2000 I learned from many sources that the NESARA reformations were expected to occur in mid-August 2000. I’m told this was a beneficial time to make the transition for many reasons including the fact that Congress is on vacation in August. However, I’m told, George W. Bush Senior and his friends in the Republican party were determined to put Bush Jr. into the White House and they used every blockage they could to keep NESARA from being announced because NESARA would have prevented Bush Jr. from running for office under NESARA’s new election rules.

As I was tracking the progress of our big prosperity program in the NY mediation sessions, I was hearing about the weekly efforts the Judge was making to get the rest of our prosperity deliveries out to us. Each week I heard about the Judge preparing to send out our mass prosperity deliveries and each week, usually on Thursday, the Bush and Rockefeller attorneys would go in with some kind of bogus legal challenge that would cause delays into the next week. I was recently told that the mass deliveries of the prosperity programs had long been planned to occur on the weekends because the U.S. military White Knight groups assigned the duty of providing security for our deliveries were only available on the weekends. (This HAS CHANGED and we can now receive our prosperity deliveries to residences in the U.S. and Canada on any day of the week.) This was why we heard nearly each week about a Bush or Rockefeller blockage occurring on Thursday or Friday.

As August, September, and October of 2000 progressed, we heard of major battles in the NY mediation sessions including one landmark session when dozens of VERY powerful people from Europe sat watching a session where the Judge made George W. Bush Senior admit that he had no further reason to object to the prosperity programs deliveries and funding. In mid October 2000 one of our very high intelligence sources confirmed that Clinton had signed the secret law known as NESARA. At this point, we began hearing that the Judge had put our mass prosperity deliveries into a process which made our prosperity program delivery envelopes hard for the dark agenda to find. Previously when the Judge had secretly put out a specific funding letter to be delivered to us, I’m told the dark agenda CIA infiltrated the U.S. Marshals guarding our prosperity program envelopes and had staged some raids on the secret locations of our letters to confiscate our letters. I’m told that the dark agenda CIA groups did these kinds of raids several times and the Judge had good reason to make extraordinary arrangements to keep the dark agenda guessing about where our envelopes were.

I’m told by this time in October 2000, the Judge had had our prosperity notifications letters REPRINTED and put into envelopes MANY times from the official database kept by the IMF of which there are also copies at the World Court and the U.S. Treasury, among other places. As we checked the progress of the Judge’s efforts to get our prosperity deliveries to us in October 2000, I’m told the White Knights were also taking action to get the true NESARA law announced prior to the elections of 2000. I was told the true White Knights had intimate knowledge of the harmful plans the Bush and Rockefeller groups intended to implement through Bush Jr. Those of us who knew about NESARA and our prosperity programs had heard about the Bush & Rockefeller efforts to block our prosperity deliveries for years. I’m told that in the final hours just prior to the elections, some betrayals by U.S. Military officers who were supposed to be supporting NESARA and our prosperity deliveries and funding were what stopped us from receiving our deliveries and NESARA prior to the election.

We were told in early November 2000 that Bush Senior had said that he would sign off his Trustee paperwork on November 10th to allow our prosperity deliveries to come to us AFTER the election. He had claimed that he did not want us to receive our prosperity prior to the election because we would use our funds to keep Bush Jr. out of office so he and the Rockefellers used every trick they had to delay us receiving our deliveries. Even though, I’m told, Bush Senior did sign off to have our deliveries sent out, by the time he did so, he and his dark agenda cohorts had found another way to stall our deliveries which were now tied to NESARA and being funded in currencies backed by precious metals.

By November 8, 2000, I’m told, the dark agenda CIA had implemented one of the most harmful actions ever to our country. I’m told a certain group of dark agenda CIA personnel had taken action to threaten FIVE of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices that there would be many people killed, harmed and hurt if NESARA was announced and that if necessary the U.S. Supreme Court would be forced to decide the election in favor of Bush Jr. I’m told the Bush camp knew which Justices had to be targeted to interfere with NESARA and also have Bush Jr. “selected”. I’m told that Bush Senior’s tenure as CIA Director had enabled him to develop a very strong base of power in the CIA which he has continued to use to this day and which is why the CIA Headquarters building is named after George W Bush Senior.

This is one of the darkest passages in our nation’s history and certainly, for most of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, it was one of the most painful experiences of their lives. I’m told that Bill Clinton backed the dark agenda CIA in their actions to coerce the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to “select” Bush Jr. I’m told that the Bush camp informed the U.S. Supreme Court Justices that if the Justices refused to “select” Bush Jr, then the Bush camp would “stage a civil war”. To prove their point, I’m told the Bush camp staged several demonstrations of their willingness to plunge our country into a civil war unless Bush Jr. was declared the winner of the election. One specific incident used to convince the Justices was, I’m told, when the Bush camp hired a bunch of young rowdy people to “storm the vote counting center” in Florida as a demonstration of what they were willing to do to get Bush Jr. into office. I’m sure we all remember seeing this incident which definitely had a distinctly fishy smell to it and the reason is that those young rowdies were HIRED to stage this demonstration of unruliness to reinforce the Bush camp and dark agenda CIA threats against the U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

I’m told that ONE of the FIVE U.S. Supreme Court Justices REFUSED to bow down to the dark agenda CIA threats. I’m told that people were hurt by the dark agenda CIA in retaliation because of this U.S. Supreme Court Justice’s REFUSAL to bow down to the Bush CIA coercion. However, I’m also told that the dark agenda CIA personnel involved DO have warrants for their arrests issued and there are charges pending against these CIA agents although these court cases have so far been blocked by Bush Jr.

A few months ago I was told that part of the Bush and dark agenda CIA package of threats against the U.S. Supreme Court Justices was that Bush Jr. had to be allowed to stay in office a minimum of six months. I’m told the dark agenda forced some of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices and others on the NESARA Committee to sign a contract stating that they would not attempt to do NESARA for six months. This six month contract expired in late June 2001, I’m told. In the meantime, the White Knights did do some work on the NESARA impacts on international banking regulations and other things.

Then in July and August of 2001, I was told about a very strong movement by the White Knights to get the true NESARA law announced. However, I began hearing after Bush Jr’s residency in the oval office began in January 2001 that the Bush regime intended to have the U.S. involved in a major war in the Middle East by October 2001. I had heard about the secret “massive” orders for armaments which Rumsfeld had been issuing from the Department of Defense beginning in February 2001. The BBC has quoted U.S. Military sources as saying in JULY 2001, a YEAR AGO, that the U.S. would be at war in the Middle East by October 2001. These U.S. Military personnel were part of the groups who betrayed our country by cooperating with the Bush regime’s staging of the 9/11 attacks against our people in order to whip our people into a state of mind to let Bush Jr. attack Afghanistan for the oil companies who wanted the pipeline through Afghanistan. Since the Bush family makes substantial profits from oil companies, I’m told, they had long planned to go after the pipeline. The pretense of attacks by Arabs also gave the Bush regime their excuse to begin trying to destroy our Constitutional rights.

In August 2001, while some of the true White Knights were pursuing the pre-NESARA activities with a vengeance, I’m told other “pretend” White Knights such as Colin Powell were doing their parts to delay NESARA through their roles on the White Knight Decision Committee. I’m told that there were numerous “extra” steps that were added to the pre-NESARA checklist by Colin Powell and others in their sabotaging efforts to delay NESARA. I’m told Powell claimed that the Congress needed to “approve” NESARA before it could be announced as a political move to get more support for NESARA. However, this ploy was actually designed to buy the dark agenda time so that NESARA could be stalled long enough for the dark agenda Bush regime CIA groups to launch the 9/11 attacks. I recall we were stalled from Labor Day through September 9, 2001 with all the escapades of various members of Congress delaying the “approval” vote on NESARA. Then finally this supposed “last step” was accomplished and Congress approved NESARA in closed special sessions on Sunday September 9, 2001.

I remember how happy I felt on September 10, 2001, when I heard this so-called last step had been accomplished and that it looked like we would have NESARA announced in the next 48 hours. Then on September 11, 2001 at 6:30 a.m. Pacific Time, I was awakened with a phone call about the attacks on the WTC.

As I have reported, Alan Greenspan is the White Knight whose doctoral thesis is the basis for the new U.S. Treasury Bank and currency backed by precious metals. I’m told Greenspan has dedicated his life to being in the right position to bring forth this far SUPERIOR currency and banking system which truly does provide considerable ECONOMIC STABILITY compared to the dark agenda controlled Federal Reserve system with fiat based currency. I’m told Greenspan was scheduled to begin his part of the NESARA U.S. Treasury Banks and new currency announcement at 10 A.M. EDT on September 11, 2001. I’m told that in conjunction with this initiating of the new U.S. Treasury Bank system, a very important international banking computer center on Floors One and Two of the WTC was to begin doing a computer download to U.S. banks at 9 A.M. EDT on September 11, 2001.

I’ve been told many details about how the dark agenda CIA planned, and using certain remote processes, carried out the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the other attacks on 9/11. I’m told that a group of about 100 people in a dark agenda CIA unit hastily developed the whole 9/11 attack scenario in August 2001. I’m told this group carried out the attacks and staged the so-called cell phone calls purported to be from passengers on the commercial airlines by using voice impersonation technology and other remote technologies. I’m told the TRUE story of how these employees of the federal government CIA agency staged the 9/11 attacks WILL COME out because the White Knights have some of these CIA personnel in custody and have PROOF that this was a dark agenda CIA operation.

I’m told the White Knights also have the people who used remote pilot technology to fly a small white private plane loaded with explosives into the Pentagon at the EXACT location where the White Knights in the U.S. Military had their new communications center which was coordinating activities supporting NESARA’s implementation nationwide. The Pennsylvania location where the commercial airliner went down on 9/11 was also the location of something not visible that was related to the NESARA implementation.

I’m told the dark agenda CIA operations HIT the TARGETS on 9/11 that needed to be hit to knock the NESARA Announcement off course on September 11, 2001. I’m told the dark agenda CIA group also created an entire FICTION of Arab involvement using names of Arabs who, in many cases were either dead or in jail in the Middle East, who supposedly were involved in the 9/11 attacks. The whole Arab twist was just to give Bush Jr. a publicly acceptable reason to send the U.S. Military to Afghanistan. MUCH of these sloppy details have come out since 9/11 at times and the details WERE sloppy, such as the FACT that there was ZERO Boeing 757 commercial airliner wreckage found at the Pentagon 9/11 explosions site. You can see pictures taken by the U.S. military and other sources at the following websites and the first website shows the small white plane hitting the Pentagon; the second website has 11 different pictures of the Pentagon right after the explosions including close up pictures of the firemen fighting the fire and cites the sources of the pictures proving there was ZERO Boeing 757 involved in the Pentagon explosions on 9/11. Website [this link NOT working right now!] showing SMALL PLANE hitting the Pentagon on 9/11: Website of CLOSE UP pictures of the Pentagon right after the explosions.

Since 9/11, I’ve heard about the dark agenda bankers and government officials from the U.S. and other countries using many bogus challenges in the World Court to stall the deliveries of our prosperity programs and NESARA’s announcement. If there were any issues involving our prosperity programs or NESARA in World Court, the White Knights waited for these issues to be resolved before moving forward. RECENTLY, however, I’m told this changed when the World Court Judges were found to be making decisions based on coercion by the dark agenda.

In the last months since Easter, we had unscrupulous trustees and bankers who dragged their feet doing funding paperwork processes and it took TWO months to get our proper funding amounts transferred from Europe to our U.S. funding accounts after Easter this year. We just barely had the right things happen at the right time to keep the funding window open over and over this Spring. We have also been stalled by an endless repetition of interference by bankers, our federal government and other officials involved in delaying paperwork, trying to put out phoney funding prosperity instructions and deliveries, and frequent betrayals by people who have been bribed by the dark agenda. We have seen our White Knight leaders become overly cautious and drag their feet due to the tremendous attacks they were sustaining from the dark agenda. We have seen FOUR changes in White Knight leadership since 9/11 because they were too brainwashed and exhausted by the dark agenda threats to TAKE ACTION on their heartfelt convictions!

I recently was told the details that answer some other questions about our prosperity programs deliveries. I’m told that up until late November 2001, we could have had our prosperity deliveries at any time of the year. I’m told in November 2001, this option was removed. The reason was that prior to last November, we could have received our “grievance money” funding at any time. Our grievance money is money that has been assessed as penalties against certain banks who have cooperated in delaying our prosperity programs deliveries and funding. Both offshore and onshore banks involved in our prosperity programs funding have purposely caused delays so that the banks could keep our huge amounts of money sitting in their banks for their own use.

Once the option of doing our prosperity deliveries using our “grievance money” was removed last November, the rules of the World Trust kicked in as the controlling factors over TIMING! The World Trust states that funding of the prosperity programs may BEGIN ONLY at EASTER and CHRISTMAS. This means that the extensive paperwork of liquidating many trust accounts so that the huge funding amounts can be transferred from Europe and into OUR U.S. personal funding accounts can only BEGIN on Easter or Christmas. The White Knights missed the last Christmas funding window. However, due to EXTRAORDINARY intervention this year, the EASTER funding WINDOW is STILL OPEN RIGHT NOW! However, we DO NEED to get NESARA announced and our prosperity programs deliveries DONE IMMEDIATELY to stay in this funding window! The EASTER funding WINDOW has been STRETCHED as far as it can go, I’m told, so we definitely MUST have the true NESARA law announced NOW to be sure we receive our prosperity programs deliveries.

I only became aware of the Christmas and Easter funding window rules this last March 2002. Since the middle of January 2002 (when I’m told the Christmas funding window closed) to March 31, 2002 when the Easter funding window opened, whenever we heard on the grapevine that we were receiving deliveries and NESARA, that was inaccurate information. I’m told that the key White Knights knew this but put out the disinformation about deliveries and NESARA to keep people’s spirits up.

OUR prosperity FUNDS and the precious metals backing our funds are MAKING SURE that when our people turn in $10 dollars of Federal Reserve Notes, our people get back $10 of the NEW U.S. Treasury currency!

This is of MAJOR importance because the old plan called for an exchange rate of Ten to One: meaning that our people would turn in $10 (TEN dollars) of Federal Reserve Notes and get back ONLY $1 – ONE DOLLAR – of the new U.S. Treasury currency. The logic behind this Ten to One exchange rate was that because the new currency has precious metals behind it, the new currency is worth 10 times what the Federal Reserve Notes are worth. Also, there will be some price reductions in the market place under the new currency system which will make the new currency worth more than the old Federal Reserve Notes. However, all these ideas, while having economic validity, are NOT something people will understand and people will feel like they have been cheated if they turn in $10 – TEN dollars – of Federal Reserve Notes and ONLY receive $1 – ONE dollar – of the new US. Treasury currency in exchange.

From this overview which just covers the high points of the struggles to get the true NESARA law announced and our prosperity programs deliveries and funding done, I hope it is OBVIOUS that WE MUST BE VICTORIOUS NOW. Many of you true White Knights have been fighting the unseen war to RESTORE our Constitution for twenty or more years! WE MUST USE this current FUNDING WINDOW and GET the true NESARA law announced and implemented NOW.

There’s one element to this entire picture upon which I have only touched. For YOU White Knights, I need to clarify something. There are many groups who are here from distant places and “some” of these have hidden agendas.

The Forces with whom I am in contact have ONLY ONE reason to be here: to help YOU White Knights be VICTORIOUS in gaining LIBERTY and prosperity for all people on Earth. The Forces with whom I am in contact have seen the “future” IF the dark agenda Earth Humans were allowed to win the current unseen war. IF the dark agenda were allowed to be win, they would end up causing the full destruction of Earth, this solar system and harm to the Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies and parallel universes. The dark agenda Earth Humans would end up causing massive destruction to the distant homes of these Forces with whom I am in contact. These Forces with whom I am in contact are HERE to PROTECT their own homes by helping YOU White Knights BE VICTORIOUS. The Forces with whom I am in contact want ZERO else from you or from Earth and have ZERO hidden agendas; and they WANT to GO HOME as soon as they have finished helping YOU White Knights and other sincere Earth Humans to solidify the Earth’s future of PEACE, liberty, and prosperity for all Earth Humans.

The Forces I am in contact with are HERE TO HELP YOU White Knights solidify the potential future where the dark agenda Earth Humans are REMOVED from power and where the future of Earth Humans is PEACE, liberty, and prosperity. These Forces are here to HELP YOU White Knights be VICTORIOUS so that these Forces’ own distant homes will also be protected. These Forces want ONLY this and have zero interest in doing anything else here but helping support the Earth Humans who wish to create their future of peace, liberty, and prosperity for all on Earth.

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