June 30, 2012


Storm-damaged trees litter the east lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington June 30, 2012. Wind gusts clocked at speeds of up to 79 mph were reported in and around the U.S. capital, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes in the Washington, D.C., area. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

NOTE:  I am posting sections of a personal e-mail from a friend … I have deleted the personal news embedded in the following sentences, so it may seem choppy.


This situation in No. VA – being that it embraces DC and the government arenas – and these unexpected storms and outages? Twice in one week. David drove to No. VA today and said the town is gridlocked!!! There are millions of people without power which for many means no communication since everything ultimately runs on electricity – even phones and computers which must eventually be recharged that way.  I might guess this would also close down the gas stations since they could not pump gas which may leave some people stranded in record breaking temps with no A/C in hotels etc… and yes ATMs shut down again due to electricity, also grocery stores and food establishments who cannot use their cash registers… and the airports at a standstill. OH MY!!!  Am sure it is fast approaching mayhem.

I am in VA Beach… have never heard it so quiet in the air (jets).  [The Norfolk Navel Base is very close to Virginia Beach.  Usually the noise from the fighter jets practicing their runs is deafening throughout the day.]

This AM I spent the morning at ARE [Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Development] with the UFO Club listening to speakers who have personally experienced ET contact since early childhood – very confirming to each other’s stories.

One man at the meeting read an “Announcement to the Nation” Kennedy was to give the day after he was assassinated – which Governor Connolly who was riding in the car with Kennedy reading his speech note cards, now blood stained, put under lock and key until after his death. After experts authenticated the handwriting and blood stains, the speech has now been made public and it was announcing the presence of ETs here to help us!!!

The star visitor technology witnessed by these speakers was almost unspeakable and certainly could have easily manifested these storms to cover or distract from what is going on.  [She is referring to plans for the mass arrests.]

Many came forward in this meeting with very impressive “mainstream” credentials in government, the sciences, arts.



David Wilcock

June 29, 2012







Geoffrey West – Journalist & Host

A Mind-Blowing Show!



Scott Mowry


Scott presents a history for the present actions by the US Military.




Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

 BREAKING NEWS – The following will give you a good background of the happenings of  this past week – June 20-27, 2012.







Nancy B. Detweiler

The American military sent a message to the American people through their selected spokesperson, a Vietnam veteran named Drake.  The message is:

1. The Calvary is coming … meaning the members of the dark cabal that have enslaved the world and committed crimes against humanity will be arrested.

2. We will call you if necessary … meaning if they find they need help in particular areas, they will call the local militia who are on high alert.

3.  Sit back and enjoy the fireworks!

It looks like Americans will celebrate a 4th of July like we have never known, for we truly will be free!

You need to prepare:  The United States’ borders will be closed for a period of 72 hours once the arrests begin.  Your credit and debit cards will likely not work.  Have enough cash on hand to last for a couple of weeks, extra food, water, medicine, diapers, toilet paper … all the things you use on a daily basis.  You need to be prepared in case delivery trucks cannot make prompt deliveries.  Think in terms of what you use daily, like bath soap, and have about two weeks supply on hand.

The military expects to keep all services running, meaning electricity, water, phones, etc.  Their goal is for as little disruption of our lives as possible.  As Drake reminded us, the military is capable of great precision in planning and organizing.

If you have not been following the alternative news, you have no idea o how marvelous this news is!  Everything will change for the better for all!  Surely the major media, which has been tightly controlled by the dark cabal, will begin broadcasting the REAL news in a day or so.  It is already all over the internet!

So get ready! … tell all your friends, neighbors, and familybe sure to check on the elderly and infirm in your neighborhood.  Prepare … then sit back and enjoy!  Once the arrests are completed, a major education will begin for Americans on TV and the internet.  We have much to learn.  We have lived all our lives within a matrix of lies and will now be told the truth.  We will be shocked, but the Truth is far better than the lies.

It is important to know that a new equity based economy is already in place and will be introduced.   There will be a tremendous amount of changes to take place in rapid succession.  All of us must work together to help create our new world.

We will return to our founding documents and common law.  Common law is basically “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  The millions of statutory laws to enforce the maritime law under which we have lived will be deleted.  Our galactic family will introduce many very advanced technologies that will render our lives much easier.  The list of good that is just around the corner for all inhabitants of Earth goes on and on.  Glorious cities of healing will be lowered to Earth from the etheric plane.

We all can assist in ridding our world of the dark cabal by remaining calm and peaceful.  If you see people panicking out of fear, attempt to calm them.  Do not riot or become violent.  The people’s role is to be peaceful, while our military does the work.  Remember the military is highly trained, professional, and disciplined.  Drake has already addressed the troops to be sure they understand what is expected of them during the arrests.

Much disinformation has been spread by the dark cabal and their minions.  This disinformation includes tales about military law being declared, an alien invasion, total devastation of the Earth and death to billions.  The dark cabal had plans to accomplish all of this, but they will be arrested instead.

In a few days, fear will no longer be a part of our lives.  As we learn to share and help each other, money will become obsolete.  With plenty for everyone, crimes will cease.  As we increasingly learn to live in accordance with the Golden Rule, we will be creating a planetary culture of love, abundance, and peace.

As we reunite with our Star families, we will enjoy the adventure of traveling throughout the cosmos with them.

We have so very much to which to look forward!  And did I mention that as we ascend to the 5th dimension of consciousness, our physical bodies will return to about age 30 and possess perfect health!  Lost limbs will be restored.

Our wildest dreams could not have prepared us for the joy that we are approaching.  Know this and give thanks!


AUDIO FOR DRAKE’S JUNE 27, 2012 RADIO SHOW–drake-mid-week-update–wednesday-1

Drake’s website is:  There you can subscribe to his updates.



Geoffrey West

Geoffrey West is host of the popular alternative news show – COSMIC VISION NEWS.  He earned his Master’s degree in Peace Education from the University for Peace in Costa Rica and presently resides in Barrie, Ontario.  He writes because it is important that we think in terms that are beyond partisan politics.  As Geoffrey states:  “Everything relating to the dark cabal is in the process of being shut down.”  This will most definitely include partisan politics and its pundits.  So let’s take a look at our world scenario from the reference point of things are not as they appear to be.


To understand the recent Declaration of National Emergency made by Obama, it will come from

one of two perspectives:

1. That Obama is working for the dark

2. That Obama is working for the Light.

The galactics have made it clear that everything relating to the dark

cabal is in the process of being shut down.  So, for those who feel that

Obama is working for the dark, you have nothing to worry about because

they are neutralized.  The galactics have indicated through various

sources that they do not want us taking violent, physical revenge on our

own against the cabal.

If you truly want to create a New Gaia, do you

want the New Gaia to start on a story of violence?  We are being called

to be the founders of the peace that will start the new consciousness

coming into human and planetary consciousness.

Communicate to people,

help them understand when they ask for it, or when they show signs of

awakening to all that is happening.  If your strength allows, face

potentially violent situations with love.  Even Drake has indicated that

military weapons are being de-activated and neutralized.

If you are one

who feels called to use a weapon upon another, it is very possible that

the weapon will be neutralized, and you have just found yourself in a

position of having to face the karma of the choices you were about to

make.  If you can live with that, so be it.  If not, perhaps it is time

to place faith in whatever you consider to be Divine Creator, and lay

the foundation for the world you would choose to live in for the

future.  If Obama is for the dark, he will be shut down, just as the

cabal is being shut down.

My perspective, however, is that Obama is working for the Light. Numerous

messages from the galactic families have supported this. He is aware of

his role, and he is aware that the galactics are here, and that they are

working on a timeline.  He is also aware that he is being protected by

the galactic families.  It has been alleged that at least several

attempts have been made to kill Obama, and one of those attempts was in

Colombia that resulted in several members of the CIA being caught up in

a prostitution scandal.   That event was very likely a ‘cleaning house’

of some of the cabal within those ranks.

Let’s look at a chess game.  Anyone who plays chess well will tell you

that you have to think many moves ahead, and get your pieces into

position.  Obama believed, perhaps naively, that he could come into

office and easily implement his plans.  He discovered quickly the depth

and breadth of the cabal influence within Washington.  He could not do

what he wanted to do, because the neo-con influence still wanted war,

while Obama did not.  Obama had to begin making strategies.  One

strategy involved keeping friends close, but enemies closer.  He had to

put some of his enemies into higher offices and profile positions, so he

could keep an eye on them, and keep them occupied, so he would know what

they were up to.

Has he made mistakes?  Of course – he is human like the rest of us. He

learns and adapts, while making plays to re-position his pieces to

continue the game.

The corporate media traditionally turns against a President when the

leader is not acting according to the wishes of the secret government.

The Office of the President is not a powerful position, contrary to what

people think.  The illusion has been presented to the people that the

position is powerful.  Presidents are a public face to a very secret

government  that has been manipulating and controlling global events for

the enslavement of humanity and the control of resources of the planet

for the profit of an elitist group that claims some kind of ‘Divine

Right’ to lead over those of humanity that they feel were not born to

lead, but rather to serve.

If U.S. citizens looked at legislation being passed, they would find

that a very simple piece of legislation can be thousands of pages long,

and contain provisions worked into it, that will quietly authorize

certain benefits to be given to the constituencies of supporting

politicians in exchange for their support of the bill. This is the


Obama has attempted to pass some very profound pieces of

legislation, but those against him have watered down his legislation,

and filled it with unrelated and unpublished agreements.  The

corporate media was informed of those agreements, so that they could attack the

overall legislation, when in fact it was only a few lines within the

bill that had been inserted in order to discredit him.  This is how the

game is played.

The vast majority of politicians will not make the time

to read a bill that is 1000 pages long.  They vote on the principle of

the idea, without studying all the backroom dealings that went into this

huge piece of legislation to find out who was profiting from it.

People believe that the recent legislation Obama has passed was meant to

be used against the people of the U.S.  This is what the mainstream

media has been trying to sell to the people.

The mainstream media has

also been trying to sell Vladimir Putin as ‘evil’, because Putin has on

several occasions spoken out on this ‘new world order’ that the elitist

cabal has been working to create.  The media tried to discredit him, so

he would not become President again.  They failed.   Putin has come out

strongly in support for a new economic alliance, the BRICS alliance, and

it is believed that between 140-180 countries are already on board,

lining up against the G8 and G20 countries.  The cabal is finding

themselves in a very desperate corner right now.

As regular listeners to Drake’s show will know, there has been talk of

Russian troops already on U.S. soil doing ‘training’ exercises. There

has been talk of relaxing visa restrictions between the U.S. and

Russia.  Assuming that these two pieces of information are true,  then

Obama’s recent Declaration of National Emergency does not make sense,

because there is no threat of escalation of cold war energies.

Therefore, a deeper examination of what this ‘Declaration’ represents is

required.   It is related to an exchange of funds. This ‘Emergency’

measure was implemented in 2000 by Clinton, and I believe it was also

renewed by Bush.   It relates to a movement of money between the U.S.

and Russia to assist Russia in taking care of its highly-enriched

uranium, or HEU to have it processed into safer and more manageable

low-enriched uranium, or LEU.

What is the strategy here?   The galactics and the Earth Allies have

begun freezing the sources of money that the cabal has been using to

fund their activities and pay their assassins.  They no longer can

use this money.  This is why they have been trying to start wars with

numerous countries over the last few years.  They have been trying to

start war between Israel and Iran and this has not been working.  The

corporate media rhetoric has not been working on people.  They are now

trying to start war involving Syria.  This too will fail.

The pandemic scares that the media tried to start over the last few

years have all failed.   There is nothing that is working for this cabal

right now.  Now, the galactics are shutting down weapons, so the cabal

is starting to put automated drones into the air to do their killing.

Even this has begun failing, because the galactics landed one of the

drones in Iran.

David Wilcock has reported that these drones allegedly have five levels

of encoding which is allegedly the highest known security to this

point.  Galactic technology managed to break through that coding and

land a drone in Iran, which must have scared the cabal to no end.

Back to my point:  The cabal needs money.  Obama may have had the

foresight to see that they would try to highjack these funds.  This

Declaration is only a declaration to prevent any other branch of

government from diverting these funds to another purpose, because the

funds have direct importance to the security of the U.S.   This now

means that the funds cannot be garnished and be used by members of the

cabal for anything.  Obama has shut off another funding source.  That is

all that has really happened here.

The two other pieces of legislation, the NDAA and the International

Criminal Court.  People believe that Obama is planning to use these

against the people of the U.S.  It is understandable how people MIGHT

think the NDAA could be used against the people until one begins to see

the bigger picture.  What reason might Obama have for bringing the U.S.

back into the ICC?  The ICC has no impact upon the average U.S.

citizen.  The ICC only deals in international crimes.

So, let’s combine these two pieces of legislation.  Obama is beginning

to see the plan of the galactics and Earth Allies unfold. The galactics

have said that they have to see humanity participating in this event.

In order for the cabal to be defeated, it has to be done according to

Universal or Divine Law.  The cabal has existed by breaking Universal

Law and imposing enslavement upon humanity.  The honourable galactics

have only recently been given permission to override the free will of

the cabal.  The free will of Gaia is now being honoured.  Any humans

wishing to live and exist upon the New Gaia that is being born will have

a choice.   The galactics have been here to help her.  They will help

those members of humanity who are willing to help themselves, and help


Obama’s legislation opens the door for the removal of the cabal on LEGAL

terms. *This means that the galactics are not imposing on the free will

of the cabal, but rather they are merely holding them accountable to

rules that they themselves have created! *This is a VERY significant

act.  The honourable galactics act according to higher laws that

humanity will soon learn about.  These cannot be broken.

The NDAA creates the legislation for the incarceration of people in

emergencies.  People have believed that the ’emergency’ is to enslave

the general population.  The ’emergency’, I argue, is the removal of the

cabal from their positions of power.  The cabal created the alleged FEMA

camps, and the FEMA trains.  Obama’s NDAA legislation will allow him and

the positive military to take legal and lawful action against the cabal,

according to their own laws. This is the honourable way to restore

freedom to humanity and the planet, while acting in accordance to

Universal and Divine Law.

The ICC legislation gives international authority to come in, and begin

holding the trials that will hold the elitist cabal accountable for

their actions, until the criminal activity within the U.S. system of

admiralty law has been cleansed and purged from its cabal influence.

Even with this summary, there is a picture that is still FAR FAR bigger

than this.  Humanity will very soon be learning more about this.

The galactics have said that humanity will have the chance to

participate in the trials of the elitist cabal.  What I would like to

gently remind the population is that we are now free; the cabal is going

down.  They will be dealt with at a much higher level.  Humanity is being

called to demonstrate the compassion and forgiveness that will become

the cornerstone of the New Gaia.  We do not want to start our new

freedom with violent retribution.  The galactics and Earth Allies have

demonstrated how to bring them down using their own laws.  They have

done so with little, if any violent actions.

If humanity wishes to be a

part of the New Gaia, it will be worth it to just let the galactics deal

with the cabal according to Universal Law, and we just embrace, and

celebrate our new freedom without inflicting harm upon them.  We do not

wish to become like them.  Those energies cannot and will not exist at

the level our planet is moving to.  Any violent action you take as an

individual will have consequences.

Continue to learn more about this bigger picture, and it will begin to

make more sense.  In the meantime, the galactics want people to talk, to

share, to communicate and to help awaken.  This is how we can

demonstrate our opening up to change.  Let the galactics look after any

possible negative plans the cabal may have left.  They can, and are,

listening in on the plans they are making.  They know already what the

cabal is planning, and they can stop them at every corner.  If they try

any significant negative actions, they will be stopped.

They cannot always stop smaller acts of violence, because they cannot

interfere with free will choices.  If you are one who wants to use your

gun, it is possible that you will be allowed to use it, or the galactics

may just shut that gun down too.  If your free will requires you to harm

another, you may be allowed to do it, but it will come with consequences

under Divine/Universal Law.  You are being given a chance to heal that,

right here, right now.   You just have to choose a different relation to

humanity, our planet and our galactic families.

In peace, and in service to humanity, our planet and our

galactic/celestial families,


P.S. – Forgive the spacing … I am working with Geoffrey’s e-mail, my e-mail, and Microsoft XP.  Yikes!