Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Allow the circle to symbolize Earth humans’ actual brain power.  On average, we use only 10% (the red) of our brain power.

Allow the circle to symbolize Earth humans’ potential conscious mind.  On average, we are conscious of only 6% (the green) of what our limited brain power usage can make available to us.

Needless to say, Earth humans function at a very low level when we consider our true capacity as human beings made in the image of our Creator God.  Why?

The Genesis story explains in symbolic terms.  We chose to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  God warned us that if we ate of this fruit, we would surely die.  The above graph illustrates the way in which we died—we began to function on a much lower level than we had previously known.  We left the paradise of the Garden of Eden in order to experience life on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality—good and evil.

We have journeyed for thousands of years on this plane.  The Universal Law—We reap whatsoever we sow—continued to be in effect.  Therefore, as we sowed negative karma, we created the necessity of having to return to the plane of duality in order to reap the results of our negative behavior.  For eons, we have lived on the wheel of karma—returning again and again until we learned to live lifetimes in which we sowed enough good karma to balance the negative sown in previous incarnations.[i]

Now, in 2012, we come to the end of the cycle of Earth’s plane of duality.  This magnificent being, Gaia or Mother Earth, will no longer house the plane of duality.[ii]  She has chosen to ascend and once more become a planet on which the Garden of Eden characterizes her existence.  We Earth humans have the opportunity to ascend with her to the higher dimensions from which we came.  However, the Universal Law of freewill is still in effect.

No one is required to ascend until they wish to do so.   Those who do not want to ascend in 2012 will be lovingly taken to another planet within the Cosmos where they can continue to grow and learn on a plane of duality.  There is no divine judgment or punishment for choosing not to ascend in 2012.  All Earth humans will eventually ascend at the point in time each chooses.  The only requirement is that 51% of the negative karma accumulated has been balanced.  At that point the individual has crossed the line into being more Light than darkness and the Law of Grace dissolves the remaining negative karma.[iii]

During these remaining 9 months of 2012, Earth humans will be shocked to learn how much we do not know.  For that reason, each of us will best manage our own adjustment period by beginning immediately to explore outside our traditional way of thinking.  To cling to plane of duality beliefs or doctrines is to stand in your own way and make the rest of this year more difficult for yourself.

Heretofore, we have attempted to live cooperatively on this planet by recognizing that every individual has decided what truth is for him/herself.  We frequently use the phrases my truth or your truth.  We have decided what truth is for ourselves with the 10% of our brain power that we use and the 6% of our conscious awareness of the life around us.  For the most part, we are dead to the far greater life that exists in our cosmos.  For this reason, we know little, if any, of The Truth.

In this same manner, all sacred texts and all religions were written or formulated using 10% of our human brain power and 6% of potential human conscious awareness.[iv]  We have lived and created our present planetary societies, religions, governments, educational systems, and scientific endeavors with this same very low level of functioning.   In comparison to our galactic family’s level of functioning, we are barbaric.

The present turmoil on planet Earth is evidence that Earth humans are coming back to life, resurrecting from the dead.   Our conscious awareness is expanding.  We are realizing that truths formulated in our dead state come no where near unveiling The Truth of the cosmos in which we live.  We have created a god in our own image with the propensity to take revenge, to punish, to require blood sacrifices, to be unpredictable in meting out rewards and punishment, and to go to war and kill entire populations—including women and children.  Our present world mirrors the concept of god we have codified within our sacred texts and religions.  We have yet to awaken to The Truth that Creator God is Spirit—the Spirit of Unconditional Love.

A God of Unconditional Love can BE nothing else … can THINK nothing else …  can DO nothing else … can SEE nothing else.  Creator God, omnipresent  throughout the Cosmos, is Absolute Unconditional Love.  There are no exceptions.

How do we know what we do not know?  How do we learn The Truth?

The kingdom of God is within us.

Meditate on the above circle … seek to understand how little of our true selves we use.  Allow the circle to symbolize the Cosmos in which “we live and more and have our being” within the loving energy of omnipresent Creator God or the Source of All That Is.

Allow the circle to symbolize who we truly are as child gods of our Heavenly Father/Mother God.  We are far greater beings than we suspect.  We possess within ourselves all we need to color the entire circle:  red to symbolize activation of the remaining 90% of our brain power … green to symbolize expansion of our conscious awareness to the point of acquiring full consciousness.  At that point we will have ascended to higher dimensions of existence where we live consciously within the energy of Unconditional Love.  Where we, too, offer unconditional love to all others.

The Truth can only be known as we open ourselves to expand into all that we truly are!  Then the plane of duality’s your truth and my truth become meaningless.  There is only The One Truth that far exceeds any semblance to truth we have formulated on the plane of duality.

The One Truth – We are One With All That Is!

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