Mike Quinsey Channels SaLuSa

         Graham has done an excellent job of interviewing Mike by asking the questions that many of us have, like:  “How do you picture the New Earth?”  “Is 12/21/12 an absolute date for ascension?”  “Why have we been waiting so long to see the good begin to happen?”  How do we keep the faith?

Although not directly addressed, the implication of the entire interview is “stop worrying over the 2012 elections.”  By November 2012, our world will be very different … no negativity can move forward to New Earth.  Therefore the elections will either not take place or will do so within a very different scenario.  Divine Order for Earth is that it ascend into higher planes at the end of 2012 … absolutely nothing can stand in the way!

If we choose to ascend, we need to cease being fearful and focus on the New Earth as described by Mike in this interview.  The Universal Law:  Like Attracts Like is impacting Earth very powerfully now.  Our thoughts make a great deal of difference in what comes to us.  We cannot be fearful and expect to attract good, just as we cannot plant a tomato seedling and expect to reap an orange.

Let’s all agree to cease allowing anyone or anything to cause us to be fearful.  We have a New Earth to which to look forward!

 Meanwhile, don’t miss listening to this interview!




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