The only reason we can be controlled by lies is that we do not know who we truly are.  We are regularly taught:  you have one body, one life.  How many times daily are we bombarded with the Boniva Advertisement “I have just this one body and this one life?”  And that’s in case we forget what the preponderance of religious observers are taught:  “Only one life to live.”

In anatomy class, we learn about the physical body with no mention of the other bodies that encircle the physical.  Instead, we learn we are our physical body.  We are taught this body was originally conceived when our parents’ egg and sperm united.  We came to life in the womb and were born into the one physical plane life we have been granted.

Philosophy class strives to extend our concept of self.  We were born into an existential life experience in an unfathomable universe.  Religion class proclaims we are “born in sin” and explains life in terms of a three layered universe:  the physical plane, heaven, and hell.  We burn in hell for eternity if we fail to obey the doctrines of a particular religion.  Psychology class teaches we consist of the id, the ego, and the superego.  We possess five senses:  touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.  Our perception of life is limited to what we can see with our physical eyes.  We proudly state, on the basis of our intellectual learning, “I’ll believe it when I see it” or “I’m from the show-me state.”

Problem is … 99.9% of Truth is invisible to the physical eyes and therefore not attainable by an intellect that knows only what it can experience physically—in person or vicariously through books, documentaries, etc.  In addition, since we habitually use only about 10% of our physical brain power, we really are ignorant of Truth!

So, who are we … really?

We are “parts” of the “Whole” of omnipresence God—the energy of love that is the intelligent life force permeating all of the cosmos.  Think in terms of God being a circle large enough to encase billions of universes.  Nothing exists outside of God because God is the life energy–The Source of all life.  Physics class teaches that “all is energy moving at varying rates of speed.  That means your car, your computer, your physical body, the walls of your home—all are energy moving at an imperceptible rate of speed.  All energy is God energy.   GOD IS.  WE ARE.

THERE IS NO TIME WHEN WE DO NOT EXIST.  We are taught to believe in birth as the beginning of life and death as the end of it.  It’s a lie, folks!  Birth is simply the “God-Part that is you” taking on a physical body in order to learn from experiences on the plane of duality—where we know both good and evil.  Death is simply the shedding of a physical body and the resumption of life on spiritual planes.  Yes, the physical body returns to dust … but that dust has absolutely nothing to do with who you are.  You are busy with life elsewhere in the cosmos.  You may remain close to Earth in order to watch over your loved ones still in physical body.  You may move on to another planet within the cosmos.  Within the Circle that is omnipresent God, we can live on many planets.  We are Star People.

While we inhabit a physical body on Earth, we tend to lose touch with the realms of spirit.  We forget, but that does not mean that we are solely the physical body.  In fact, the physical body could not live without our etheric body.  The etheric body houses the immaculate conception of the physical.  A good example of this immaculate conception is what we call “phantom limb pain.”  The etheric body houses the energetic pattern of our four limbs, whether or not one or more have been physically amputated.  It is for this reason that we can feel pain where the physical limb once existed.

Our etheric body also houses our chakra system, consisting of seven major energy centers located over our physical glands.  Our chakras connect us with the spiritual realms and act as channels through which the life force enters the physical body.  The example below is a diagram of our seven bodies.  It is easy to see that maintaining our focus on the physical plane (i.e. our physical body) is to ignore 99.9% of who we truly are as a Part of the Whole.  When we settle for knowledge of such a small portion of our true identities, we can easily be controlled by lies.

Taken from Joshua David Stone, Ph.D., SOUL PSYCHOLOGY:  KEYS TO ASCENSION

Taken from Joshua David Stone, Ph.D., SOUL PSYCHOLOGY: KEYS TO ASCENSION

Taken from Joshua David Stone, Ph.D., SOUL PSYCHOLOGY:  KEYS TO ASCENSION

Taken from Joshua David Stone, Ph.D., SOUL PSYCHOLOGY: KEYS TO ASCENSION


To study Part II of “So, Who Are We … Really? go to   and read Lessons I & II of Basic Metaphysics 101.  Lesson I explains holistic growth–necessary in preparing for 2012 and ascension into higher consciousness.  Lesson II explains our chakra system … see above illustration.  All physical dis-ease begins in our etheric body and chakra system.  Thus, healing must take place within before permanent healing is possible.  You may easily print off these two Lessions so they can be studied in detail.  They are of utmost importance in our spiritual evolutionary process.

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