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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara – Planetary Logos

I don’t remember ever taking notes during a radio show, but I did during this one!  Linda began the discussion of Universal Laws by explaining CREATION.  She gave a formula for creation:  Intent > Still Point > Action = Creation.  Then Geoffrey and Linda turned the floor over to Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, Earth’s Planetary Logos.  Sanat discussed Universal Laws including:  The Law of Purpose, The Law of Mirroring, The Law of Change, and very briefly the Law of One.

One of the changes that all on Earth will very soon experience is that Earth humans can and do communicate with the Ascended Masters and our Star families.  This is entirely normal and simply an example of what we have forgotten while residing on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.

 Enjoy sitting in a class on Universal Laws taught by Sanat Kumara!


Wes Annac – To Followers of Christianity and Catholicism

2012 April 25

Posted by Dave Schmidt at

Editor’s Note:  Some may find the following message challenging while for others it may resonate from withinAs a former seminary graduate and minister of a Pentecostal church, I fall into the later group, It speaks to me deeply as this was similar to my path. 

Over 50% of the population in North America still attends church on a regular basis, many of those are now becoming seekers.  They are looking for a bridge to connect them from their church dogma to a God who is only filled with love and grace for all.   This message from Wes Annac may be that bridge you can share with your friends who are seeking!     Dave

Note from Nancy:  I am including the above Editor’s Note from Dave because we, who trained as ministers and had to leave the church in order to seek Truth on our own, yearn to see those still caught in the web of dogma break those chains.  The spiritual journey can be so exciting when traveled with freedom to seek Truth wherever it may be found.

Wes Annac – To Followers of Christianity and Catholicism

April 24, 2012

Channeled by Wes Annac

To all those who follow Christianity and Catholicism:

Stay strong in your Light and in the Light of Jesus Christ, dear friends. He is very real and He Loves you unconditionally. There are going to be many revelations in the immediate period ahead that are going to break the controls and constraints that have been placed over the once Lighted views that make up your belief systems.

Nobody will be telling you that you are wrong or that dear Jesus and God do not exist, because they do and they are Guiding any soul on Earth who wishes to connect with them.

The dogmas and limits that have taught you to look for power only in Jesus and God and not in yourself, are to be transformed as it is explained that each and every one of us are God. Each and every one of us Create our reality just as dear God Created Eden, and you possess the power within yourselves to connect with God and with Jesus in ways that are more real than you can imagine.

With all due respect for you beautiful souls involved in Christianity and Catholicism, you have been taught to believe that the only way to find God is through redemption, prayer and a strict following of an ordained set of rules.

This is simply not so. God is with you; His eternal glory and splendor is all around you, and our beautiful Creator wishes dearly for all of us to reignite contact with Him in very real ways.

The methods you have been given to gain a good grace with God have served to hold you back in communicating with and finding God.

God and Jesus only wish you to Live in Love and to treat others as you would like to be treated. This is the Golden Rule dear friends, and was one of little truths given in any given version of the Bible.

You do not need to follow the words and demands of a minister or a priest to find God and to stay on God’s ‘good side’, as God does not have a ‘bad side’. He Loves all of us unconditionally and only wishes for us to discover and find this Love.

We do not need to be baptized or beg for redemption of our perceived ‘sins’ to do this. All we need to do is make the effort to connect with God and with Jesus alike, to thank them for all that they have given us on this beautiful world, and to acknowledge that God is all around and that it takes little more than an acknowledgement of God’s awesome and Divine presence which is again all around us, to strengthen your relationship with Him in all of His eternal splendor.

It must be expressed as well, that God will not be sending anybody to hell upon such souls leaving this Life, because of their perceived ‘sins’. The reality we are experiencing currently is about as close to hell as can be experienced, as physicality pales in comparison to the beautiful Heavens that await us.

Yes dear friends, heaven is real and so is hell. The difference is that hell is not a place where a vengeful God sends the sinners; simply look at how judgmental such a statement and belief sounds.

Again, compared to the heavenly realms in which we are all evolving, physically and spiritually to, this reality we are experiencing now can be seen as hell.

The pearly gates of heaven, the gold-lined roads, these are all real and the concept of heaven as well; an ascended city that sits on the clouds, is real. There are hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of these heavenly cities lining the clouds of Earth, and upon leaving this incarnation each and every one of us has the choice to visit these beautiful ascended cities, rather than having only a choice between a ‘heaven’ and a ‘hell’.

Many beliefs and structures of what seem to be reality by many dear Christian and Catholic people, will need to be expanded exponentially and the limits that have been forced upon you dear beautiful souls will also have to be expanded. Dear Master Jesus is one of an infinite amount of heavenly Ascended Masters who have walked the Earth and shared their Lighted teachings with Mankind.

Jesus has walked this Earth as have Master Muhammad, Master Buddha, Master Moses, Master Gandhi, Master Martin Luther King Jr., and so many other dear heavenly souls who wished to share the teachings of our Heavenly Father in very direct ways.

The teachings of Jesus and of many other religious figures and prophets (not every Master listed above is a religious prophet) have been substantially distorted to keep you dear beautiful souls in a state of perceived limitation.

Those who would and have attempted to control you, know that you dear souls are looking for your own spirituality and concept of the heavenly realms and of a Creator and that many of you who follow organized religion of the forms spoken of in this message, are indeed wonderful people who simply wish to gain a perception and relationship with our Heavenly and Divine Father as well as with dear Jesus.

Those who have distorted the teachings of so many Masters, know that you dear souls are open to our Heavenly Creator which is why they have taken to distorting the Lighted teachings of dear Jesus among so many others, to keep you in a state of illusion and limitation in regards to finding God and Jesus in real, actual ways.

So far, the teachings that have been ‘given’ by Christianity and Catholicism have served to hold you back from a tangible relationship with our beautiful Creator as well as His prophets.

Did you know that Master Jesus is routinely communicating with humanity? Along with many other dear Ascended Masters, Jesus has been speaking with humanity to help prepare us for the glorious evolutionary event that is to grace this world and that for the most part, is currently in progress.

The mere incarnation of Jesus and so many other Masters on Earth was to share and help spread the truths of the Light, of the heavenly and angelic realms in which we are returning to with the beautiful ascension of this world.

The prophecies given in your books have themselves been distorted. The original prophecies given in relation to these end times, stated that this world as we know it – the separation, the hate, the limitation – is to indeed end, and is to be replaced with a beautiful Utopian Heaven, right here on Earth. Imagine, dear friends, getting to experience Eden in all of it’s beauty and wonder.

Please dear friends, in regards to this message, do not shoot the messenger. There are plenty of people who would deliver this same message that I am giving to you, in much more disrespectful and hateful ways. In the immediate period ahead when many revelations and truths begin pouring into our mainstream world, much will be explained to you about the nature to which you have been controlled and the nature to which the teachings of our dear Creator as well as of Jesus and so many other Ascended Masters were distorted to keep you thinking that a direct relationship with our Creator is difficult to attain. It certainly is not.

We will all have little time to keep up in regards to following and absorbing so many revelations, and I give you this introductory message on behalf of the Angelic forces who wish each and every one of you to discover the true nature of our reality.

Such Angels will be speaking directly with all of us on this world so very soon, and they want dearly to connect with and to Love each and every dear soul amassed in each and every religion, as well as each and every soul on this world not amassed in religion.

A peaceful reuniting with all of those souls amassed in other religions that sport different prophets will be necessary, as each and every religious prophet that has incarnated on this world has come from the same Heaven, the same Love, to share the same truths.

One can find a common element in the teachings of every religion, and I don’t think I need to tell you what that common element is.

In conclusion, I hope that this message has seeped in for some. Nobody is asking you to give up your long held and cherished beliefs, it is simply that Master Jesus along with so many other Angelic souls in the higher realms, wish you all to find the contact with them that you have desired and attempted to bring forth through prayer, following rigid dogmas and through any other type of method to find this relationship.

With respect for each and every one of you, I ask that dear Jesus be with you all. Say hello, for He is with you now.

Wes Annac – One of many messengers.

NOTE FROM NANCY:  Jesus incarnated to show us the way to ascension or the Christed Consciousness, not to be worshipped.  You may read my series of lessons entitled “If Jesus Is A Wayshower, What Did He Show Us?” at:



A Newly Launched Radio News Show

Geoffrey West, Internet Radio Host


We now have a LIGHTWORKER news show that brings the REAL NEWS! A prelude to what news will be in the very near future–a combination of galactic and Earth human news reporting.

Our traditional news reporters are having a rough time with this show because they evidently are unaware that what is really happening on this planet is for the moment hidden and the major media outlets are tightly controlled by the dark cabal.

Journalists that are reporting truth are risking their lives to do so and will not be found on mainstream media news. For the moment we cannot expect to go to mainstream websites and verify what the journalists who are risking their lives are saying.

If we had an open and honest society, no one would have to risk their lives to spread truth. Instead, we have to depend upon persons with top level security clearance who become whistleblowers and journalists that care more about spreading the truth than they do for their physical lives.

Congratulations to Geoffrey West for his new show!



We now have a LIGHTWORKER news show that brings the REAL NEWS! A prelude to what news will be in the very near future–a combination of galactic and Earth human news reporting. Our traditional news reporters are having a rough time with this show because they evidently are unaware that what is really happening on this planet is for the moment hidden and the major media outlets are tightly controlled by the dark cabal. Journalists that are reporting truth are risking their lives to do so and will not be found on mainstream media news. For the moment we cannot expect to go to mainstream websites and verify what the journalists who are risking their lives are saying. If we had an open and honest society, no one would have to risk their lives to spread truth. Instead, we have to depend upon persons with top level security clearance who become whistleblowers and journalists that care more about spreading the truth than they do for their physical lives. Congratulations to Geoffrey West for his new show!



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Little did you know during the Occupy Movements of 2011 how much you accomplished.  Thousands, perhaps millions, had been working for years behind the scenes in an effort to create a better world for everyone by exposing the dark cabal (or power elite) as the planetary manipulators and enslavers that they are.

Many groups going by various names are involved.  One of the most damaging cover-ups perpetrated on the people of our planet has been the cover-up of extraterrestrial presence with us along with thousands of patents on technology that will greatly increase the quality of life for everyone.  Some of the groups have been aware that we live in a Universe populated with highly advanced beings who have sought permission to openly assist Earth humans in creating a better world.  You may learn about this cover-up through Dr. Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project at:  Also through the documentary “UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied” at:

One group in particular are aware of our galactic family and Earth’s Ascended Masters—those Earth humans who have advanced in consciousness to a point of ascending to higher dimensions of existence.  Those who work in this group call themselves Lightworkers.  Many are in telepathic communication with one or more of Earth’s Ascended Masters and/or members of our galactic family.  (Keep in mind that the only reason we have not known of our capacity to telepathically communicate with our galactic family and Ascended Masters is that this knowledge has been covered up by the power elite within every facet of our planetary society—religion, education, government, corporation, and the military industrial complex.)  The power elite have taught us that we are the only human beings in the vast cosmos … that we live on this lonely planet for a few decades, then die.  Nothing could be farther from the Truth.

The Lightworker group consciously works with our galactic family and Ascended Masters.  As 2012 and the end of a 26,000 years cycle of time appeared on the horizon, our galactic family told us that the people of this planet needed to call for assistance.  Because Earth is a freewill planet, our galactic family and Ascended Masters could not intervene without being requested to do so.

Even though the thousands of Lightworkers had called for Divine Intervention, we did not represent a large enough percentage of the world population to permit intervention by much more advanced beings.  It was only in 2011, when demonstrations throughout the world took place and the Occupy Wall Street Movement begin that enough people cried out for help in solving the gigantic problems existing on our planet.  As a result, our galactic family and Ascended Masters, abiding by the Universal Law of freewill, may now assist us in ways that will greatly speed up the winning of freedom for all Earth humans.

As a result, removing the control of the dark cabal has taken on a much more powerful energy.  Our galactic family has the technology and advanced state of conscious awareness that allows them to intervene in ways that cause harm to no one.  David Wilcock is preparing a paper listing 40+ recent events that indicate Divine Intervention and assistance … these events continue to take place.  They will be assisting in the imminent mass arrests from behind the scenes.  Our galactic family possesses technology that allows them to locate anyone on the planet—there can be no hiding place from which to avoid arrest.

In recent months many whistleblowers have come forth and have been working to create the legal paperwork needed to return America back to her original Constitution.  Drake (his real first name) is one of these.  As he told David Wilcock, who recently interviewed him, the Pentagon personally asked him to spread the word about the imminent mass arrests of the dark cabal.  Since that time, Lightworkers—along with many others—have been spreading the news.  Translators are providing this information in numerous languages.   Since the major media outlets are controlled by the cabal, what is really going on around this planet is not reported.

Making contact with the Occupy Movement in the various states is one way we are spreading the word.  We are asking those participating in the Occupy Movement to help publicize information regarding the imminent mass arrests and why they are occurring.  These arrests will be made on both the state and federal level by the Federal Marshalls with the back up of local police personnel.  The military will be supporting this effort by their presence in case there is trouble in making the arrests and additional personnel is needed.

This will NOT be the establishment of martial law; it will NOT be a military coup.  It will be the arrests of dark cabal members, which includes some CEOs of banking and money houses, corporations, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, as well as federal and state level government officials.

A major reason for spreading the word prior to these arrests is that people may panic when they see many individuals being arrested and become violent when they learn of the multitude of evils that have been perpetrated on the people.

The people need to know that these arrests will clear the way for much good to be released to them in the form of debt relief, free energy, and technology that will render their lives much more enjoyable.  A new equity based economy will replace the debt based economy we have known under the privately owned Federal Reserve.

The people acting in a peaceful, supporting role can enable these arrests to move more smoothly.  The Occupy Movement of 2011 did an unbelievable job of remaining peaceful.  We are requesting your help in enabling the mass arrests of 2012 to be peaceful on the part of the population by spreading the word ahead of time.  We are NOT asking you to assemble.

David Wilcock’s April 13, 2012 report reveals major progress is in the works—“Major Event:  Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks.”  You may read this article at:  There are additional excellent articles on his site describing the Financial Tyranny under which we have lived and the Divine Intervention now being witnessed.

If you have not seen my article entitled “The Pentagon Wants This Information To Go Viral,” you may read it at:  There are also a variety of relevant articles on this blog—my The Way of Love Blog.

A PDF transcript of David’s Wilcock’s radio interview of Drake may be found at:

Drake tells a little about himself at:

You may see a listing of hundreds of resignations of CEOs and some government officials—all since September 2011—at:

Another internet radio interview of Drake may be found at:!

There is also much disinformation propagated on the internet.  Every individual needs to research and discern truth for him/herself.  Listen or read with your heart … how does the information make you feel in your gut?  If it creates fear, it is coming from the dark cabal and their paid lackeys.

May we join together as One Planetary Family peacefully bringing about freedom for All, for WE ARE ONE!




The imminent mass arrests will be of those persons who have perpetrated upon the American people all the ills disclosed in the article listed below.  We need to be supportive and do all we can to assist in preventing any violence as Americans react in fear and anger upon learning how thoroughly they have been enslaved by the private owners of the Federal Reserve and their henchmen.

A sufficient number of people in a majority of the states have taken the necessary legal steps to free America from Corporate Rule and sent the paperwork to the International Court of Law in Hague, Netherlands.  They have received the necessary Notification Process from the International Court to permit We the People to request the United States Military to ask the Federal Marshalls, with the backing of the local police, to arrest those who usurped our original Constitution and created the United States of America, Inc. and enslaved the people.  The military will assist by standing guard in case there is more trouble than the Federal Marshalls and police can handle.

The imminent mass arrests in America will take place at the request of We the People.

You may learn about the actions taken by We the People by reading the transcript of David Wilcock’s interview of a man, Drake, whom the Pentagon asked to proceed with the actions.  Before you react in disbelief, read the transcript.

Once you read the transcript and understand what is about to happen, read the article “Who Is Running America?” to comprehend why this action is essential if Americans are to be free.

These two documents will give Americans a good idea as to what is about to happen and why.  This will be the most magnificent event in the history of our nation and world because THE PEOPLE HAVE SET THEMSELVES FREE & DONE SO PEACEFULLY!




 A vivid example of how our galactic family now has permission to assist Earth humans is ways that tell us, “Your galactic family comes in peace” recently occurred in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  People there are still scratching their heads in disbelief and wonderment!

The apartment complex involved is actually a retirement complex for ages 50 and over.  40 apartments were damaged or destroyed–with no prior warning–and no one was killed or seriously injured.

This event cannot be explained except by recognizing that our galactic family comes in peace to assist us in returning Earth to her former status as one of the Garden of Edens in the cosmos.

David Wilcock is preparing an article describing many similar events.





Epic Paradigm Shift Poised to Unfold Within US and World Imminently

Are militaries around the world preparing for final take down of New World Order cabal?

Scott Mowry, Miracles and Inspirations, April 4, 2012

Major events across the US continue to accelerate towards a momentous breaking point with each passing week in the first quarter of the year 2012.

We are fast approaching a paradigm shift of epic proportions that will result in the total freedom of all US and world citizens. Many spectacular developments, long in the planning stages, are set to unfold that will alter the course of history forever and will place humanity permanently on the path towards the Golden Age.

Behind the scenes, heroic battles wage the likes of which have never been seen on this planet before yet go completely unnoticed by the people who will ultimately benefit from them the most. Along the way, intense negotiations are and have been underway within all sectors of our modern society to break an intricate control system that has been in place for a hundred years or longer. In some cases –– for thousands of years.

These include the stranglehold upon our monetary systems, our governmental organizations, media empires, religious institutions, energy resources, science and technology spheres, food productions and health care industries. All are about to be lifted out a state of suppression to be transformed into a state of dynamic activation for the benefit of all of mankind.


Most particularly intense at this stage of the game is the war to wrest control of the world’s financial power structures with major victories occurring at a near daily basis. This unseen war is the precise reason why we have yet to see any major news of currency revaluations in foreign countries, particularly with the Iraqi dinar which has long been anticipated

Although the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar was originally intended to be a secret held by a few insiders devised during the first George Bush, Jr. administration, current estimates are that as many as six million people around the world have discovered and subsequently invested in this classified plan.

Even a few select mainstream news media outlets are now beginning to report on foreign currency revaluations such as Bloomberg News and Fox Business News.

BRICS Alliance:  Russia, Braxil, India, China, & South Africa

On another note, the alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South

Africa, also known as BRICS, has taken the bold steps to dump the US dollar as their primary trading currency and create its own bank. This is yet another nail in the coffin for the privately-owned Federal Reserve banking cartel as more and mores nations seek to increasingly marginalize the dollar for a take down.

BRICS recently held their annual summit in New Delhi, India in late March 2012 where they made a series of major announcements. Along with the White Dragon Society, BRICS is now emerging as perhaps the most forceful global resistance vehemently opposed to any further aggressive overtures by the NWO cabal, such as World War III in the Middle East.

One significant person who continues to stand tall is Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who has miraculously managed to rescue his country from a total downfall to the New World Order banking cabal. Mr. Putin survived two assassination attempts in his home country recently in his bid for re-election and is now set to lead the Russian people into the promised land.

On Friday, March 28, 2012, Barack Obama appointed Jim Yong Kim, a physician and President of Dartmouth College to lead the World Bank. The irony of placing an Asian in charge of this major financial institution was not lost and was likely strongly endorsed, if not enforced, by the White Dragon Society.

Apparently, Jim Yong Kim has no ties the criminal cabal as previous World Bank Presidents have such as Robert Zoellick and Paul Wolfowitz. His appointment is yet another sign the world’s financial systems are dramatically changing for the better.

Further indications that the criminals are turning upon one another are another series of unprecedented reports arising from the Vatican –– the richest, most powerful institution and the very heart of darkness on planet Earth. The US State Department announced it has placed the Vatican bank on the “concerned list” for money laundering, while JP Morgan suddenly decided to close all of the Vatican’s accounts it holds. Astonishing news, to say the least!

And finally, no less than the Queen of England’s own bank, Coutts Bank, was fined 8.75 million pounds for failing to carry out correct checks on “politically exposed persons” and prevent money laundering. And in an even more dramatic development, the Queen’s fortune has now has been officially linked to drug trafficking.


Meanwhile n the shadows, many, many heroic people are battling in the trenches with little recognition yet they possess the most noble and altruistic intentions for all of humanity, often risking life and limb to do so. They have remained true to their purpose of fighting against darkness and evil with a strong sense of will and determination to see the job through to the bitter end.

In the not-too-distant future, we will need to recognize and honor these individuals for their courage, bravery and service towards not only to our country, but to the whole of the human race. These heroes come from the military, economic fields, various governmental departments, legal professions, intelligence services and average, ordinary walks of life –– all linked by a high moral fiber that propels them to serve.

Still others making a profound difference in our world include a large number of people in highly conscious states who are proactively meditating, consciously co-creating and envisioning a grand future for humanity. They can be found in far flung regions across the planet such as India, Tibet, China, etc. and they are literally birthing a new reality for us all to step into.

The Oneness University Temple, Chenai, India

The Oneness University, out of southern India, and its leader Sri Bhagavan, are openly speculating that by the end of 2012, there will be 70,000 enlightened beings upon the Earth. This 70,000 is the critical mass number needed to shift the entire planet into a higher state of consciousness.

Enlightenment is a very real phenomenon that is transferrable from one human being to another. It is a provable fact from scientific research known as the“100th Monkey Effect,” in which Japanese scientists observed that a learned behavior spreads instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a critical number is reached.

Thus, for every one person who becomes enlightened, in turn effects 100,000 others around them. The numbers suggest that 70,000 x 100,000 = 7,000,000,00 –– the likely total population of planet Earth by the end of 2012 or early 2013. We can therefore conclude that critical mass guarantees a planetary shift.

We may likely never learn the names of these many enlightened beings due to the fact that they seek little glory for their efforts, preferring to operate from a place of anonymity and humility.

Together, all of these diverse cross-section of people have worked tirelessly to bring the Golden Age to planet Earth as rapidly and as expeditiously as possible. And they have made tremendous strides since the dawn of the year 2012.

If you can, imagine not having to worry about the basic necessities of life such as feeding your family, putting clothes on your back, affording your housing or having access to first class medical care. Soon, all the people of world will be provided with these basic necessities as a birth right, once the resources, technologies and monies have been freed up to be dispersed among all.

Perhaps this kind of scenario may sound fanciful and untenable. Yet many are seeing and feeling the real possibility of this kind of lifestyle emerging for all of the human race sooner, rather than later.

We are indeed living in the most exciting times ever seen in the history of the Earth!


Soon, our news media will finally begin reporting on an unprecedented number of mass arrests that will sweep up many well known political, religious, economic and social leaders, as well as other high profile individuals whose names will be familiar to us all. While many others unknowns who have stood in dark corners wielding great negative power and influence upon the world will be removed from their hiding places.

According to the latest report from Benjamin Fulford, these arrests will include those at the very top of the pyramid including within organizations as powerful as can be found on the planet. These groups that will be targeted are: the Committee of 300; the Bilderberg groupthe Council on Foreign Relationsthe Club of Rome; the Trilateral Commission and the European Commission.

A whistleblower by the name of “Drake”, a former member of the US military who served in Vietnam has emerged recently to act as a sort of quasi-spokesman for the US Pentagon and was interviewed by David Wilcock on March 28, 2012.
In this extensive nearly three-hour long phone interview, Drake and David Wilcock discussed a wide-range of topics including the impending mass arrests, the military’s role as backing law enforcement and Federal Marshals, and the return of the US to a sovereign nation state.

Particularly interesting was the final hour of the interview where David Wilcock and Drake discuss some of the suppressed technologies that will be emerging in the very near future, as well as the dimensional shift about to occur.

Once these arrests begin in earnest, it is possible that some areas of the country may experience slight delays in services such electrical power, or perhaps even telephone or internet utilities. Although, Drake stressed that the military will make every effort to insure that all Americans do not experience undue hardships during this momentous transition.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a three-day supply of food and water on hand for any possible short-term emergency situation.

Of further note, a major shift is already occurring within our corporate news media as people in the US move away in record numbers and turn towards alternative news sources found on the internet.

Reports are suggesting that viewership for the CNN channel has dropped by 50% this year alone. Other media empires such as News Corp, owners of Fox News, have seen numerous of their employees arrested in the United Kingdom.

Polls are indicating that the majority of the American people no longer trust mainstream media sources such as newspapers, magazines and cable news networks, which spells doom for those in the compromised news media.

Meanwhile, the hacker activist group known as Anonymous continues to grow stronger by the month. In their boldest move yet, the group recently released a sensational video that called for the outright overthrow of the the corrupted, corporate US government.

Anonymous continues to prove that is more than the authorities can handle at this time and has became a valuable PR machine for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Occupy Wall Street itself is gearing up for a massive round of protests beginning this Spring that will last until the big changes start to roll out and perhaps longer. Anonymous is also to be featured in an upcoming documentary film entitled, “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists”.

And finally, Foster Gamble, the creator and host of the landmark documentary film, “Thrive” recently announced his company will be making the film available for free, beginning April 5, 2012.

It will be available for viewing on their website so as to spread their message to as may people as possible, without any hindrances.


And while we are at it, cancel all plans for Martial Law, FEMA enslavement camps, a devastating world-wide financial collapse, World War III and Armageddon. They are officially off the table! We are full steam ahead for Heaven on Earth now.

What seems like an extraordinary synchronicity of events all occurring at once, is merely the human race responding en mass to an enormous influx of energy emanating from the galactic center of the universe.

Assisting humanity along every step of the way, these energy waves streaming in are upgrading everything in their path including human consciousness, human DNA and the very nature of human reality which is being transformed from a third-dimensional to a fifth-dimensional existence. All of these upgrades are part of a grand Divine plan now moving into hyper-overdrive, preparing humanity’s ascent into the Golden Age.

What may seem absolutely impossible and unfathomable one month, will suddenly become highly probable the next month. Therefore, it is vital not to cast doubt or dispersions on any of these seemingly unrealistic scenarios that many are envisioning for our immediate future. In other words, you may be quite surprised what becomes magically available to you from one day to the next.

At this point in time, anything and everything is possible and we should not limit our selves in any way, shape or form. Go ahead and dream the impossible dream.


As these monumental historic events begin to unfold, it is important to be mindful to not go into a state of fear or panic. In point of fact, many of us will be called upon to assist others with understanding the true ramifications of these epoch-making developments.

Many of you reading this update are probably familiar with many of these planned changes because you have heard rumors or you have done your research on them for many years.

Perhaps you have even grown rather weary and impatient, knowing within your heart that changes of this magnitude were inevitable, yet the wait for their implementation has felt like an eternity. You will soon be rewarded for your patience and persistence.

However, we must be ever mindful that the average American has absolutely no clue of what is coming down the pike. Many may have just recently become awakened to the horror that our government, banking institutions and media sources are completely corrupt yet they feel incapable of seeing any kind of solutions available to right the ship.

Your role will become more clearly defined as a mentor, an educator, a psychologist or even as a spiritual advisor as these historic events unfold upon your television and computer screens. In other words, you will need to explain to your family, your friends and acquaintances, or your co-workers what is really going on simply because you may have a better understanding of the overall big picture.

You will become an invaluable asset to those around you who may feel bewildered or completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of changes that will occur, one after another, after another.

Above all, remember –– stay calm, stay positive and stay strong. Trust that all is unfolding is part of an vast amazing, miraculous Divine plan that will result in your personal freedom, as well as, the freedom of your loved ones.

The Golden Age is here, ladies and gentlemen, now it is time to get down to work.

More information and videos at:


Preparing Us for Mass Arrests

Compiled by Steve Beckow – April 4, 2012

International Criminal Court at the Hague, Netherlands

Not only are the white hats in the Pentagon preparing us for the mass arrests through “Drake,” but the Company of Heaven are as well.

The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles tells us that “this process [of the changing of the guards] is nearing its completion stages as all systems are go and we are moments away from moving forward in this operation and taking into custody so many of those who have conspired against you.”

“This operation will be vast, and it will reach far and deep into your societal structure as we remove deep-rooted corruption throughout your world. Please be patient as we move forward with our plans, and continue to spread this information to act as a precursor to what will be a major media event. This is our plan, and we expect it to go off without a hitch.” (1)

Much planning has gone into it and the galactics expect it to go off without a hitch.

“We, along with our Earth allies, have invested a great deal of time and effort in the planning stages of this operation and we plan on it moving forward to its completion perfectly according to its design. We have no intention of allowing any part of this operation to fail for any reason, and every name that is on our list for arrest and subsequent trial will be taken into custody when we want them to be, perfectly according to our schedule.

“This is how this operation will unfold and proceed to the letter, and we will not stop or slow our efforts until every name on the list is checked as they are removed from your society.”(2)
They tell us that the operation “will take days and possibly even weeks, but we tell you this is only due to the amount of arrests that will be made.” (3)

“There are limits to how fast we can proceed as resources will be thinned, as these arrests will be scattered all over your planet.” (4)

Once the arrests have been made the Dark Ages on this planet will be over, the GF says.

“You may have confidence that the dark and their days ruling over you and your world will be finished upon these arrests, and you may take solace in knowing they will never be allowed to transgress upon you or your society ever again. There will be no second life for them once they are taken into custody. They will not be permitted to reenter your society, and they will not be able to enter any society until they are fully rehabilitated.

“Your society will be free to grow and to prosper, and each of you of your world will enjoy a freedom that many of you have never known. You have this to look forward to, and we wish for this knowing to keep you going through this challenging period in your lives.” (5)

That day is dawning, they tell us.

“This day is now dawning on your horizon as final preparations are being made for these mass arrests. Please be patient while our Earth allies make final preparations for their roles in this operation. We are ready on our end, and we await the signal that the time has come to proceed.” (6)

The Pleiaidian High Council through Wes Annac cautions us that how peaceful and harmonious a process this will be depends on the impact of our thoughts on the collective consciousness.

“You are hearing continual updates about the takedown of those who would strip your freedoms away from you in a heartbeat if allowed, and the process of this coming forth is indeed as harmonious and peaceful as it has been predicted to transpire. You all hold the keys as to how peaceful this endeavor plays out and as to how little chaos is manifested through your thoughts and emotions upon seeing the beginning revelations come to fruition.” (7)

In the first place, Archangel Michael asks us not to take joy in the fall of the cabal.

“Joy is an expression of love, of endearment, of union and community. You can never take joy in another person’s, or a group’s, demise. …

“We ask for you not to join in any way, shape or form in judgment or relishing what is happening to another, for that cannot be of love. So yes, there is divine justice, and there is an absolute balancing that is taking place. And we want you to understand that, as it is taking place on Earth, upon your beloved Gaia, that those ripple effects are felt throughout the Universe, that that rebalancing is taking place far further than any of you can even imagine.

“But the key to that amplification effect is for you to hold love, is for you to hold peace. You do not stand as judge and jury, my friends. …

“No. That is not loving. That is not kind. That is not gentle. Retribution comes in the rebalancing. It comes in the brilliant light of a new dawn. It comes in you stepping forward and assuming your rightful place, as light-holders and showers of the way. It is its own reward.” (8)

SaLuSa reminds us that we don’t know the part a soul has chosen to play in the drama of life.

“Remember as we have informed you on a  number of times, you do not know another soul’s life plan or why they have chosen their experiences. In the higher Spirit worlds souls are of a vibration that gives no energy to judgement or condemnation, they hold the love vibration and it is not in their way of thinking.” (9)

Rather let the fate of the dark ones be determined by the justice system, which has been well prepared to decide the fate of the dark and help them back to the Light.

“Think positively as you move through the last months of duality, and do not concern yourselves too much with the fate of the dark Ones. They will be treated with full justice and be given every opportunity to make amends, and every help to find a path back to the Light.” (10)

He reminds us that we have all played roles of light and dark and that hating those who play dark roles now will hold us back from progressing.

“As the cycle closes, remember that you have all played out lives on both sides of duality, and they are seen as necessary experiences to enable you to balance both energies. You may have succeeded now, but do not allow your achievement to cloud your mind against the dark Ones. Have compassion, and bear in mind that they are still sparks of the Light and Love, and can fully make their way back to the Light. In fact because they have dropped lower than many other souls, they will in time make great Light Carriers. You cannot know their karma so make allowances for their roles in your present period of history.

“Whilst you are not punished for your “sins” you do make reparations so that you fully understand the effect of them on other souls. This can be very deep and heart wrenching, but it is the only way to learn your lessons. You have all to some degree had such experiences, so now you can understand why it is essential you are non-judgmental where other souls are concerned. Do your best to be forgiving if you have been personally hurt, and please do not harbor the energies of hate as they will eat into your body and cause you illness. They will also hold you back from progressing, as you cannot take them with you into the higher dimensions.” (11)

He reminds us also that no one escapes the need to answer to the universal laws and asks us to find it in our hearts to respond with compassion.

“Dear Ones, understand that the dark Ones are answerable to Universal Law exactly as you are, and like you when in duality are allowed to experience through their freewill choice. Of course they are also subject to your laws, but by the very nature of their rejection of them and the power they hold, they feel above the law. However, as you will know by now every soul is answerable at some stage for every action and even thought that intended to harm or cause the death of another soul. It is why we ask you to bear this in mind when the dark Ones are called to justice, and stand for their crimes against Humanity.

“If it is within your ability and your mindset allows for compassion, it is the best response you can have. Better still if you can acknowledge that the dark Ones are Beings of Light that retain their godspark, you would help them by sending Love and Light. Naturally that is not easy particularly if you have a relative or friend that has been a victim of theirs.

“How you respond depends on your level of consciousness, but you will eventually reach one of Christ Consciousness and act from that level of understanding. Therefore if it needs a ‘deal’ to remove the dark Ones and they are allowed refuge somewhere, it is only a temporary respite as ultimately they will not escape justice.” (12)

Therefore we have our work cut out for us as the cabal is rounded up. That role is to remain calm, refrain from joy at the fall of the cabal, and refrain from hate. We’re asked to remind ourselves that we too have played all roles, dark as well as light. The galactics tell us that the dark ones will escape neither the universal law nor the laws of this planet. But how we respond to the mass arrests will determine how harmonious a process the mass arrests are and whether, as a result, we progress from these events or hinder our own advancement.


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