COSMIC VISION NEWS – April 18, 2014

COSMIC VISION NEWS – April 18, 2014



 With tonight’s show, we are gifted with an overview of what is happening in our world. Americans, in particular, need to hear this show. Why? Because we are encouraged by many facets of our society to hold a very skewed concept of our nation. We all need to wake up to what is really occurring behind the stories we hear on mainstream evening news.






Beloved Family of Light, we know that many of you are having difficulties in the current energies. “what is going on?”… many of you are asking as you deal with a physical reality that seems to be going a little crazy.

“What am I doing here?”…is another question we are asked, and so we will answer your questions in terms of the New Reality and a new Perception of Time and Space.

Please understand that when you passed through the Great Portal of 2012 you entered into a completely new relationship with Time and Space. Many of you became Rainbow Light Warriors and you began to also work with Time, with Timelines and with Quantum Jumping between Timelines. It is this new aspect of your work on Earth that is creating these deep feelings of confusion and anxiety. This is the first time that you have attempted this form of Time Perception and Creation in the Human Form. It is because you have now activated your Light Body and your Multi-Dimensional Being that you are able to access a new perception of Reality.

Multiple Earth Reality Timelines and Quantum Jumping

So we consider first the nature of “reality” in this new experience of Time and Space. Beloved Family of Light, in your old reality of the third dimension you believed that there was only one “Planet Earth” and one Timeline that moved in a straight line from the past to the present and into the future.

Now, in this new multi-dimensional reality we ask you to consider that there are, in fact, multiple versions of Earth Reality all playing out various possibilities and probabilities in the Ascension process, and that these possibilities are explored on Timelines that Spiral through Space, creating Time.

What if we told you that you are a part of these different versions of Earth reality, and that you are simaltaneously experiencing many of these Timelines? And what if we told you that you have the ability to move between these Timelines when necessary? What if we told you that you are Time Travellers and that with the Ascension process you have been asked and called to take on more responsibilities for the Conscious Creation of these Timelines?

And what if we told you that the Rainbow Warrior Light Team had just made the biggest experimental “Quantum Timeline Jump” ever attempted in the Earth Reality Field.

The Need for Timeline Shifting and Jumping

In the past, when your Higher Self needed to move you to another Timeline, you would need to transition out of the Earth Reality through the process of “death”, and then reincarnate into another body on the alternate Timeline. This is because the frequency of each Timeline is different. In the past, a radical shift from one Timeline to another would have disintegrated the psyche and the body.

Now, as you have moved through the processes of Ascension and Transformation and activated your Light Body and your Pineal Gland “switching mechanisms”, you are able to switch or jump Timelines with a minimum of distress. That is not to say that there is no distress at this time, there is certainly some distress that many of you are feeling, but soon, if you follow the guidelines that we have offered in the “Diamond Codes”, then you will find that you will settle quickly into your new Timeline.

We ask you to understand, Beloved Ones, that your brain is designed as a “Reality Projector”, and it serves to create the idea of “continuity” from all the impulses and experiences that bombard you every moment of every day. This allows you to live within the “illusion” of continuity even if experience and reality is, in fact, discontinuous and illusory. Your scientists are aware of this function of the Human Brain.

So, many of you are not fully aware that you have in fact shifted Timelines and made a Quantum Jump in order to serve the Divine Light and the Transformation process at another level.

You are not in the same place…and yet you are. You are moving forward and creating on a New Spiral…..a New Timeline that will contribute to the Ascension of all versions of Earth into the New Reality of Peace and Balance.

Timeline Shifting and How it Feels

In February of this year the first conscious Timeline Shift was attempted. This was implemented over all Earth Timelines to shift the directional impetus of Earth evolution, from violence and control to Peace and Harmony.

This shift was achieved on the 2/2/2014.

This Major Timeline shift caused confusion and disorientation in many people, with “mental fatigue” and short term memory loss. Difficulties in sleeping, stress and anxiety were also present as the physcial body and the psyche tried to adapt to this radical change in direction.

On the Emotional Level there was also a loss of a sense of purpose as old goals on the old timeline just simply disappeared! Relationships and soul contracts abruptly ended, or new ones began that were more suited to the new possibilities and probablilities of the new direction of the Timeline.

This sense of anxiety and confusion will settle as you begin to appreciate the benefits of the New Timeline and its new pathway to Peace and Harmony.

However, many will feel unable to re-orient in the new Timeline and may take this opportunity to leave the Earth Spheres for a time.

Timeline Jumping and How it Feels

Now, Beloved Family of Light, this information is given especially to support the Earth Warrior Team who have just Quantum Jumped Timelines as a Team in order to work in the version of Earth that is most chaotic and confused at the present moment.

“Why”, many ask, as they were preparing to ascend into a Paradise Reality of Peace and Tranquility, have you been thrust into this chaotic and stressful place? It may not make sense until you realize that you, as part of the Light Warrior Team, have been sent in to ensure that the Ascension and Transformation of the Earth is achieved on all levels. ALL versions of the Earth Reality need to ascend and shift to the Higher Frequencies in order to synchronize all the “Probable” futures of the Earth to the same zero point of Love, Peace and Harmony.

So, how does it feel? To an experienced Timeline Jumper it can be a huge thrill and exciting as you take the leap, even consciously. You will be aware of certain shifts in your physical body, especially related to the nervous system and the vascular system. But, we will say, that the strength of your physical vehicle will determine how quickly you can adapt to your New Frequency and your New Timeline.

In this case, you have had to drop frequency to initially “match” with the current Timeline, and then you begin the work of “raising” it to the required frequency for the New Reality to be grounded.

For those of you who are still unaware of your work as Time Jumpers and Travellers, you may feel very strange and your physical body may be under a great deal of stress. If you are not physically in top shape, your nervous system may take stress, and you will feel anxious and have heart palpitations. You could also experience panic attacks, lack of sleep and bad dreams, as your deep consciousness tries to connect with the deep consciousness of the Collective on this Timeline.

You may also feel as though you are in the “wrong place”, or that you are with the wrong people, or that you somehow don’t “fit” in this reality any more. Everything may look the same but it “feels” different.

Your Physical and Emotional Bodies may be trying to process the intense stress of Quantum Jumping Timelines in a physical vehicle. This is what we call the PTD effect, Post Timeline-Jump Distress.

Earth Support Teams and PTD

Beloved Family of Light, you have arrived on this Timeline to be the Conscious Creators of the New Reality and to anchor the Creative Power of the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes.

The Power of this process will radiate outwards onto all the Timelines of the Earth Reality, bringing them into Harmony and Balance with each other.

Dearly Beloved Warriors of Light, if you feel lost and disoriented after your jump, know that there is a huge Support Team of Angelic Light Beings on hand to guide you and support you and bring you back into balance.

Rest, if you need to. There is time for your New Work and the the New People you will work with to find you. Your “Teams” are assembling with new projects and new ideas for the next phase of the work.

Remember always to draw on the Diamond Light in your Hearts and to feel and work with Divine Love and Compassion that flows through the Diamond Light. Know that the Earth supports you and opens a path for you in this New Reality. Nature supports you. All is well!

Diamond Codes : Guidelines for the New Reality

Beloved Light Warriors, here we will summarize the information given in the “Diamond Codes”, to assist you to bring your body back into balance.

1. Physical Level : Here it is important to GROUND yourself and anchor yourself into the Earth in this new Timeline. This asks you to connect with the Earth, to connect with nature and your physical reality through good diet and regular physical exercise. Meditate and Pray in nature and connect with Devas and Elemental energies that will assist you on your journey.

2. Emotional Level : Remember to stay in a state of Emotional Balance, to be centered and Calm. Do not allow yourelf to be drawn into emotional dramas as this will place more stress on your nervous system.

3. Mental Level : Remain optimistic and positive, do not allow anger, anxiety and depression to take hold. This will keep you at a low frequency and you will struggle to raise frequency and find your new teams.

  1. Compassion and Love : These are the central frequencies of the Diamond Light, so remember to focus into your Heart as the center of Balance and flow with the energies of Love and Compassion. This will immediately allow you to begin raising frequency and assisting all those around you.

5. Soul/Body Connection : Remember that as an Awakened Being your physical body is a vehicle for your Soul and Spirit. Use your physical body to express your Spirit and Soul in the World. Remember that as a representative of the Cosmic Christ energy you are a “Light to the World”.

6. You are a Spiritual Being ….a Human Angel : Remember to always align with this Truth. try to see the Bigger Picture at all times!


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 resurrection lily

Resurrection lilies

 2014 marks the 2nd year of our New Earth. May this resurrection season be the time each Earth human awakens to who he/she truly is. May each of us resurrect from the 3rd dimensional human being sleepwalking within the matrix of lies that have deadened us to the glorious life that can be ours as we emerge into full consciousness!

new human


Sacred Healing Waters for YOU!

Sacred Healing Waters For YOU!

Sea of Galilee at TiberiasSea of Galilee at Tiberias

“The Holy Water was collected from Healing Springs all over the world” … including the Sea of Galilee.



Patricia CotaRobles

“A gift of Sacred Healing Water is being presented to Humanity by the Company of Heaven. It has been consecrated to heal the pain, grief, sadness, anger, fear, loneliness and failure consciousness stored in our feelings and our emotional bodies.

The Holy Water was collected from Healing Springs all over the world. Thousands of Lightworkers have been using this Healing Water, and the effect has been exponential. The Sacred Healing Water is now coursing through oceans, lakes, rivers, waterways, drinking water, bathing water and the physical bodies of Humanity.

The Sacred Healing Water is being distributed FREE for the asking as a Gift of Love. You may freely give the Healing Water away, but it is not to be bought or sold. We will include instructions that specifically tell you how to activate additional water, so that your supply of Healing Water will be endless.”


YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO ORDER THE CD explaining the water and how to activate it:







Corinne Heline

Corrine Heline is one of the most fascinating authors I have ever read!

August 13, 1882 – July 26,1975


“Because the physical environment is cramped and limited, and since the soul must have freedom to grow and expand, to study and dream, there come joyous pilgrimages into wider horizons, into more extended fields of exploration, far away, unfettered, free. Across the while page of an infinite scroll the Finger of Truth imprints many indelible lessons. From their high place in the skies these lessons are carried down to earth where they struggle forth into expression, sometimes vague, sometimes distinct, but never of crystal clarity as they possess on high.

On one of these journeys I saw in the distance something that looked like a great crimson bloodstain on the horizon. Upon coming nearer, I discovered an enormous garden of red roses.


From all sides they nodded beautiful heads or extended soft, velvety hands to hold me. Their luxurious hearts emitted a glamorous perfume that enthralled me even though the excess of it was nauseating and repellant. The heavy fragrance of the air was broken only by the whirring of wings, as birds of brilliant plumage sailed by, gloriously colored, but strangely mute.

flying bird

Despite the radiant coloring that marked this garden it was devoid of all sound. I seemed to feel only a vague undercurrent of restlessness that pervaded all things, and above the revel of color hung a silence, deep red and impenetrable.

In the distance walked a maiden, the very spirit of the garden incarnate in all its glowing, passionate beauty. She caressed a cluster of the crimson roses, but they faded very quickly, and as she tossed them from her with a gesture of weariness, they lay shriveled at her feet, strangely like ashes of hopes and broken dreams.

As I longed intensely to know the mystery of this alluring place, a voice emerged out of the silence: “This is the garden of sensual love in all its evanescent, fleeting beauty; it is the garden of the red rose that typifies the love that is human only. Here each soul returns many times and lingers long, straying through this tangled wilderness of crimson beauty. It is only after a protracted journey through tears and shadows that the heart awakens to the realization that the roses which grow here can never become immortal. The glamor of this garden can never be eternal.

Loath to go, yet with an innate urge to leave, I turned away, and as soon as my eyes were clear of the strange lights in the crimson garden, there arose before my vision another enclosure. Here the air was clearer, finer, rarer. Instead of the disquieting languor of the Red Rose Garden, the very atmosphere was charged with an urging, calling, pleading impulse that pressed upon my soul until it shrank back trembling, afraid to venture further.

This garden was also filled with roses, not crimson as in the other, but of a glowing pink. There were masses of them growing in every conceivable way. Each perfumed depth seemed to hole an insistent appeal toward some higher goal. Innumerable birds


lingered here also. They were lighter in hue than those of the crimson garden and from their musical throats flowed a melodious chorus.


Here, too, wandered a beautiful maiden embodying the very spirit of her surroundings. With smiles on her lips and tender dreams in her eyes, she gathered clusters of roses and held them against her face. Unlike the red roses, these did not quickly wither, but glowed with fresh, pure lights like newly-awakened ideals.

‘I could linger here forever,’ I murmured.

‘Yes,’ answered the voice, for this is the Garden of Pink Roses; it is the home of aspiration, formed by the mingling of the red rose of human love with the white rose of purity. The soul must live through many life experiences before it can build its sanctuary of purity. Many petals are torn and shattered in the making. Many a rose-builder finds his blossoms bear too deep a crimson hue to live in this garden, and so he must commence again and build anew. But day by day the roses are becoming more beautiful, and the petals are growing more lustrous with newly expressed ideals and aspirations.’

Once more I was swept on by an impelling urge toward what appeared like a gleaming star upon the horizon but which, viewed closer, proved to be two gates formed of glowing lights that played back and forth, and between which streamed currents that looked like a shining river. It was the only entrance into another enclosed garden.

Awed and silenced, I drew near the gates, when once again the voice whispered, ‘You cannot enter here. You must first be freed from all the stains of earth.’

Oh, the indescribable radiance of this garden. Nothing here but white roses!

white rose 2

An infinitude of blossoms melted into a harmony of sound; the air was so tremulous with light that it shone before human eyes like dewdrops spun of silver threads. That which would have been but silence to human ears quivered with melody, and each white and perfect blossom breathed its benediction in wordless music.


As a figure of light, the white Spirit of the Garden, bearing one of the perfect flowers, approached the gates near which she paused and spoke thus: ‘This white rose is immortal; it is the ideal of soul attainment. Each spirit must build its own individual gates of light, and in the shining of that light discover within itself the glory of its own White Rose Garden, the inner place of peace. Pray–meditate–understand–achieve.’

Reluctantly I was dragged back into earth ways again. Opening wide my window to greet the morning sun, a red rose, a pink rose, and a white rose nodded to me from the garden below, while a little bird sang in a tree nearby. [i]




[i]   Corinne Heline, Magic Gardens, pages 15-18.


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – April 15, 2014

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Ben, 3 Kank’in, 10 Caban – April 15, 2014


Dratzo! Your world is caught in an immense hidden struggle between the dark cabal and the Light. The Light has won many legal battles and gathered numerous powerful allies. These allies are now diligently completing a strategy that is to manifest your abundance. Prosperity funds are to signal the start of new governance. We ask that those who are to share in this prosperity learn to be good “watchdogs.” Understand how power and wealth operate together and be prepared to assist in the carrying out of the various elements included in NESARA. NESARA is to develop into a program possessing true global capacity. As initial recipients, you need to understand the scope of actions required to make NESARA a great success. When the new governments formally announce us, we then need to begin a series of special announcements to prepare you for our arrival and explain your ancient origins from the stars. In addition, you need to know more about full consciousness and how you are to regain your special spiritual and physical faculties.

   Your Ascended Masters are to explain how your limited consciousness realm was created and then manipulated first by the Anunnaki and finally by their appointed minions. You are now on the verge of freedom from the dark and need to clearly understand how this world is to be disassembled. This knowledge is to be imparted by the Ascended Masters. Each of them has a special gift that is to provide you with the full spectrum of how to unravel the maze forged by the Anunnaki after the fall of Atlantis. Sift through this knowledge carefully and understand how the dark wove the sinister web that is this present reality. Then use your abilities and resources to construct its successor. This realm of Light is to be the environment for your return to full or galactic consciousness. In this mode, you are once again a physical Angel. You are to be able to peruse your Akashic records and implement your life contract. You can then join us in providing divine service.

   In addition, Gaia is finally able to reunite her surface and inner realms. You are to meet your Agarthan family and be ready to service not only Gaia, but also the other worlds that form this solar system. Indeed, you are to move most of your present population to the other planets that immediately surround you. The Elohim, as well as our planetary engineers, are to transform this collection of water planets back to their original pristine form. You are to become explorers and sustainers of the eco-systems that make up this truly amazing collection of water worlds. You are to learn much to be able to apply this to aiding each world’s elementals in preserving the living ethos that is the joy of each of these living orbs. As you do this, you are to feel the greatest joys of being in service to the Sun and her 12 worlds. This service is to extend in assisting those who are bringing the former members of the Anchara Alliance to the Light. In doing this you are to start to apply the grand destiny foretold about you in the prophecies of Archangel Michael.

   This present time is thus a moment before you can enter this now-forming new reality. We, along with your Ascended Masters, are carefully moving you along a path leading to your victory. The dark knows this and is using every excuse to maintain its current broad range of power. You are actually in the last portion of the old, dark reality that you have been in for the past 13 millennia. As we increase the daytime sightings of our ships and assist the various factions of the Light, it is becoming clear that the dark is acting like a dangerous plague. It is dying as the various remedies are successfully applied. Its numbers are dwindling. Its core is in panic as the outcome becomes more and more obvious. This procedure is something the dark never before encountered. As it is excised from you, be ready to do as we previously stated. Be ready to act positively to permit a new prosperity and new governance to take hold. We are coming, and together we are to literally alter this realm for the Light.

   We are your Ascended Masters! Namaste and Blessings to you all! Many wondrous events are happening on your world. View this as only the merest of beginnings. Decades ago the dark seized upon the rise of a “cold war” to wreak havoc and nearly steal your heavenly-sent gift of full consciousness. However, Heaven intervened and forced the Ancharans to leave this realm and permit the Light to beseech the earthly minions of the Anunnaki to let go of their steely grip upon you. This led to the present blessed victory of Light over dark. You are being blessed by events that are to bring you prosperity and new governance. We intend to say much about how this dark realm was forged and the remedies to keep us all basking in the Light, Love and Oneness that we give to each other! The truths are to set you free and allow you to return in joy to the state of galactic consciousness.

   Full or galactic consciousness takes you off the wheel of death. It makes you responsible for your human family, and especially for yourself. You become a divine Being in sacred service to the Creator. You are to fully learn of the divine plan for this reality and how you can use your abilities to unfold it. We went through a difficult series of lifetimes that finally resulted in a special ceremony that made us divine. This ascension made us responsible for humanity and we accepted this gladly. Our duties include watching over you, giving special knowledge to aid and prepare you for a most glorious sacred gift. We had our earthly precursors train us in how best to carry out our special part. Together, we work to raise up humanity. You, blessed Ones, are now to receive gifts that ready you for full consciousness and allow you the means to alter this reality.

   The events now underway are to greatly change the world you presently live in. Our numerous associates are determined to finish a great number of things. As each of these manifest, accept them and realize that a great prosperity is indeed your fate, as is governance that oversees in proper style all that is to come. Each of you is a powerful Being of Light. You have come from afar and are to assist humanity in this grand change. We intend to use our abilities to assure your success. Be ready to accept this and to inform others of what is happening and what lies ahead. This realm was the property of the dark and its minions for millennia. Get out of the habit of believing how the dark wishes to shape this world. The Light requires new thinking and mostly a great dose of Love and cooperation. Be true to your I Am Presence! Hallelujah!

   Today, we went over what is happening on this great blue orb. Respect her and learn to accept the new technologies that are finally to see the light of day! These wonders are only the beginnings of what you are to become accustomed to. Be ready to receive us and to reunite with your spiritual and space families. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA
E-mail: | Website address:





  Corinne Heline

Corrine Heline is one of the most fascinating authors I have ever read!

August 13, 1882 – July 26,1975

 “Born to the aristocracy of the Old South into the prominent Duke family, she received a classical and religious education that was to prepare her for her life work. She was a life-long student of the ancient mysteries devoting her time to study and meditation. The Rosicrucian Adept, Max Heindel , became her teacher and associate at Mt. Ecclesia in Oceanside, California where she met another New Age pioneer, Theodore Heline who was to become her husband  and to undertake the publication of the inspired writings that flowed through her. Her monumental work, The New Age Bible Interpretation in seven volumes, was followed by many other works interpreting the ancient wisdom in terms of the needs of the day. She was truly a New Age Pioneer, opening the way to vast new fields of investigation for those who would know and be a part of the coming world in the Aquarian age. Her consciousness far transcended that of her day, and while she had physical plane teachers, her inspiration came from the immortals who overshadowed her, the greatest being our lovely lady, the Madonna who was the light of her life from early childhood.” [i]

Corrine Heline was extremely sensitive to the inner worlds of reality. She could listen to the music of the grass growing and tune into information few of us can imagine. Her books are more timely now than when written, as the people are waking up and want to understand the inner life. Some of her books are: Sacred Science of Numbers, Music: The Keynote of Human Evolution, Color & Music in the New Age, Esoteric Music of Richard Wagner, and her Magic Gardens, from which I am sharing excerpts.





“‘Every flower bears a starry imprint,’ declared the illumined seer, Paracelsus. From the zodiac come the veritable secrets of God. The Star Angels are transmitters, and flowers become symbols of their communications. The closer our communion with the angels, the deeper will be our understanding of the mysteries of the plant kingdom and the greater our realization of the spiritual ministry of the world of flowers.

Each of the zodiacal Hierarchies creates its own cosmic flower patterns in the celestial realms. These patterns conform in shape, size, color and tone–every flower sings–with the vibratory keynote of its sign. These cosmic prototypes are perfect in every detail. In the highest heavens, they live and bloom in such wondrous beauty as to have inspired many legends which serve in a humble way to bring to earth some slight conception of their transcendent glory in the higher worlds and also the significance they hold for the peoples of earth. Imbued with eternal life, they never fade, but live and flourish with an ever-increasing splendor through the ages.

It is from these perfect patterns in the heaven worlds that the angels build the reflections which we who live upon the earth, know as flowers, and which, when so understood, become among the most sublime of earth’s teachers. Each flower is given its own special work to perform. Each plant bears deeply within its heart a message to the human family….

Each flower family was fashioned by the angels to represent some specific quality or attribute to be awakened within man. As the angelic hosts impress this ideal upon a floral archetype, its physical embodiment becomes a radiant herald of this celestial message. Flowers are thus literally a medium of contact between the Shining Ones and those who live upon the earth, their fragrance developing and increasing as a beautiful testimony to their work as mediators. As man becomes increasingly sensitive he will begin to interpret this flower language, and to the degree that he does this, and lives in accordance with its high idealism in his daily contacts with his fellowman, the perfume of our flower friends will be intensified, the colorings will grown more exquisite, and the delicate petals will have greater endurance.

Each plant bears in its life forces the signature of its stellar creation. This creative impress takes form within the heart of the seed, and one who possesses the ‘blessed sight’ can observe within it the complete picture of the plant that is later to come into physical expression upon the earth. So, too, may those possessing the ‘inner wisdom’ discern the message which flowers bring concerning the realities of heaven, and which are awaiting manifestation on the physical plane.

As a man learns to respond to the ideals instilled by the angelic beings into the hearts of flowers, he, too, will develop a quality of soul that will radiate in fragrance, rare and beautiful. He will walk in an aura of radiant light and know the glory of an immortal life that shall never fade.” [ii]




[ii] Corinne Heline, Magic Gardens, pages 11-13.


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