Archangel Raphael: We Are Paradise Bound

Archangel Raphael: We Are Paradise Bound

Sunrise -Canada
Archangel Raphael:

It is a great pleasure for me to speak with you while we enjoy the gentle breezes and the rich aroma of good coffee floating on the air. Of course, we do not drink coffee, but we do appreciate the warm and welcoming smells of coffee and homemade bread as it wafts from your kitchen. It reminds us of our former lifetimes here on Earth, and the simple pleasures which are abundant, all around you. I am here to encourage you to find the moments, and eventually the state of peace which will allow you to ascend to higher dimensions in your body, as we have planned.

Yes, Dear Ones, it is the state of peace, inside and out, which is required for you to raise your vibrations. There can be no worry or fear, no doubt or resentment to cloud your sights, no feelings of self-doubt or unworthiness, inferiority or superiority. No single group will be singled out for success, other than those who have learned to live at peace with themselves and with those around them. Any impulse toward aggressiveness or revenge will mask your beacon of Light and hold you back. We wish to help you now to learn what elevating your vibrations really means.

First, enlightenment does not mean you are blind to the troubles or ugliness around you. It means you see it clearly and find no reason to be personally upset by it. For many of you, this seems an impossibility, to see darkness and suffering and not suffer yourselves, or be “taken down” by it. But Beloved Ones, how can you help others to raise themselves out of a hole in the ground if you jump in with them? How will you teach patience, wisdom and harmony if you are impatient and frustrated? No matter how logical or “reality based” your thinking might be, please reconsider.

This journey you embarked on, to wear the suit of a human body, is what you might call a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you are told you are made in the image of God, which you are, but we must now make it clear that there are facets to this phenomenon which you may not see completely.

You, the soul that you are, are made in the image of God, and you go on eternally, experiencing various lifetimes, adventures, and exploits, together with your soul mates and fellow travelers of the Cosmos. One of those adventures, a favorite among Masters who wish to evolve along their own soul path and who wish to help others do the same, is to incarnate on Earth in a human form. The human form is especially treasured because it is an amalgam of the DNA of many races, and is the cooperative attempt to create a form – a relatively solid receptacle through which we can all experience life in lower dimensions.

Each soul came here with this difficult project in mind. It is the bottom line. Will you choose to see the darkness for what it is – the holographic illusion we came here to play out? Or will you curse the darkness, blame God, or Fate, or someone else for the losing game you feel trapped within? It is a tricky balancing act, to see the illusion for what it is, and still do your best to stay in the game while you help others to awaken all around you. This is the challenge a Master takes on, courageously daring to plunge into the deep and murky waters without a life raft, firm in the faith that all is well, even when the sensations and physical evidence seem the opposite.

You are here first and foremost to learn, to teach and to grow. By meeting the challenges you encounter with humor, goodwill and faith in your fellow humans and the Guides and angels who are with you, you rise above the illusion, shake off the fear and anxiety, and restore yourself to the seat of honor which is your due. God is there, your loving supporter, your cheering section and your greatest fan.

So you see, this is the gradual awakening you are taking part in now. First, you began to read and listen to the messages from us which helped you to feel connected while you were still behind the thick Veil. Then gradually you began to learn that you manifest what you think about – the Universal Law of Attraction, and then you began to feel the hint of understanding that this entire project, which we have called the Lucifer project, for he was the one who volunteered to lead in the creation of the world of duality and illusion you are now experiencing.

Along with the departure of the Reptilian race, the Lucifer Project ended, and Lucifer was welcomed home to the arms of God. It was decided in the Council of Heaven that the project we had designed was too risky, too weighted in favor of the dark, because of the invading species who came to take over the planet and eventually to destroy her. It was necessary for us to step in, in a limited way, to prevent the Armageddon which was a part of the dark timeline. You see, the duality was an illusion, but Mother Earth herself, and you in your human bodies are real. We did not wish to see all of you and your precious Mother destroyed.

Here we have opened another topic for you to ponder. Many seers and spiritual leaders have told you “it is all an illusion.” This is not true. Only the internal rules of the game are the illusory creation. By “game” I do not mean to imply it is a whimsical process. Not at all. The moves you make, the decisions you choose, and the lessons you learn as a result of playing the Game of Life on Planet Earth in the 3rd and 4th dimension are true. Your growth and your struggle to come back to the Light are real. This is a challenge you will remember for the rest of your soul eternity.

Please understand, Beloved Ones, it has been an honorable effort – this voyage into the unknown. Like all intrepid explorers, you have traveled far from “home” and have just now begun to see the Light along your pathway back. We hold the lantern for you, whisper in your ear, celebrate every obstacle surmounted and every hesitation overcome. Each time you are challenged and you manage to keep your balance, hold on to your integrity and maintain your loving attitude it is a mark of your character and your growing strength. We understand there may be missteps, confusion and strong feelings that sometimes “get you down.” When you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and go on, that is a triumph.

You see, it is a game you cannot lose, because as long as you play out your part as one of the team who are here to learn, you are making a precious contribution to the completion of the project. Even those who have come here as the Dark Hats – the ones whose job it is to create the dilemmas and sometimes tortuous challenges you have faced – even they are part of the learning/teaching team. It is time now for them to awaken to understand that they were not given real power, and the right to control others.

They too are actors in what I referred to as the internal illusion – the game within the game. Some of them have become drunk with the feelings of power, and have been addicted to their positions of control over others, especially when it meant they could possibly succeed at owning all the resources and wealth on the planet. Some have become addicted to their delusions of power and grandeur, as they see it, but you see, this is only a more extreme version of the position you all find yourselves in now.

They too will awaken to realize they have played a part in a greater learning experience for the benefit of all humankind, or as you might see it, for all the souls who came to wear the human uniform in this historic time. When they do awaken, they will need your help to bring them through the shame and guilt they will feel initially, when they first discover how destructive and malevolent their actions have been. They truly do not feel that when they are in the middle of it; they feel entitled to behave the way they do. They even feel that what they are doing, by controlling others, is really for their own good.

Polish up your forgiveness tools, Dear Ones. You will be needing them in the coming days and months, for this awakening will be difficult for those who were the “perpetrators” as it is for the “victims.” Read, if you will, the original psychological studies by Phillip Zimbardo and Stanley Milgram where they found that some who were put in charge over “prisoners” or “test subjects” by those in authority did horrific things to their fellow humans when they were given license to do so. These researchers intuitively recreated the illusion you are operating within now, and showed the extremes of which everyone is capable when given complete free will and encouragement to turn toward the dark.

And so, here you are, at the close of this Lucifer Project – the drama which ran for thousands of years in all the theaters, all the households and offices and halls of government. Now, it is done. You are being invited to clear the decks, restore the peace, and begin anew to create the Heaven on Earth you now have the empathy, compassion and wisdom to build together.

Raise your flag of peace; write your hymn to the glory of God, and take the hand of the one at your side. Walk together, Beloved Children of God, into the real, live sunset which marks the end of an era and the beginning of a brand new life on Planet Earth.
It will be up to you to bring about the peace and reconciliation process which will be necessary now. Prepare yourselves with Love, and remember always that you are encircled by our loving embrace.

We love you without end, for there is no end. There is only now, and the rising energies of the great Central Sun, sent to awaken and strengthen you in your new version of the human body. You are being prepared now to adapt and elevate yourselves using the higher energies. Open your hearts and your minds to welcome and align with the higher vibrations, for they are the richer, lighter atmosphere of your new Paradise on Earth, and it is up to you how high and how far you wish to go.

I am your messenger, your mentor and friend, the one you know as Archangel Raphael.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 20, 2014, 12 PM, Lac Chevreuil, Quebec.

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

HILARION – JULY 20-27, 2014



July 20-27, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The people of the world are uniting in greater and greater numbers to stand in the streets to let the leaders of the world know that they are no longer willing to be silent witnesses as they watch senseless destruction of the world’s people and their homelands be destroyed. As the powers that be lash out to create fear in the people in order to keep them under control, awakened humanity across the planet are rising up in swelling numbers to create change across the planet. The mainstream news continues to suppress the reporting of the momentous movement of people’s protests in major cities of the world and this has become glaringly clear to the majority of the world’s population. The lies, deceptions and cover ups from those in power are becoming more obvious in every moment.

As the loving energies of the divine feminine flowing onto the planet deepens in intensity, that which is not in alignment with love will stand out in glaring contrast. There really is no place to hide shadow activity any longer. When each person’s heart is filled with love, they have the ability to sense and feel deception in another. This is what is occurring now throughout the planet. People are seeing behind the masks into the real motivations of their leaders and what is really happening, and they are demanding the truth. Great subterfuge is afoot in these ones on an unimaginable scale. These activities demand the awakening ones to stand in and speak their truth, for they know at a very deep level that the time of choice to remain asleep is over.

The sun’s rays are now stronger than before and it behooves each individual to protect their body by limiting exposure during the intense times of the day and to wear protective sun glasses at all times when outdoors in the daytime. It is better to go out in the early morning to acclimate one’s body to the changing weather patterns. The earth’s magnetic field is more depleted and it requires the human body to take in greater amounts of air in order to fuel their energy levels. Deep breathing exercise each day is very helpful during these times as it is the magnetic field that radiates energy to all parts of the body through the nerves and nerve relay centers and their branches. It is important to increase the strength of one’s magnetic field to bring one’s body and mind to the highest level of health and vitality.

We ask the awakened ones to continue to stay calm and hold the light during these turbulent times. Your light is much needed now. Look for and recognize the positive traits in others around you and empower these individuals in any way you are guided. Give support to those who risk their well being by speaking their truth and standing in their light. Spread the message of the new earth reality to all who are ready to receive. It is in these times as you stand in the eye of the storm that you can direct uplifting, loving and compassionate energy and thoughts to your brothers and sisters as they come to terms with the revelations of the awakening process.

For each soul who is experiencing physical expression, it is the action of struggle and effort which reveals to each their own unique gifts and qualities of spirit. When they cease to resist the inflow of opposing energies which bring greater light into their being, the journey of discovery becomes a journey into realities that were not available for exploration before. It is important to keep the faith and keep the forward momentum flowing and to remember that the entire universe is supporting each one during these times. The repertoire of higher dimensional beings that stand with each awakened human is greater than ever before. Accept the love and guidance that they bring to stay in balance and equilibrium. No one during these times walks their path alone.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.


Montague Keen – July 20, 2014

Montague Keen – July 20, 2014

 Montague Keen

The Awakening is now preventing the Cabal from being successful with its FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS. The majority of the population now sees these staged events for what they are. They will not work anymore, no matter how convincing they may appear. That formula can never work again.

All their efforts to start World War III have been exposed and they will continue to be exposed. Humanity has moved on from gullibly believing all that it is told on television and in the newspapers. The so-called experts are wasting their time trying to convince the awakened to believe their lies. Those days are over.

These next few weeks are of great importance. Much can happen. Open your hearts and welcome the light, as it will change everything for the better. Once you see the past and how controlled you were; how they destroyed your quality of life, you will have no more fear. Rather, you will look on those who controlled you with pity and you will wonder how you could ever have accepted them as superior to you.

Everything in your lives will change, nothing will remain the same. Those of you who are prepared, will be fine. But those who have not prepared, will be in distress. These are the ones that will need your help.

Our Centres will provide such help. They will have people who will help everyone to make the transition. We have asked for help to set up the first one. Unfortunately, we have to use the Cabal’s monetary system to provide the funds required to purchase the Centre. People will be taught how to live without the Cabal’s control system, to which you have become so accustomed. You need to help the change to happen as quickly as possible, so that the killings stop. It is all in your hands. So prepare to move forward, out of the 3D reality that controls every aspect of your lives. Every legal paper is telling you that you are nothing: nobody. You do not own your house, you do not own your car. Read the documents that you blindly accept and sign. These should tell you that all is not as you believed and hoped it to be. You have been fooled, lied to, and deceived. You need to wake up to all this and take the right steps to change it.

Through our Centres, we will guide you through the mire of deception. I ask that you help to make them happen, as they will benefit all who seek truth and light. So many wonderful people have offered to help at the Centres. They have studied the necessary disciplines that will provide information on how to grow food and provide free energy; the ability to survive the disasters which you are now trying to cope with. Come together and go forward into the Age of Light and Love.

The Vatican is facing the end of its rule. It cannot be allowed to survive. Surely by now, everyone has opened their eyes to the TRUTH. It is responsible for forcing so many to live and die in FEAR. It has destroyed so many lives.

The ancient religion of love, practised in Ireland before Vatican rule, will surface again, and people will embrace it and live in peace.

You, each one of you, is now responsible for creating the future you wish to see. No more lies: everything out in the open, completely transparent, as it always should have been.

Take responsibility and make it happen. It is in your hands, as you are the architects of the future you wish to see. Prepare for the demise of the old system of control. Make a pledge to your children and all future generations that you will take all the necessary steps to assist the transition, and that you will no longer assist, or pay lip-service, to the corrupt control system that now binds you.

I promise you, your future is beyond your wildest dreams! It is all there, waiting for you to take the necessary steps to make it happen. So believe in yourselves. You can make it happen.

You find yourselves at a crossroad where a decision must be made: do you stick with the 3D controlled thinking, or step into a brighter future with confidence, in the sure knowledge that any assistance you may need to create a better world for all, is right there waiting for you to take the next steps.

There can be no standing on the sidelines, as a decision has to be made, and made soon. The progression into the light cannot be delayed. Step out of the FEAR and move forward, or remain in the fear of life itself, and continue an existence, possibly worse than you have experienced up till now, for it would be without light.

Think carefully of your options before making a decision. Veronica and I have endeavoured to show you the choices but the decision is yours.

Please keep up your splendid work on the ley lines. One day, you will realise the importance of this work which will open many doors for you.

My dear, your workload increases each day. You bear a heavy load. You know in your soul that your mission will succeed, for you were shown the end results.

My love constantly surrounds you. You are never alone.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


NB. Monty has just reminded me that I forgot to add what he had written to thank all who have donated.

Both sides of life wish to extend our deep gratitude to all those who have donated towards the purchase of our first Centre. All the names will be written on the wall so that they will never be forgotten. They made it happen. They have taken the first steps into a better future.

Thank you.


Rebel Leader Says Many of the Dead Bodies in MH17 Weren’t “Fresh”

Sheeple logo

Rebel Leader Says Many of the Dead Bodies in MH17 Weren’t “Fresh”

Melissa Melton
The Daily Sheeple
July 18th, 2014

The Associated Press article floating around the mainstream media in source after source (surely before it gets buried forever) is simply titled, “Rebel Leader Gives Bizarre Account of Plane Crash”.

How bizarre, exactly?

A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash — suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off.

The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that “a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition. [emphasis added]

Of course, the commander will be immediately discredited by western-backed establishment media sources simply because of which side of this conflict he politically stands on.

Not the point, however.

Bodies drained of blood and reeking of decomposition at a fresh crash site?

Who would even think to make something like that up in the first place?

This story is only bizarre until you consider the fact that this situation might be staged.

That explanation might help explain what’s going on in this video below, supposedly taken of the crash site moments after the plane went down, where a man scatters a handful of what look like brand new, unscathed passports from the Netherlands on the ground.

Again…are they wagging the dog to get us in to wider war?










Germany Pivoting East

Jim Willie CB

July 16, 2014

NOTE BY NANCY: Although I make no claim to be proficient in the financial world, I am aware that we are seeing tremendous shifts—shifts that indicate the dark cabal’s control over our planet is slipping into oblivion.

What Jim Willie is describing as Germany’s reasons for “pivoting East” is actually a description of the New World Order cabal’s modus operandi and last ditch efforts to hang on to power. The cabal resides largely in the United States and United Kingdom—they are the corrupt US-UK crowd.

With the creation of BRICS, nations around the world will have a financial/development option—one based on cooperation and a Win-Win approach.

I view Germany’s pivot, and reportedly France will follow close behind, as a strong indication that our planet is making very real positive progress in moving into the Golden Age of the New Earth. The old Earth and ways of doing things is crumbling.

POSTSCRIPT: I reiterate that President Obama is not a member of the NWO cabal. ( Instead, as President of the US, he makes the perfect scapegoat for the cabal. The cabal controlled mainline newscasts and news articles consistently refer to the “Obama Administration” as the culprit because they want the people to blame President Obama. Until very recently the cabal has managed to remain in the shadows while actually acting as the Secret Government of the USA, Inc. The fact of a Secret Government has now emerged into the Light and many people are no longer routinely believing everything they hear on the TV news and read in the newspapers.


jim_willieJim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. ( )


“It is finally happening in full view, in unmistakable manner, in a way that the awake, the aware, and the conscious can perceive in alarming stunning terms. The central force of Europe, the industrial juggernaut, the stable core, has begun to pivot East. The Germans have had enough, fed up with destructive US activities of all kinds. For the last few months, they have been laying out their indictment, their justification, their reasons to abandon the corrupt US-UK crowd. The bank wreckage, the market rigging, the endless wars, the sanctions which backfire, the sham monetary policy, the economic sabotage, the spying, the gold gimmicks, it has finally reached a critical level. Germany has begun to move East in full view.”



St. Germain: In Divine Light – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May

St. Germain: In Divine Light


Hello, Dear Friends,
I am in love. My heart is swelling with laughter and joy at the wonderful things we have ahead, but even more so, with the exquisite pleasure of being here with our Kathryn, in the deep woods of Quebec, looking out at the wondrous lake where we came to spend a few days in meditation and channeling. The lake is completely silent today, even though it is Saturday. There are no motor boats here, no jet skis to break the beautiful sense of communion with God.

A bird is singing in a nearby tree. It is the only sound, save the quiet lapping of the ripples along the shore. It is here that we wrote the prose-poem to Nature which we called “The Hawk and the Hummingbird.” It was near the time that she was finishing her book, and we included it as a light and loving note to express our deep love for Mother Terra. It was inspired by thrilling encounters with the birds, animals and insects which came to visit us during that wondrous September week, almost three years ago.

Did you know that we too revel in the sensuous delights here on Planet Earth? Of course we do. We are not sitting on a cloud peering down our noses at you, or far off on a distant space ship waiting to come to you. We are here beside you, hearing the same bird singing that you hear, tasting the clean, clear air of a sunny summer morning in the woods. We especially enjoy meeting you in nature because the silence you hear is alive for us with the sounds of trees singing, insects humming, and Mother Earth breathing.

Let me try to describe to you what our experience is as we accompany you through your lives on the surface of the planet. Since our ears are tuned to the higher vibrations, we hear a greater range of sound than you do in a human body. Yes, we hear the din of traffic and the airplanes above and the voices from across the courtyard, in addition to the singing of the flowers and the voice of the breezes, and the heartbeat of the galaxy. This is why we enjoy being in nature with you. It does not require us to “step-down” our sensitivities when we linger close to you.

I am especially fond of the northern woods, having spent lifetimes with the Native American tribes of the Iroquois nation. It was where we – Lady Portia and I – learned the deep and abiding love of nature, as well as the strong and fair traditions of governance which were the inspiration – although not as thoroughly as we would have liked – of what became the Constitution of the United States of America. As you know, it has been distorted and co-opted by the corporations of the cabal, but the original document stands as a good beginning, because it captured the spirit and the intention of equality and freedom. That original intent will yet be accomplished, and She will soon stand as a beacon for all of humanity – a true melting pot of all races, all nationalities and all religions living in harmony. This is our Dream.

As I speak these words, I am reminded of the delightful song, “…When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet, and Love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius…..Aquarius…” It was sung by the group who called themselves “The Fifth Dimension.” They were ahead of their time, were they not? It is always thus; the artists and musicians are the harbingers of things to come. They speak to us of hope for the future, the better day we can envision together when we hear their melodies and see the images they paint for us. When our beloved Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling with the monumental image of God passing his spark of Love and Light to Adam, he was not just connected to God; he was One with the energy and Love which guided his brush and filled his heart.

Be that artist. Sing the songs of Love in your heart. Practice them in the shower, and sing them to your young children. Children have no judgment about whether your voice is operatic or plain. They hear only the message of Love you express. If you can also carry a tune, that is a plus, but not a necessity. The ears of a child are tuned to higher dimensions as well. They speak to us freely, see the fairies hiding in the forest, and feel the presence of their Guides and Angels around them. If you are respectful and matter-of-fact about your knowledge of such things, you may be lucky enough to hear the child tell of mystical experiences and magical visions.

When you pick up your pen (or your computer) to write, feel the flow of Love, like a river of energy. Place yourself in that flow and let it free your mind and your throat chakra, the center of expression which has been so suppressed for so many of you. Promise me and yourself that you will never again say the words, “…but I’m not creative at all.”

This, Beloveds, is a straight-up impossibility. You are a member of the Creator race. There is not a one of you who does not possess that spark which Michelangelo felt.

Perhaps your greatest gift is the ability to tell an interesting, animated story, or perhaps you have a talent for seeing spacial relationships – feeling the rightness of harmonious proportions of a structure, or where the furniture should be placed, or the perfect height for the monumental sculpture you will create. Perhaps your sense of color is highly developed, or your ability to hear 1/16th of a note on the scale. Perhaps your art is in your ability to look deeply into the eyes of a stranger and feel deeply where they have been and what they need, or perhaps you have a highly developed sense of taste which allows you to invent tasty new dishes for your family, or you are fearlessly able to climb heights, to scale a mountain or repair a steep roof. You see, the possibilities are infinite.

You are truly created in the image of God. This is not just a nice saying to help you feel better about your poor inferior self. You are God. You carry in your genetic make-up the essence of God. Each one of you is a sparkling facet of the brilliance which is God. No being can be outside the circle of God’s love, nor outside the Truth that we are all One. You may have lost track of your knowing, in the rush of life, but now, Dear Ones, join me, reach for me, and in doing so you will reach for your own Higher God Self.

There is no greater happiness than to accept the cloak of Divinity, with humility, gratitude and joy. It is your birthright, your destiny, and your great triumph. We envision the time when all humankind, and all the creatures and conscious beings of Planet Earth and beyond are joined in the pure and glittering Light of eternal Love.

I love you beyond words, and I speak from the heart of the Company of Heaven when I say ‘Namaste, Beloved, Namaste.’ The God in me humbly bows to the God in you.

I am your Adamos St. Germain.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 19, 2014, 12 PM, Lac Chevreuil, Quebec

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,




Mother God: Find Your Freedom – Channeled thru Dr. Kathryn May

Mother God: Find Your Freedom

freedom within
Mother God:

Let us begin with a big hug from me to you. I am so delighted to see the growing confidence with which you all fearlessly go inward to your hearts for understanding, comfort and Love. This is our portal through which we communicate, and we cannot reach you with our endless flow of Love and acceptance if you are distracted or trying to exercise your brain in some way. Let it be, Beloveds, so that we may carry the energy and Light of Love directly through your central portals and into the depths of your heart.

Practice your meditations and Visual Centering every day. This way you achieve centeredness with your eyes closed and open. You will feel the power of your meditations being carried with you throughout the day, and you will be able to sense our presence even while you work, walk, drive or cook your dinner. This is the state of Grace we wish for all of you.

My heart fills with emotion as I send this message to you. We are closer every day to the complete connection with you which is Oneness. It is our hope, our plan, our fondest dream that this hard work you are doing now will be the push which puts you over the tipping point, into the deepest faith and trust – the knowing that We are One, and that we are all a part of the great Love which is Creation.

Nothing else matters, you see. Only Love is real, and only a heart can experience that Love. Those of you who complain that you do not feel our love and do not trust that we are really there for you are simply saying that you have closed the channels through which you can accept our Love. You have closed those channels yourselves, Beloved Ones. You were born with the capacity to feel us; all children are. The “hard knocks” that cause you to shudder and cringe, fold yourselves fearfully around your heart to protect your tender feelings, are the cause of this state of numbness you feel now.

We understand, Dear Children, that you do have tender feelings, and that repeated disappointments have caused you pain. It is not a weakness on your part to have tried to shut down to protect yourselves. Do not think badly of yourselves for this. All children do this, and all adults who have had a difficult time begin their work in just such a state. This is the reason we continue to work with you, providing tools for your growth and freedom. We urge you to use these tools, over and over, until you feel yourself growing and blossoming. This work has its own rewards – happiness and peace of mind like you have never felt before.

Father God worked with our channel for thousands of hours to provide you the messages which appear on the website, When you read them, you will feel the air around you brightening, for they are filled with the deepest Love. The energy of our feelings for you are there, in every word, stored and available for you to absorb. We also were involved in every chapter, and Sananda also participated in the final writing, editing and organization of the book, Who Needs Light? which is a compilation of the work of Sanat Kumara and Kathryn.

Sanat Kumara volunteered to come to a life on Earth so that he could teach the Visual Centering technique, to prepare a very large number of people for the present lifting of vibrations. The thousands of people he taught are now the ones who will be able to lead the way because of their ability to reach deeply into the center of their being to find peace of mind during the changes which others will feel as disruptive or chaotic. His work lives on in the teachings we have asked Kathryn to offer you, on the internet and in workshops around the world.

None of this was an accident, Dear Ones. The timing of these lifetimes on Earth were all carefully choreographed, including yours. The relationships you have built, the people you have touched, the writings and comments you have shared – all contribute to the vast pool of knowledge which is now aligning with the wisdom of higher dimensions. You have no idea how important your actions are, and what an integral part of the process of Ascension you have become.

We have called to you, “All hands on deck!” and you have responded with excitement and anticipation. That feeling – the excitement – is the stuff that Ascension is made of! It is the expression of lifting your vibration, raising your entire being to meet us. When you meditate, call to us, raise your eyes upward, and feel the quickening in your heart and the tingling through your whole body. This is Ascension!

We do encourage you to cultivate forgiveness, compassion and good will toward all around you, but that is just the beginning. It allows you to build the clear and steady foundation based in Love which is the platform from which you can spring into higher dimensions. Smiling and “acting nice” is not a step toward Ascension. In fact, it reinforces the inner organization that is the false self you created for protection, out of desperation during your formative years. Feel your way now to the space behind that artificial creation. It may cause some anxiety and feelings of being exposed and vulnerable. Reassure yourself that you are no longer vulnerable, because you grew up.

This work, of releasing the false self behind which you were hiding, is the important step which will allow you to be completely free. I will give you a hint about how to identify it. First, suspend all judgmental ideas about what is good or bad, or what you should or should not have done. You cleverly did what was necessary at the time. There is no crime or shame in having developed a false self. In fact, it is a measure of your resourcefulness and creativity as a child. So, thank that child you were. Use the powerful psychological technique of making a picture of the child you were at a young age, and put him or her in the chair just beside you. Acknowledge how dear, how sweet and innocent that child was, and send nothing but pure love to heal all feelings of doubt and fear.

Now, remember with admiration the tricks and strategies you developed as a child to deal with the difficult people around you. Smile with compassion on that child, letting him/her feel the sense of acceptance which is warranted. Take the position of being an indulgent, amused aunt or uncle who sees only the best qualities in this child, for it is those best qualities which are your true nature. Use only this standard to evaluate (not judge) your actual talents. Search your entire life to identify the most brilliant moments, the peak experiences, and use only those moments as the true measure of who you are, for you cannot reach higher than you are, or be a larger being than you are. It is the only guideline you need.

Now, with us as your cheering section, lift your heart to recreate the exhilaration and hope you felt at those best moments. Perhaps it was a single action, a brilliant athletic feat that you never again were able to recreate (because of self-doubt and disbelief). Or perhaps it was a moment of wonderful creativity in which you produced something far beyond your usual level. Perhaps it was a moment of daring in which you faced down a fear, showing confidence and courage you have not experienced since.

These, Dear Ones, are who you really are. These are the times you came through the fear and “protection” of the false self and showed what you are really made of. This is the You we see when we look into your heart: the brilliant, creative, courageous Self just behind the added structure – something like a scaffolding surrounding your beautiful face and body. Imagine yourself, like the inspiring Statue of Liberty, which had to be covered and hidden for some time while extensive internal repairs were done. Once the reconstruction to return her to her former glory was complete, she was unveiled, more glorious than ever, the wonderful symbol of freedom, shared by France and America, standing as a reminder to the whole world that we are One, and we are free.

Claim that freedom for yourself, now! Come out from behind the scaffolding that now supports only fear. See the path before you, where we hold the Light for your passage. Be daring. Claim your right to live without fear, without anxiety or despair, at peace with yourself and those around you, no matter how contrary or difficult they may seem at the moment. They too have a center of gold behind the false self they were required to adopt for their role in this life. By revealing your True Self, you set the standard, become the inspiration for yourself and others.

Yes, you can be the inspiration for yourself. Talk with the small child you were. Acknowledge how brave and persistent s/he was. The evidence is that you survived; you are here to tell of it. You came through difficult times which might have caused one to give up, or spend the rest of life rocking in a mental institution (although some of those are fulfilling an important role too). You are here, and as long as you breathe, you can begin again, new.

So, Precious Ones, breathe life into the New Self, the one who has been in hiding, just waiting for this brand new chance to live truly free, without the inner constraints that have caused you such discomfort and resentment. Yes, it is your own restrictions and rules which have caused the anger to simmer within, fueling the feelings of being trapped and persecuted. You have been victims of your own imaginings, a habit of thought repetition which re-enacts the actual victimizations you experienced in childhood. Your imaginings were for good reason, but those reasons are now in the past.

Lift your eyes to merge with our eyes, Dear Ones. See yourself as the brilliant Light which we see when we gaze into your inner being, the deepest place in your heart where your true feelings of hope and pure Love remain to be tapped. You will learn you are unlimited, untrammeled, unhampered in any way. Your love can flow endlessly without your ever becoming tired or “burnt out,” for Love is in endless supply when you link your resources to ours.

Breathe our Love; it is in every molecule of oxygen you take in. (Your scientists are close to discovering this, but it will take them some expansion to understand what they have found.) Feel it being absorbed into your lungs, into every cell, and into the center of your brain, where it will infuse every thought and every action. This is the route to genuine freedom. You will feel it when you get there. As you practice these exercises we have given you, we are here beside you, cheering you on, with tears of joy.

I am your Mother God, speaking for all the Realms of Heaven when I tell you: We love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 18, 2014, 1 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,


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